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Posted 8/8/16 at 8:59 AM | Claire John

Why is Body Skin Different from Face Skin?

Good skin care requires detailed knowledge of the skin structure and its variousfeatures on the different body parts;more specifically between the face and the rest of the body. Theskin on the face varies in thickness and oiliness from the skin at the rest of the body parts and as such requires specialized treatment. What exactly makes the skin from the two body areas differ? Whichever skin type you possess whether dry, normal or oily these factors are sure distinction between the two skin parts.

Body Skin versus Facial skin: The differences

1. Presence of hair

Hair follicles found on the face for both male and female are normally of very high density although they appear to be thin or fine. As for the rest of other body parts, the hair density varies from part to part; the hair at the back of the body and the feet have relatively less density of hair as compared to the head region where there is quite a lot. Extreme blockage of the hair follicles of the face is what contributes to development of acne.


The oil glands present in the face are responsible for lubricating the face apart from the fact that they possess anti-bacterial attributes that help protect the face from bacterial infection. It is the presence of these oil glands in the face that makes the face oilier than the rest of the body. This also explains why it is not advisable to wash your face too often and lotions designed for the body are too oily for the face. FULL POST

Posted 8/6/16 at 2:16 AM | Daisy Grace

Facts You Need To Know About Your Skin Type

All of us have the skin type, and the majority of us have knowledge about the numerous skin varieties because of factors such as the hormonal changes, age, elevation or weather. Skin types often transform with time, through growing up via adolescence and nicely into mature adulthood.

Your skin treatment routine ought to rely on the sort of skin you might have. Selecting the proper items for your skin is essential. Sunscreen for sensitive skin provides long lasting, effective safety through the Sun's harming UVA and also UVB rays. Water-resistant and also sweat proof, this particular cream skims upon effortlessly with any non-greasy, weightless experience.

Perhaps you have wondered exactly what maintains you safe through the external environment. Wish you may guess the solution indeed that is our skin. Theoretically, it is the biggest organ in our body that is regarding TWENTY square feet long and houses among the most complicated pickings of sweat glands, hair follicles and so on. The first skin could separate into three. FULL POST

Posted 8/6/16 at 12:03 AM | Lara Sen

Medicinal Value of Cannabis Sativa: Is it significant?

Cannabis is a drug globally popular and used in many parts of the world. It has acquired different names based on the part of the world it is being used. These names include Weed, Hashish, Pot, and Marijuana. According to Shan (2008), the drug has been banned in many parts of the world, and for a good reason. The adverse effects of the use of the drug on the societies are intolerable. However, there is some medicinal value of the plant that produces the drug, and this is the focus of this paper. The paper wants to establish if the medicinal value of Cannabis can be enough to offset the negative effects.

Positive effects
The main medicinal benefits of the plant include being used as stress, depression and anxiety reliever, aids in digestion problems such as lack of appetite, heart diseases such as blood pressure and also treats insomnia. These are solutions to challenges that affect a significant number of people in the society. Most importantly, heart diseases such as blood pressure have been established to be positively influenced by the use of cannabis. This is a great benefit to many people suffering from such conditions seeing that the heart is a very sensitive organ. What the drug does is to balance out the cardiac functions and also reducing oil lipids to prevent high blood pressure. Clearly, the drug is very active in this area. Some drugs can achieve the same result, but the drug has been found to be more efficient regarding cost and time. As a result, the drug has a very strong hand of benefit in the medical world (Lanz et al., 2016). FULL POST

Posted 8/5/16 at 3:51 AM | Lara Sen

Plastic Surgeries Disasters- From Beauty to Blunders

Every now and then, we are used to coming across news and celebrities that show us a live example of how plastic surgeries are wreaking havoc on the face, the body as well as the looks of their favorite customers. Meant to enhance and beautify your features, in most of the cases plastic surgeries have gone horribly wrong and thus, doing irreparable damage. Vanity is definitely a dangerous thing especially for those who are in the limelight. The society's an obsession for perfection and beauty has led numerous celebrity to fall for the pressure to look like a divine and ended up looking horrible.

Things don't always go as they have been planned but in no ways, it means that plastic surgery is bad. It is a wonderful process for those who are victims of burn, accident victims, those who have some serious birth defect, war veterans or accidental damage. However, we have seen some people abusing and exploiting the power of this medical procedure just in order to look beyond "Best". Imagine the agony when we put "Celebrity" and "Plastic surgery disasters" together. Let's have a look at some epic examples:

Donatella Versace
A familiar surname and a famous figure who just got infamous from being famous due to her obsession for plastic surgeries. She is the vice president of famous Italian Fashion Brand: Versace and has gone through several surgeries to get a perfect womanly figure. However, she looks more of a recognizable mosaic creature. FULL POST

Posted 8/5/16 at 2:34 AM | Claire John

Eye Makeup: Step By Step Guidelines

Cosmetics are probably one of humanity’s greatest inventions. Every woman who understands the skin, what it goes through, and the imperfections that grow abundantly with age, poor care and at birth, will understand this point. However, while makeup can easily cover up blemishes, dark spots, wrinkles and what not, it’s no good to have to cover up your entire face heavily with it just to get the blot out what imperfection is is you want to make invisible.

Beautiful eye skin

Therefore, a quick discussion of how to get and maintain youthful looking skin around your eyes, with the help of Eminence Eye Cream or something else, is called for before diving into a step-by-step guide to give your eyes astounding makeup that will impress anybody you know.

Check out 5 tips to get great looking eyes even when you’re on makeup free days:

Tip No. 1: Keep your eye area clean and clear of grime, including product residues, at all times. Wash in the morning and once again in the evening, and in between heavy sweating. These keeps your delicate eye skin from getting infected, irritated and inflamed which can all lead to the more serious issues of breakouts and aging. Tone twice daily to draw out any impurities left inside your pores after a wash. Never sleep with makeup on. FULL POST

Posted 8/4/16 at 5:05 AM | Daisy Grace

Skin Care During Night: Must Follow Routine

The skin is the most active organ during the night as you sleep. This is the only time that the skin feel free to conduct its functionalities. It is important not to mess with the functions of the skin and that is why there is a skin care routine for the night. Following the right routine is essential and important in the development of your skin. Routine should always be followed regardless of the new rules in the block.

Knowing your skin type is important in identifying the best routine to follow in taking care of it during the night and day as well. Oily skins especially have to be taken care of with extra consideration. This is because they are sensitive in their own way to products. Moisturizer in specific have to be selected with the utmost care. This might prove to be a difficult process for you. It is not easy to know what is best for you unless you already have the information that guarantees the suitability of the item on you. To solve this dilemma, here are the best moisturizers for oily skin. Find your solutions here: FULL POST

Posted 8/3/16 at 5:17 AM | Daisy Grace

Get Relief from Digestive Disorders with the Best Experts Guides

digestive disorders

 From bloating to bowel disorders, we are a nation that is obsessed with keeping our guts clean. Over an estimated 9 million people have problems with their digestive systems as the rise of diagnosed digestive disorders is increasing as the symptoms are becoming more serious. 1 in 5 individuals suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which is a gastrointestinal tract disorder that is characterized by diarrhea, bloating, and stomach cramps.

While most of us resort to all sorts of measures such as high-fiber cereals and 2 gallons of water a day, could these methods actually be making our symptoms worse? Here are some of the best ways to get relief from digestive disorders with the best experts guides.

Avoid Using Ibuprofen

Painkillers are known to cause constipation as they stop pain signals that allow the gut to keep moving. Iron supplements and blood pressure tablets are also other known culprits of constipation. You can prevent this by avoiding foods that are irritants such as fat, coffee, and chocolate. If you are already avoiding this, use Buscopan for relief. FULL POST

Posted 8/3/16 at 3:30 AM | Claire John

The Ultimate Workout that will Give Quick Results

It is the dreaded swimsuit season. All the beautiful people are on the beach with their toned arms, tight stomach, firm behind and nice legs. How did they get such a wonderful and enviable physique? Sure, for some it does come naturally, but some do work hard at their body putting time in at the gym. Many do high intensity interval training, or HIIT. This engages multiple muscle groups and also involves cardio training. You can receive a complete workout in less than 30 minutes. Complete this 4-5 days a week and this ultimate workout will give you quick results and help on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

1. Sprinters
During my fat burn class we start the class with sprinters as part of our warm up. Basically, we run in place lifting our knees high and pump our arms up and down as fast as possible. We do this for twenty seconds and then a ten second break. We continue to do this three more times while rotating with another exercise. The purpose is to get your cardio in and warm up your muscles by getting blood pumping through them. It is not as easy as it sounds.

2. Push ups
The other exercises we rotate with sprinters are push ups. The idea is to do as many as possible during then20 seconds. Of course you need to be in good form with your bum down low and your core engaged. Remember to keep your arms slightly out to the side, but if you want an added challenge bring your elbows into your side rather than out and away from your body. It will work additional muscle groups. FULL POST

Posted 8/2/16 at 8:56 PM | Biru Singh

The Difference between Orthodontists and Dentists

There is literally nothing better than a perfect smile. Some people get this naturally while others, well, others have to look for it. It’s not bad and it’s certainly not your fault. Most teeth malformations that occur are hereditary while some occur naturally. The good news is these malformations can be corrected easily through a number of procedures that guarantee you the best smile ever and ensures the smile lasts forever.

For you to get the best professionals to help you correct your dental issues, you have to go to the right place. For instance, when your skin has blemishes, you contact a dermatologist, when you have heart problems, you look for a cardiologist. Your teeth are important too; just like your other body parts they deserve a professional too. Tooth malformations, if left unchecked, can affect your life in many ways, although they are more often underestimated than not. Finding a good solution to this condition can be very helpful in avoiding such problems later on.

Dentistry deals with the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of cavities and infections. Most dental practices are generalized and deal with issues that affect the mouth although it also involves other adjacent structures such as the jaws, gums and other relevant facial structures. Dentists are medical doctors who have undergone extensive studies to gain knowledge and skill on how to deal with these dental disorders. FULL POST

Posted 7/28/16 at 1:01 PM | Brian Wallace

How To Really Choose Your Next Doctor

Choosing doctors based on bedside manner and parking spaces may not get you the best outcomes. Learn more about choosing the right doctor from this infographic.

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