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Posted 12/29/16 at 11:58 PM | Mark John

Understanding cosmetic surgery: Botox certification

It can be very difficult for some people to look in a mirror. They spend their days avoiding reflect surfaces, and trying to make sure that they do not catch a glimpse of themselves as they walk past them. This is because they are truly unhappy with the way that they look, and this can be something that, in Christian circles, is even harder to confront. We know that we should glorify in the bodies that God has given us, and yet that does not always mean that we are completely happy in them. It can be difficult for those who wish to change the way that they look to marry that up to our understanding of our bodies as God’s temple, and our gratitude that we are even alive. However, sometimes the best way to understand something that we do not is to learn more about it. So how can a Christian understand cosmetic surgery through Botox certification?

Firstly, Botox certification does not only mean gaining the experience to make an individual look better on the outside. Botox certification means that someone can offer Botox injections in any part of their body, and many people go to a Botox administrator in order to bring comfort and relief to their bodies. There are many different types of illness that are treated using Botox, including constant unbearable migraines, nerve damage, and neck and back pain. Being able to offer relief in such circumstances is a great Christian duty, and it means that many people are able to lead normal lives – which they would not have been able to do without the Botox treatment. FULL POST

Posted 12/29/16 at 6:02 PM | Karen Farris

Our Greatest Epidemic

It’s not heart disease, cancer or diabetes. By 2020 our greatest epidemic will be depression. Neuropsychologist Dr. Michelle Bengston says the number suffering from depression will be greater than heart disease, cancer, and diabetes combined.

Why such an increase?

Medical researchers don’t know. It’s far easier to see the connection between diet and diabetes or exercise and heart disease.

Perhaps depression is increasing because of our comparison complex. Can Facebook take some blame for our nation’s depression?

There is a dark side to social media. Beth Moore said,

“Our social media world is training us up for our greatest complex. We think not only do we need to be great, we need others to know it.”

Futurama Meme

When did we make the mistake that thinking good is not good enough? FULL POST

Posted 12/27/16 at 11:17 AM | Dylan Moran

Natural Ways to get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite has always been a problem that women face. While earlier the victims of cellulite might have been lesser, they have increased enormously in the recent years. Cellulite is something that you need to get rid of for your own benefit. Not only does it make your body disproportionate, but also makes you vulnerable to certain diseases. To get rid of cellulite, you need to undergo some amount of weight loss maybe through exercise or by dieting.

But there are certain natural remedies like taking fat burner which help you get rid of the cellulite in your body.

1. Scrubs Made of Coffee
This is by far one of the most innovative ways of getting rid of Cellulite from your body. Coffee smells amazing which is why you should not have any problem in applying it. All you need to do is make a paste out of coffee, sugar, and a little melted coconut and oregano oil. Before applying it store it in a jar for a small amount of time. Make sure you massage this paste thoroughly over the affected area. Perform this massage for at least three days in the week. Good results are usually visible with two weeks. FULL POST

Posted 12/15/16 at 1:46 PM | David Fournier

Brain Teasers To Encourage A Healthy Brain

A healthy brain is important. Not only does it ensure you can solve everyday problems head on, it could also delay the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia to ensure you enjoy life even in old age.

So, if you feel like your brain could do with a workout, here are some tricky teasers and games to try out to boost your brain and keep it healthy:


You probably don’t consider bingo to be a game that could encourage a healthy brain, but it actually improves your ability to concentrate, multi task and even your hand eye co-ordination as you attempt to dab your numbers quickly enough to shout that all important word and take home the prizes. Playing bingo is a great brain teaser, and you don’t even need to attend a game at a local hall to enjoy it - there are plenty of online bingo sites that allow you to play anytime of day.

Mind games

There are sites dedicated to brain training these days, including the Mind Games website which features puzzle games, math games, memory games and general brain games to boost your cognitive ability and get that grey matter whirring. They’re free to play and are perfect to fit in on a coffee break at work or on the commute home on public transport. FULL POST

Posted 12/13/16 at 12:48 AM | Claire John

10 Makeup Ideas for Amazing Looking Skin

10 Makeup Ideas

The skin is the largest and exposed organ on our bodies. Taking care of it is the most important function in our lives. This is mainly because it makes the first impression and dictates the level of our beauty and the means through which it is assessed. The most amazing look or appearance that your skin portrays is if it is glowing, even toned and having a smooth skin complexion. Absence of wrinkles and no eye bags are just some of the things that further enhance the beauty of our skin.

Beauty trends are continuously changing and skin care routines vary from one person to another. Each person or individual has a different opinion on how to take care of your skin and different makeup ideas, which leaves many of us completely confused and in a dilemma. The following information will give you the various makeup ideas that you can implement in your daily skin care routine for you to achieve an amazing skin. Here are the top 10 makeup ideas that you can just incorporate them into your routine and you are good to go. FULL POST

Posted 12/12/16 at 11:15 AM | Dylan Moran

Designing a home that Nurtures and Heals our Spirit

Our environment, our clothes and our house have the power to elevate or depress our spirits. If we have the right combination of elements in our surroundings, even the biggest worries and stress can be effectively reduced to a level that we can live with confidence and optimism.

It is not about having expensive home decorative, visiting fun places, looking good or starting to live a luxury life that we have always dreamt of. But it is about feeling good even in the most ordinary and regular lifestyle.

Some people like to live a simple life having only the most basic stuff at home, while others may like living an elegant life. For some a religious environment is what brings them comfort and connection with their personal self.

No matter how big, small, beautiful or standard our home is. A home is our sanctuary. It is our safe heaven, the best place to connect with our soul. It is our permanent living space that makes us what we are.

In order for us to build a home that enriches our day to day life, we must realize our unique nature, our vibration and what truly inspire us. For example, here is a little bit about how we can build a home that reflects our soul: FULL POST

Posted 12/8/16 at 4:09 AM | Lisia

Is The Vampire Facial Really As Scary As It Looks?

Want to keep looking young and beautiful? Whoever said that beauty doesn’t come with a price? If you haven’t already heard, there’s even a long-running tv reality show, “Beauty hurts,” that’s been airing for a long time now.

Does vampire facial hurt more or less? That must be the better question to ask then. When what causes acne no longer bothers your skin, there’s a chance that marks left behind will continue to linger. That’s when a vampire facial may be able to step in.

Should you be scared?

There is nothing in the world of beauty too bizaare for women and men who want to stay looking forever youthful not to try. So, there’s really no point to be scared of a vampire facial.

Here are the top reasons why a vampire facial isn’t as scary as it sounds:

1. Vampire facial, technically known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), does involve blood but only your own. Blood must be the most infectious carrier of pathogens and diseases. You should be afraid of proposals to harvest blood from other people and injecting it to strategic points on your face because then you can get infected by countless blood-borne diseases. On the contrary, getting a facial shot of your own blood isn’t nearly as risky. More on the procedure later. FULL POST

Posted 12/7/16 at 12:48 PM | David Fournier

Top Tips to Get Better Sleep

Do you find yourself constantly struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep every night? Then you probably feel really tired in the morning and fatigued throughout the rest of your day as you struggle to stay awake with the help of coffee. This is no way to live, and it will take its toll on your health, so follow the tips below to help you get a better night’s sleep in no time.

Get the Right Mattress

Investing in the right mattress for your body and your needs could make a world of difference in your ability to get to sleep and make it a restful sleep each night. Don’t be afraid to pay more for a higher quality mattress. You can choose from those that conform to your body with the help of memory foam, as well as those that you will be able to adjust in terms of how soft or hard you want your bed to feel from one night to the next, and you can even purchase those that will help you stop snoring by elevating your torso so you can breathe better.

Set Up a Sleep Schedule

Believe it or not, one of the easiest ways to get a better night’s sleep is by simply setting up a sleep schedule that you can follow. Going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time every day will get your body into a healthy routine, and it will ensure that you get an adequate number of hours of shut-eye. Do this even on holidays, days off, and weekends. You will establish your body’s own sleep-wake cycle, and that will help you feel refreshed by the morning. FULL POST

Posted 12/7/16 at 2:09 AM | Daisy Grace

Can Sipping Aloe Vera Juice Really Help in Weight Loss?

Aloe Vera Juice

 I don't want extra fats in my body, do you want that? I guess not. Overweight is really a big problem in the world, and it is the same in case of the United States as well. When your weight is more than optimum, it not only ruins your appearance, but you are also more prone to more diseases. The statistics show that more than 2 in 3 American adults are struggling with overweight and obese. It is pretty scary. What can you do about it? Of course, you should look for the solution.

The question now is, "Is aloe vera juice a solution?" I will provide some information about aloe vera before answering this question. Aloe Vera is a plant, which is grown in tropical climates all over the world. It is used for various agricultural and medical uses. There are plenty of benefits of aloe vera, and some of them are improvement in immunity power, enhancement of cardiovascular health, detoxification, improve skin health, and more. You can also try high quality natural weight loss supplement to reduce your weight. FULL POST

Posted 12/6/16 at 7:08 AM | Sylvie Simms

How to Select a Surrogate | Consider these important factors before starting the surrogate selection process. Family Creations will make sure you have all the necessary knowledge to make an informed!

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