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Posted 2/23/16 at 7:52 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Three Takeaways from the New Movie, Risen

by Sean McDowell, Ph. D.

Since the release of The Passion, faith-based films have been coming out from Hollywood at an increased rate. On the one hand, faith-based films are often cheesy and unrealistic. On the other hand, many lose the spirit of the original story and are utterly inaccurate (Noah, anyone?).

With a bit of hesitancy, my wife and I went to see Risen last night. All things considered, we were both pleasantly surprised! While some of the actors were more compelling than others, we both felt Joseph Fiennes (Roman soldier Clavius) and Maria Botto (Mary Magdalene) gave performances that were outstanding and memorable. And personally, I liked the depiction of Jesus (Cliff Curtis). He had a good balance of gentleness and strength, but also real compassion and a natural sense of humor.

While there are many commendable aspects of the film, I want to briefly highlight three key takeaways. First, Risen is creative. Let’s face it—sometimes faith-based movies can have two-dimensional characters and shallow plots. The challenge in making this film was how to tell the “greatest story of all time” in a fresh and captivating way. How can you take a familiar story and make it interesting? Their answer was to look at the fateful events (from the death of Jesus to his ascension) through the eyes of a Roman soldier who was assigned by Pilate to track down the body of Jesus after it mysteriously disappeared. FULL POST

Posted 2/22/16 at 3:20 PM | West Virginia for the Gospel

Finally a Movie Has RISEN

It's not too often that Hollywood's attempt to get into the Christian's wallet is worth the film it's shot on. Noah and Exodus: Gods and Kings were horrific, if not blasphemous, takes on their true biblical counterparts. Even movies created by Christians are not worth your hard earned money. Whether it is the biblically inconsistent story of a child who is allowed to tell more about heaven than the Apostle Paul (Heaven is for Real) or the ridiculous notion of putting God on trial (God's Not Dead), they are equally problematic.

With that in mind, after skimming a review from Answers in Genesis, I decided to take in Kevin Reynolds' "Risen". In short, it is worth the Bible-believing Christian's time and money.


The movie moves along at a reasonable pace picking up towards the end of the crucifixion scene. The Roman soldier in charge of the crucifixion detail, known as Clavius, is sent to hurry along the deaths at the crucifixion scene and order their legs to be broken (John 19:32-33). As true to the Scriptures, both criminals legs were broken, but Christ was already dead and instead, His side pierced with a spear (John 19:34). As unrest begins to set in, we see Caiaphas plotting with Pilate to have the tomb sealed in fear of the rumors of Christ's body being stolen to confirm His message among his believers. FULL POST

Posted 2/20/16 at 12:56 AM | Todd Friel

Risen: A Love-Hate Review

 There is so much to love about the movie “Risen:

➢ A clever and fresh story line

➢ Mostly non-cheese-ball Christian dialogue

➢ Wonderful cinematography ➢ Credible acting

➢ First rate score

➢ On point lighting

➢ Graphic brutality that was not gratuitous which enhanced one’s appreciation for the barbaric era in which Jesus lived

➢ The movie took respectful but not blasphemous liberties for the sake of the narrative (yes, some timelines were wrong, but nothing was heretical)

➢ The ascension scene was pretty cool

Best of all, “Risen” hammers home the fact that Jesus rose from the dead. And all of God’s people said, “Not so fast.”

As I sat in my reclining chair as the credits rolled, I found myself feeling queasy for two reasons. The first was likely the result of popcorn with too much 10W-40 on it. The second reason was more problematic: the Gospel was mostly MIA, and when it did make a guest appearance, it failed to mention that: FULL POST

Posted 2/10/16 at 11:29 AM | Bryan Hall

Peyton Manning: The Man, The Model and The Mistake

The Man: Peyton Manning, undoubtedly, is a member of the greatest football family in America today. Known as Football’s Royal Family, Manning is joined by his father, Archie, who played for the University of Mississippi and the New Orleans Saints, and his brother, Eli who followed in his father’s steps as quarterback of the Ole Miss Rebels and now plays for the New York Giants. The future Hall of Famer started his football career at Isidore Newman high school in New Orleans. As a three season starter, he led his team to a 34-5 record and earned many accolades. From there, Manning surprised fans by passing on his father’s alma mater and choosing the Tennessee Volunteers as his university home. As a freshmen, Peyton was forced to move from third string to starting quarterback due to injuries. He would never relinquish the starting role his entire college career, setting numerous records and gaining prestigious awards. In the 1998 NFL draft, Manning was the first overall pick by the Indianapolis Colts. From High School to an 18 season career in the NFL, Peyton has lived a story book life on the gridiron. Along with success in football, “the Sherriff”, as he’s known by football peers, married Ashley Thompson and together, they have been blessed with twins, Marshal Williams and Mosley Thompson. Beyond the football business, Manning owns 21 Papa John’s Pizza franchises in Colorado, among other investments. Clearly, Peyton Manning has enjoyed a life of success on many levels. FULL POST

Posted 2/1/16 at 1:26 PM | Mark Ellis

Super Bowl QB Cam Newton counts a Godly heritage, exhibits uneven path to glory

Cam Newton

By Mark Ellis and Robert Ashcraft

When Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton walked away relatively unscathed from a horrible accident that rolled his truck in December 2014, he offered praise to God.

“Somebody had His good hands on me,” Newton told reporters. “One plus one always equals two. I’m looking at this truck. I’m looking at this accident, and I’m like dude, one plus one ain’t equaling two, because I’m looking at this truck, and I’m like, somebody is supposed to be dead. Me being a religious person, God is good. I’m lucky to be standing in front of you today.”

Newton, arguably the NFL’s greatest player of 2015-16 and a Super Bowl contender, is on top of the world. Passing for 400 yards in his debut game in 2012, he bested Peyton Manning’s passing record of 280 yards in Manning’s first regular season game. This year, the Panthers are 15-1. His dual threat capabilities crushed the Arizona Cardinals 49-15 in the NFC finals. FULL POST

Posted 1/26/16 at 12:08 PM | Karen Farris

Lucifer’s Lure

Fox Television

Fox Television’s new show Lucifer is as deceptive as Satan himself. It’s almost as if Lux (his nickname, which in Latin means light) is “nice”. The whole thing starts when Satan decides to leave his lair in hell and take a vacation in Los Angeles—a fitting location for the nightclub Lux decides to operate.

But as Bible-reading folks know, Lucifer is a deceiver. When a woman customer tells him that she fears Satan has her soul, he replies, “The devil isn’t that interested in your soul.” Anyone watching the show might just believe that. Lux goes on to tell her that God doesn’t care about her mess.

Lucifer appears to genuinely care for others. He fights crime with a police detective, and during the first episode encourages another troubled woman not to waste her talent and her life.

As one show reviewer noted, Lucifer is like “your charming high school friend.” FULL POST

Posted 1/14/16 at 10:56 AM | Brian Wallace

Are You Ready To Backpack Around Europe?

Backpacking around a foreign country is a great way to travel. Learn more from this infographic!

Posted 1/11/16 at 7:46 PM | Karen Farris

Angel From Hell

One Million Moms/CBS Angel From Hell

Network TV once again serves up blasphemy as comedy. With ample portions of disgusting jokes and expletives, Angel From Hell airs Thursday evenings at 9:30 pm on CBS. While Christians in other parts of the world have become deadly targets, American Christians are the target for cheap jokes.

In this series, the angel from hell enjoys cussing in front of children, “hiding” alcohol in children’s clothing—and then “finding” it much to the delight of the kids. The angel can’t seem to be without her flask of alcohol—and the scenes do their best to mock Christianity.

One Million Moms has a solid track record of informing television sponsors that there is strength in numbers. Christians don’t need to be mocked, and we certainly know that God won’t be. Capital One is a main sponsor of this deplorable show. Capital One management needs to know that shows like this won’t be financially supported. Click here to send your email complaint.

Posted 12/22/15 at 10:25 AM | Brian Wallace

Wine Glass Pairing

Using the proper wine glass for your favorite varietal of wine really enhances the wine drinking experience. Learn more about pairing glass with grape from this infographic!

Posted 12/14/15 at 11:16 AM | Karen Farris

TV Land’s Teachers

TV Land Teachers

Television producers chose a sassy group of “teachers” to slice and dice the integrity of the teaching profession. Teachers will premiere on January 13th on TV Land. If the previews are any indication, the vulgar subject matter should alarm parents and concern all those who desire not to denigrate hard working and underpaid professional teachers.

Even though the story line centers around six elementary teachers, there are discussions with students, parents, and co-workers about sex, lying, sleeping around, and using weekends for romantic interludes. As schools across our nation face greater challenges, do we need to be entertained by a show designed to cast teachers in such a disrespectful way?

A generation ago, television programs about teachers most often reflected the passion, commitment, and desire to help students succeed. Obviously, TV Land’s Teachers think sex sells no matter who pays the cost. Shows glorifying sex, drugs, and seedy scenarios will only further desensitize viewers. One Million Moms has a petition to urge TV Land Network to drop this show before it hits the airwaves.

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