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Posted 8/28/14 at 1:48 PM | Hallelujah Diet

Are You Afraid of Ebola?

Rightfully so, people around the world are concerned watching the devastating effects the Ebola outbreak has had on those who have come in contact with it. If not properly contained, Ebola could without a doubt be the most destructive disease the world has faced in years. While the virus seems to be mostly contained to West African countries its destruction could quickly span around the globe.

We asked scientist Michael Donaldson, PhD., Research Director for the Hallelujah Diet to provide insights on the disease. As you will see in the article below written by Dr. Donaldson, a strong immune system is paramount for both the prevention and survival. While the protocol outlined by Dr. Donaldson is primarily focused on the Ebola virus the approach that he has outlined significantly enhances the immune system when facing other health challenges.


Since its discovery in 1976 the African hemorrhagic viral infection known as Ebola has struck terror into West Africans and anyone else in its path. With a mortality rate ranging from 50 to more than 90 percent, it is a virus you never want to meet. There is no available vaccine for this virus, no cure, and no medical treatment that has proven to be effective against Ebola virus, which can wipe out entire villages, and could frighten entire cities to a standstill. Isolation of victims and avoidance of contact is the only proven way to stop the Ebola virus. FULL POST

Posted 8/27/14 at 12:21 PM | Hallelujah Diet

5 Steps to Improve Your Child’s Brain Health

5 Steps to Improve Your Child’s Brain Health
Hallelujah Diet

How do you help your kids get the most out of their time in school?

Kids need to know they are loved and secure. They also need to be in an environment where learning is encouraged both inside and outside of the classroom.

Some key points to consider for kids to be successful in school are:

1. Manage their TV time each day. Instead of the after school electronic babysitter, encourage them to pick up a book. If they must use technology, find the book on an IPAD so they can continue their reading but not feel technically deprived.

2. Feed them Brain Food! Daily consumption of Omega 3, DHA and
quality amino acids will help kids concentrate and keep focus. Kids especially need DHA (fish oil) for optimal brain development. A copy of our kid’s Brain Power Smoothie is below. Remember, kids can have several of these each day and it will serve them well in nourishing their brains. FULL POST

Posted 8/20/14 at 3:12 PM | Sunny Shell

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Is Not Pro-Life, But Can Be

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) commonly known as Lou Gherig's Disease, is a fatal neuromuscular disease that presently has no cure. No ALS patient is alike. Some people experience a slow degeneration, while others experience a more rapid degeneration of the motor neurons in their brain and spinal cord that disperse messages to allow voluntary muscle function throughout their body. Variant rates of motor neuron degeneration allows for patients diagnosed with ALS to live anywhere from three to five years after diagnoses.

The "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" campaign began with "SC Featured: Pete's Challenge" shown in the video below.

Many people are taking the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge". I think this is a fun and fantastic way to promote awareness and garner financial support to help people afflicted with ALS, as well as finance research to find a cure.

A good way to accomplish this is to support organizations like Team Gleason. This organization was founded by Steve Gleason, former NFL player and current ALS braveheart. Their mission is to "Help provide individuals with neuromuscular diseases or injuries with leading edge technology, equipment and services. Create a global conversation about ALS to ultimately find solutions and an end to the disease. Raise public awareness toward ALS by providing and documenting extraordinary life adventures for individuals with muscular diseases or injuries."


Posted 8/20/14 at 8:31 AM | Hallelujah Diet

Back to School—Back to Kleenex?

One of the hardest things about sending our kids back to school is keeping them healthy. Once school starts back the doctor visits and sick days don’t seem to be far behind. Its amazing, they seem to stay healthy throughout the summer but come September 1st when they’re back into contact with all the other kids things seem to change.

As much as we tell them to wash their hands before they eat, and as often as they hear that they should keep their fingers away from their face, eyes and mouth, it doesn’t seem to be long before we feel their warm little foreheads, their noses start to run and the long chain of colds, coughs and sniffles begin.

Most parents seem to know that consuming any refined sugar will reduce their little one’s immune system. So, the cupcakes for Johnny’s birthday and the wrapped candy from the teacher to celebrate a correct answer will not only appear as a reward, but will also decrease the immune system and increase the child’s likelihood of “catching” a bug. Since your control doesn’t reach that far into the classroom, the best you can do for your child is to maintain a high nutrient based diet for them when they are with you, ensure they are drinking plenty of nutrient rich fluids as well as pure water, and carefully supplement their diet through those long months where fresh air is harder to find than indoor air. FULL POST

Posted 8/18/14 at 12:50 PM | Hallelujah Diet

Probiotics In Dentistry

Traditionally used for digestive health, probiotics are finding a new niche in your dentist’s chair.

Oral probiotics can help control disease carrying pathogens. Gingivitis, for example, is the result of pathogens attacking small food particles and good probiotics help reduce the growth of those pathogens.

In fact, good probiotics may help to reduce the risk of everything from gingivitis to bad breath.

Studies on the role of probiotics in dentistry as far back as 2005 have said that “because of the increasing global problem with antimicrobial drug resistance, the concept of probiotic therapy … merits further research.”

And research is finding that good probiotics could indeed lead to strategies for cavity protection and control “due to their inhibitory action against cariogenic streptococci (cavity-causing bacteria)” and that “daily intake of probiotic supplements may control common oral and dental infections.”

The key is the ability of probiotic supplements to regulate pH levels in the mouth, which can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. This can help prevent plaque buildup, which often leads to gingivitis and other problems. FULL POST

Posted 8/14/14 at 12:36 PM | Hallelujah Diet

Robin Williams—Theories on Why

There are many theories going around today about what caused Robin Williams to take his life. One such theory is that he had a mental illness. This is a new “disease” of today much like “obesity” and “inflammation” have become new “diseases.”

The problem with the theory of “mental illness” is that it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. When one has been diagnosed as having a “mental illness”, then the next step is to prescribe a medication to assist that person in staying mentally balanced without experiencing too many emotional or mental swings that can be upsetting to the person, their family and society at large. Sadly, the prescriptions are a continuous process because they don’t help the person long term. Rather, they mask the symptoms but since the root problem has never been diagnosed, the “mental illness” can never be reversed.

Another theory that we have heard is that Robin Williams must not have had a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. First, that appears to be a judgment; one that cannot be validated for certain, and even then—it is still a judgment. No one else can ever know any other’s true personal relationships with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Sadly, these types of comments actually can create a barrier for people to want to know Jesus rather than encourage them to. We often create statements such as these because we are at a loss for an answer and it is easy to believe that a stronger relationship with our Lord can make things right. FULL POST

Posted 8/14/14 at 12:50 AM | Sylvie Simms

Recognize Signs of an Eating Disorder Relapse

"Up to 80% of those treated for an eating disorder can experience a relapse at least once." When a person is living with an eating disorder, the effects of the disorder can be felt by everyone in his or her life.

Posted 8/13/14 at 2:48 PM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Double Dangers: Maximizing and Minimizing Mental Illness

Photo: Flickr/Hannah - Creative Commons

By David Murray

No credible Christian I know of says that all instances of depression, anxiety, etc., are always mental illness and never the result of personal sin. Yet sometimes that impression is given because of language and emphasis.

Similarly, no credible Christian I know of says that all instances of depression, anxiety, etc., are caused by personal sin and are never the result of mental illness. Yet sometimes that impression is given because of language and emphasis.

As we saw yesterday, part of the reason for these false impressions is the absence of mutually agreed terminology that would cover both physical and spiritual causes. However, there are steps we can all take to bring Christians who disagree on these matters a bit closer together. FULL POST

Posted 8/13/14 at 1:52 PM | Hallelujah Diet

Great News for Your Gluten Free Diet?

Are you dealing with diarrhea, bloating, cramping, abdominal pain and constipation or “foggy mind,” depression and ADHD-like behavior or anemia, joint pain, osteoporosis, or leg numbness? Science is now realizing that for many people, these symptoms may point to gluten sensitivity. The only way to tell if you are sensitive is to go on a gluten free diet and eat only gluten free foods for a period of time to see if your symptoms improve. Doing this just got a lot easier.

Starting this week, “gluten-free” labels on packaged foods have real meaning. Until now, the term “gluten-free” had not been regulated, and manufacturers made their own decisions about what it means.

This new requirement is especially important for people who suffer from celiac disease and don’t absorb nutrients well. They can get sick from the gluten found in wheat and other cereal grains.

Under a rule announced by the FDA a year ago, food manufacturers had until Tuesday of this week to ensure that anything labeled gluten-free contains less than 20 parts per million of gluten – ensuring that those products are technically free of wheat, rye and barley. That amount is generally recognized by the medical community to be low enough so that most people who have celiac disease won’t get sick if they eat it. FULL POST

Posted 8/13/14 at 12:51 AM | Sylvie Simms

Magnesium Deficiency: Symptoms & Solutions

The human body is complex. Even the smallest, seemingly insignificant deficiency can have an enormous impact on how the body functions. For example, the body needs nutrients, and a lack of any of these essential nutrients can lead to various harmful health effects. One of these important nutrients is magnesium.

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