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Posted 11/29/16 at 2:19 AM | Sylvie Simms

Prescription Drugs & Heroin: What Is the Connection? | Discover the connection between prescription drugs and heroin use in this infographic from Yellowstone Recovery and if you or a loved one is an addict, please reach out.

Posted 11/28/16 at 1:26 PM | Robin Williams

How a Lethal Drug Overdose Put a Father’s Parenting Skills in Question

In today’s world, drug use and abuse is one of the biggest problems in the United States. According to the CDC, between 2002-2013 the use of heroin increased over 63 percent, and as recently as 2013 8,200 people died from heroin-related overdoses. Unfortunately, this problem only appears to be getting worse, with little end in sight. Needless to say, when an overdose occurs it is difficult for friends and loved ones to accept what has happened. This is especially true with families of overdose victims, who may find themselves struggling with how to cope with the tragedy, particularly when children are involved. For one father whose wife recently died from an overdose, he took the unusual step of using social media to inform his eight year-old son of what happened. With a goal of helping parents see the suffering loved ones endure when an addict fails to get help, the results were mixed. While some people viewed his actions as exploiting his child’s grief, others thanked him for his efforts by sending thousands of letters of support, stating his decision gave them the courage to seek help. While his parenting skills have been called into question, it has resulted in an important discussion surfacing. Is it better to shield a child from public view during difficult times, or is it better for a parent to take a stand in order to prevent future tragedies? FULL POST

Posted 11/24/16 at 9:05 AM | Rob williams

3D Printing in the Medical Sector : 4 Ways 3D Medical Printing is Improving Medicine

3D printing has created quite a buzz in various sectors. Be it 3d printed shoes, pens or even jewelry the final products look exactly like their costlier counterparts and even costs much lesser. When it comes to medical sector 3D printing has proved to be a boon for medical professionals. It is only due to effective benefits which we will take up in this article that much of advancements in 3D printing have been noted in the medical sector.

 3D Printing in the Medical Sector

A three-dimensional image is printed with the help of a digital model. This image can be anything from a shoe, machine to even a prosthetic leg. The 3D model is printed by depositing layer by layer of a material with which the model is being made such as plastic, glass or metal.

There are many benefitting aspects to 3D printing that is making a change in lives of many people. It is of no wonder that medical professionals have started to get printed medical equipment and human body parts. Today, people with burnt skin are able to get renewed flawless skin due to 3D printing. The medical professionals are able to research and look for appropriate medication for several ailments by doing their experiments on 3D printed body parts. The fact that a 3D image is an exact replica of real body part gives a better understanding of the anatomy of a human body part. FULL POST

Posted 11/24/16 at 4:40 AM | Mark John

Buying Growth Hormones- Factors to Consider

The human body is endowed with the ability to produce its own growth hormones directly through the pituitary glands and these hormones are responsible for growth and development of various organs of the body as well as their regulation. But, sometimes, the body may be rendered unable to produce sufficient growth hormones on its own and when this happens, it may be time to consider growth hormone therapy. Modern growth hormone therapy involves the introduction of artificial growth hormones into the body.

Before buying any growth hormones, it is important to bear in mind the fact that the procurement of growth hormone without a prescription is considered illegal and therefore you should first start by consulting a qualified health professional before you do so. Make sure you find more information on the subject well in advance. But, that said, human growth hormones, also referred to as HGH are commercial growth hormones that can be legally procured without having an official prescription. Before setting out to buy growth hormones, the following are some of the main factors that must first be taken into consideration: FULL POST

Posted 11/21/16 at 2:16 AM | Lisiana Carter

10 Essential Make Up Tools Every Girl Should Have

Every lady needs perfect beauty basics in her handbag. These are valuable and versatile products that you keep on reaching for again and again. If you are not aware of the specific items that you need, worry not; this article provides you with ten essential makeup ideas and tools that you need to have. Alternatively, you can drop by any reputable cosmetics shop and ask for help finding your appropriate shade.

1. Highlighter

The results for this makeup may be subtle, but you should not skip it. When well placed, it lays the difference between average and a fantastic look. Swipe a powder at the corner of your eyes, over your cheekbone top and the cupid bows on your upper lip and the folds around your nose and mouth for an instant boost.

2. Super concealer

A concealer is the only guaranteed way to get rid of dark spots and circles on your face. It is a temporary solution, but if used well it may hide the dark spots completely. When applying, dab it onto the dark areas. Allow for a minute so that be absorbed, carefully blend its edges into the skin. Use minimal pressure to avoid rubbing the product off. FULL POST

Posted 11/18/16 at 2:13 AM | Daisy Grace

Little Known Facts About Colon Cancer You Wish To Know

Colon Cancer

Overview of colon cancer
The large intestine is also termed as the colon. Colon cancer can be defined as the uncontrollable growth of the cells in the large intestine. Most of the colon cancer starts from the non cancerous tumors, which is also called adenomatous polyps. Is colon cancer really dangerous? To answer this question, I will be taking the help of the statistics. According to the statistics, an estimated 1,177,556 people were diagnosed with colon cancer in the United States in 2013. It also estimates that there might be 134,490 new cases of colon cancer, and 49,910 deaths from colon cancer in 2016.

Colon cancer is also the second highest cause of cancer death in North America. Is it dangerous? I guess you know the answer of this question by now. Some of the symptoms of colon cancer are weakness, rectal bleeding, unexplained weight loss, abdominal discomfort, and others.

Surprising facts about colon cancer
Now that you have the basic information about colon cancer, let's discuss about the surprising colon cancer facts. Knowing these surprising facts will not only enhance your knowledge, but it may also help in keeping you and your loved ones healthy. FULL POST

Posted 11/16/16 at 12:29 AM | Daisy Grace

10 Tips to Prevent Wrinkles and Signs of Aging in Your 30s and 40s

Prevent Wrinkles

As people age, the skin goes through a variety of changes that are completely natural, and the most prominent early signs of aging occur between thirty and forty years of age. One of the first changes is an overall loss of elasticity, and this is due to the fact that the skin becomes depleted of both collagen and hyaluronic acid, two substances produced by the body that are essential for plump and youthful skin. Additionally, aging skin is also caused by environmental factors such as excessive sun exposure, lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking, and hormonal changes. The good news is that there are a variety of ways to prevent these signs of aging, you just need to change up your skin care regime and commit to daily maintenance. Listed below are 10 tips on preventing wrinkles and signs of aging in your thirties and forties.

1. Exfoliation
Exfoliation is one of the most important steps to keeping a healthy and youthful complexion. Exfoliation encourages healthy circulation while removing dead and dry skin cells. This also encourages collagen production and healthy cell turnover. It is always best to use an exfoliating scrub that contains Vitamin E and ingredients such as apricot and blueberry seed, as these natural abrasives work gently to remove impurities while introducing healthy vitamins to the skin. FULL POST

Posted 11/15/16 at 5:22 AM | Addie Davison

The Best Anti-Aging Skincare for Every Age

Whereas birthday celebrations are a big hit, almost like a requirement, to make a child happy, adults have a harder time blowing off those birthday cake candles with every year that passes by. It’s hard to, most especially when you perceive every year you celebrated as another period when you grew new wrinkles or started to feel pain on your knees and ankles.

If you have been unsatisfied with the results you’ve been getting from your wrinkle care regimen then, you’re perhaps on a lookout, yet again, for the next anti-wrinkle product to add to your routine. Questions like, “Does Boots No. 7 work?” or another similar riddle concerning another product is probably playing in your head.

Your skin’s cravings

Audit your skincare practices by asking yourself the following questions:

1: Do you apply your sunscreen religiously? FULL POST

Posted 11/11/16 at 5:25 AM | Rob williams

Are You Prepared To Tackle Any Medical Emergency That Comes Your Way?

Medical emergencies come unannounced. We might tend to overlook the symptoms that can predict the sickness one might be suffering from but injury by accident or any unfortunate incident causes a lot of stress for the individual undergoing treatment as well as the family members around. Needless to say, it is essential to be prepared for any kind of medical emergency that may crop up without any prior notice.

If you consider the financial aspect vis-à-vis medical bills or the arrangements you have to make from calling the ambulance to checking out in a nursing home, there are many things that an individual needs to be mindful of. To make sure that you do not get overwhelmed by the situation and lose your cool you have to take prior measures so as to deal with the situation calmly and efficiently.

You also have to be prepared to deal with situations that may not be under your control and might demand the expertise of a trained professional such as an attorney. Be it to claim your health insurance or to sue the medical facility for medical malpractice. A sudden situation such as a case of medical malpractice wherein your loved one is suffering and you cannot decide whether to continue treatment or file a case is too stressful to deal without the assistance of a reliable attorney. All of it has to be taken into account and accordingly pro active measures have to be in place to deal with ay situation. FULL POST

Posted 11/7/16 at 4:05 AM | Daisy Grace

How Cognitive Distortions Can Fuel Your Stress

When we are stressed, our minds can play tricks on us. I know mine does it all the time. I tend to overthink things and become a bit irrational. I do not think everyone is out to get me, but I do sometimes wish more things would go my way. Stress is a daily occurrence, but I think we need to discuss how cognitive distortions can fuel your stress. There are many small ways this can happen, and I think some need this to be explained so it helps them to calm down and find a way to destress their minds and life.

First, how to reduce stress. This is something you need to know first. Whenever I feel stressed, I go outside. Luckily I live in an environment where I can walk outside most of the year without having to worry about rain, sleet, snow or ice. I can just grab my sneakers and go for a long walk on a nature trail, or take a jog around the development. Going outside and breathing fresh air helped me get through my dissertation. If it were not for a local park, I do not think I would have finished it due to cognitive distortions and stress. Looking at a computer can do that to you. FULL POST

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