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Posted 10/13/15 at 1:56 AM | Sylvie Simms

The Psychological Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

Wellness programs provide employees and employers with a variety of helpful resources necessary for improving the overall health and lifestyle of the company as a whole. Companies can customize programs as needed, choosing from a variety of tools, health assessments, reports, educational materials, and more.
The importance of mental health in particular is illustrated here in the potentially negative impact it can have on many areas of performance at work. Problems often result that affect every measure of a company’s success, from high turnover to low productivity.
The benefits of focusing on wellness are immediate, and they will build over time. A supportive work environment helps in reducing symptoms and risks of depression, at the same time increasing productivity and saving company dollars. Employees gain a greater sense of well-being and experience better health outcomes in a long list of areas, as shown in this infographic. Investing in a wellness program ultimately contributes long-term benefits to the bottom line, and to the well-being of everyone involved in the total enterprise.

Posted 10/13/15 at 1:38 AM | Claire John

All you Need to know about Provasil as a Natural Supplement

Out of all the natural supplements that are available in the market today, one of the finest, without a doubt, is Provasil. It has been making all the right noise over the past couple of weeks and it has reportedly changed the lives of everyone who has used it. Provasil is a Nootropic, which has been designed to not only help enhance the memory, but to also increase concentration and focus. It impacts heavily on the cognitive ability of a person and it is has got absolutely zero side effects, which is one of its biggest plus points. That is why we will take a deeper look into how Provasil works, what it claims to do, and the benefits that it promises to deliver.

All you Need to know about Provasil as a Natural Supplement

What does Provasil do?

Provasil is marketed as a 'revolutionary' formula, which can enhance cognitive performance significantly. A lot of people have problems with their memory, which is also termed as 'brain fog'. Provasil claims to eliminate forgetfulness and get rid of the lack of focus and general malaise in thinking, which is brought on by mental exhaustion or fatigue. FULL POST

Posted 10/12/15 at 10:38 AM |

The Seven “Be”-Attitudes for Parents of Children with Sensory Processing Disorder

by Jennifer Shaw

October is Sensory Awareness Month. The following is an editorial from Jennifer Shaw whose son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder at an early age. Jennifer is a Telly Award winning performer, Billboard Top 40 singer/songwriter, and author of the book Life Not Typical: How Special Needs Parenting Changed My Faith and My Song, an official resource of Autism Speaks. Visit her online at

Last month my son Toby turned 11. He had a party with pizza and cake and ice cream, and a sleepover afterwards with all his friends. Sounds pretty typical, but it was actually a miracle. There was a time when Toby could not dream of eating any of those things, a time when we never thought he would be able to leave our home to attend school, let alone have a party and friends who loved playing flashlight tag with him in our backyard. In fact, there was a time I didn’t think Toby would ever walk on grass. FULL POST

Posted 10/8/15 at 4:09 AM | Sylvie Simms

The Do’s and Dont’s of Staying Fit During the Holidays | It can be easy to toss your fitness goals aside around the holidays. Learn the do's and dont's of staying fit during the holidays.

Posted 9/17/15 at 1:42 PM | Mark Ellis

Burned alive in the womb, she miraculously survived a failed abortion

By Mark Ellis

She was born weighing only two pounds, with cerebral palsy, and grotesque burn marks covering most of her body. But she should not have been born at all because she is one of a very few human beings to survive a saline abortion.

“After 18 hours of being burned in my mother’s womb, I was delivered alive in an abortion clinic in Los Angeles,” Gianna Jessen, 38, testified in a congressional hearing September 9th. “If abortion is about women’s rights, then what were mine?” she asked.

The House Judiciary Committee is probing Planned Parenthood’s activities related to the harvesting and sale of fetal body parts, based on 10 undercover videos released recently by the Center for Medical Progress.

Jessen, born at 30-weeks of pregnancy to a 17-year-old mom, became a pro-life activist after her adoptive mom conveyed the truth to her when she was 12.

“I am alive because of the Power of Jesus Christ alone. In whom I live, move, and have my being. Without Him I would have nothing; with Him, I have all,” Jessen said in her testimony. FULL POST

Posted 9/16/15 at 10:25 AM | Welby O'Brien

SUICIDE PREVENTION: 3 Tips That Just Might Save a Life!

I recently awoke to a comment under one of our Love Our Vets – PTSD Family Support posts. It said, “I was done…ready to quit. END IT ALL. And then this post came across my feed. THANK YOU for giving me hope!” September is “National Suicide Prevention Month,” and September 10th was designated as “World Suicide Prevention Day.” Test YOUR awareness:

1. How many people die by suicide worldwide in a year?

a. 22,000

b. 250,000

c. 1,000,000

2. On average, how often does one person die by suicide somewhere in the world?

a. Every hour

b. Every minute

c. Every 40 seconds

3. How much have global suicide rates increased since 1970?

a. 20%

b. 45%

c. 60%

According to, if you guessed “c” on all three you are correct. If that is not shocking enough, try imagining just ONE of those as YOUR son or daughter or brother or sister or spouse. Or YOU? No one is exempt. FULL POST

Posted 9/14/15 at 6:22 AM | Sylvie Simms

Bio-Psycho-Social Assesment: How it Helps Patients

Learn how Yellowstone Recovery uses the bio-pyscho-social assessment to better treat patients' addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Posted 9/3/15 at 1:41 AM | Daisy Grace

Does Brain Supplement cure Brain cell burn out?

How to Prevent Brain Cell Burnout with Supplements

Brain supplements already proved to be beneficial for the overall functionality of our brain, but can they cure or prevent brain cell burnout? Recent study about the link between brain cell burnout and the Parkinson's disease increased the importance of this issue once again.

Brain cells burnout complications
The latest study published in the Current Biology journal inspected the brain cell burnout and its consequences. It is important to mention that brain cells burnout occurs as the result of energy crisis in cells that have quite high energy needs in order to move properly. This crisis causes cells to overheat and burn out.

The new study was conducted by Louis-Eric Trudeau, a professor in neurosciences and pharmacology. The results of his research confirmed that brain cell burnout is one of the factors that cause Parkinson's disease.

Trudeau and team of researchers investigated why the mitochondria inside the brain cells in the area affected by Parkinson's disease work "hard" and overheat. They discovered that cells have complicated structures and this complexity requires high amounts of energy. FULL POST

Posted 9/1/15 at 2:12 AM | Sylvie Simms

How to Treat Heart Disease Better than Ever Before

One of the deadliest diseases known to Americans is heart disease. Unfortunately, heart disease kills hundreds of thousands of people every year in America alone. These deaths are a result of any number of reasons, including heart failure and heart valve problems. In addition to the deaths caused by heart disease, this medical condition can also cause other Americans to be hospitalized as medical experts fight to keep them alive and healthy.

Posted 8/28/15 at 7:56 AM | Veronica Philips

Grandma's Eye..... of the Tiger

I am a Kick-boxing Instructor, and I LOVE being a witness to someone else’s victory. Just saying, you can show all the meme’s (rhymes with Chem’s,) you want about politics, race, and religion, but give me a woman who says, “My girls are noticing my weight loss”, and you’ll have me at, “My girls”. There is nothing easy about chiseling the body, sculpting, molding, dictating what used to be second nature, but it can be done. As long as we accept that as we age, some things don’t cooperate, that cute little 17 yr old we used to be is gone, she died with the Scrunchie, but the woman who replaced her, is so much more beautiful….Wisdom is one of the hidden treasures God gave us, but like the pirates, we gotta look for that little nugget of truth….the bounty of our body awaits our conquest…but it doesn’t come easy.
I was sharing the story of the day I bought my first pair of Jordache Skinny Jeans with my class. Come-on….you remember that day. I HAD to write about it because after a year of working out, teaching, dieting and denying myself, I just HAD to try them on….AND THEY FIT! A woman in my class HAD to share her victory as well…..As a sidebar, I love personal victory stories. She’s been in my class for some time, she can’t always keep up, but she’s there, chugging, churning, bopping, punching, kicking…and she’s a GRANDMOTHER!!!! So…..any little sister out there complaining because she has a few pounds to lose but doesn’t want to do anything about it…..SUCK IT….because if a GRANDMOTHER can do it…ANYONE can do it…you’ll get no pass from me. Sorry…I digressed. This woman has been with me for quite some time….She’s looking GOOD. I bought some class rewards for those who did 30 ball push up’s with me, she earned a water bottle (it’s cute and pink) then acted like it was a TROPHY, but she DID the push ups…I didn’t GIVE her anything…that may be why she carries that thing around with her like a BOSS….HMM,….sometimes….the teacher becomes the student. ……
I love to watch other’s fight. I can’t help it. Ima scrapper. I get in there swinging and I respect others who do it as well…..she tells me last night, “Oh, I only made it halfway through your routine”…when I apologized, she said, “NO…you keep doing what you’re doing…..I’ll catch up”….what an inspiration she is….she’s taking the bull by the horns, and kicking his ASS….she’s dictating what her body WILL DO…not the other way around. Hmmm, our WILL is an amazing gift from God if used appropriately. I’ve seen people survive on nothing but WILL…..but…that’s another story. This grandmother is showing ME what it’s like to be a true fighter, and I’m blessed to be a part of her battle….now I shall battle WITH her…and if you know one thing about me, I LIKE to battle…..get’s my juices flowing….okay…gotta go. Kiddie pool later, and all this talk about fighting has got me inspired to go conquer Merrill…It’s Chocolate Milk TIME…Pray for him! Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday….TGIF…

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