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Posted 2/10/16 at 6:23 AM | Claire John

5 “WHATs” of Round Ligament Pain That You Should Know

1. WHAT is round ligament pain?
This sudden sharp pain is common among pregnant women, as they enter into their second trimester. The round ligament supports the uterus in the abdominal cavity, and as the baby grows, this ligament will stretch (like a rubber band) and become thin and taut. The round ligament can spasm and contract, and in turn, cause quick episodes of sudden and sharp pain.

The round ligament of the uterus goes from the pelvis to the labia majora. It travels along the inguinal canal, and passes the internal abdominal ring.

There have been some cases of post-partum round ligament pain, but usually, the symptoms of RLP subside within a few days of delivery.

2. WHAT are the signs and symptoms of round ligament pain?
Sharp, shooting pain in the area of the lower abdominal region, is one of the most common symptoms of round ligament pain. The pain commonly begins on the right side of the pelvic region, and can travel down to the groin area. FULL POST

Posted 2/9/16 at 1:30 PM | Dale Fletcher

Chronic Stress Leads to High Cholesterol - How the Christian Faith Can Help.

In the Health Section of today's Wall Street Journal, there is an informative article, Stress Raises Cholesterol More Than You Think. I've long understood this and have tried to educate others on this topic so that they might be able to better control their high cholesterol levels.

As the physicians in the article mention, if you have high cholesterol levels, it may not be your diet or lack of physical activity that is the culprit to your high cholesterol - it may likely be the unmanaged chronic stress in your life.

Here's a link to a different website - How Does Stress Contribute to Cholesterol - that offers a handful of medical explanations on how stress impacts the body and contributes to high cholesterol levels. And this quote that follows is taken from this site: FULL POST

Posted 2/3/16 at 4:37 AM | Daisy Grace

How Does Dark Grape Help In Weight Loss?

Grapes are one of the oldest cultivated fruits that come with plenty of health benefits. Long time ago, they were used to make wine, something that still happens in the modern world. They are sweet fruits and are quite a treat for most children. In the recent past, dark grapes have attracted a lot of attention from researchers. The reason being they have a lot of antioxidants and nutrients that can help lower the risk of certain conditions. Also, they have been used as a remedy for weight loss.

Dark Grapes and Weight Loss
The type of dark grape that is a causing a stir in terms of weight loss is called the muscadine grape. In is majorly found in the southeastern United States. This dark grape together with other types contains a polyphenol by the name of ellagic acid. This polyphenol has been shown to promote fat burning. Dark grapes will help you lose weight due to the following reasons:

1. They are loaded with dietary fiber
If you take enough dietary fiber, then you get full faster meaning that you eat less. With dark grapes, you get exactly that. They are loaded with dietary fiber and consuming just enough of them will keep you fuller for longer. If you have been wondering what kind of food to eat to increase your fiber intake, then grapes are the way to go. Dietary fiber will also help you in reducing chances of constipation and in curing indigestion. FULL POST

Posted 2/2/16 at 3:39 AM | Daisy Grace

Get Long Thick Eyelashes

The major role of eyelashes is to prevent dirt and insects from getting to your eye. The eyelashes are also used as a way of enhancing a woman’s beauty. You can visit a beautician can help you on the tips to enhance your eyelash look or even have them made for you. There are false eyelashes which can be placed professionally making you have thick and long eyelashes. There are also natural ways of obtaining your eyelashes such a feeding on some foods as discussed below. Thick and long eyelashes make you look so gorgeous as most people’s attention will be based on your eyes.

The following are ways in which you can get long thick eyelashes;
1. Trim your eyelashes
Most people think that plucking eyelashes is similar to trimming them, but they are two different things. Plucking is one of the greatest causes of eyelash loss whereby the eye tends to be painful and reddish with no eyelash. You will also be in a difficult situation when opening and closing your eyes. Visit a professional beautician to have your lashes trimmed. This will be one of the best decisions made to enhance long and thick eyelashes naturally. You will have to cleanse them on a daily basis to enhance their growth and after a period of one month, the lashes will be as you have desired. FULL POST

Posted 2/1/16 at 4:44 PM | Dale Fletcher

Can You Serve God Well and Eat Junk Food?

The other day - on a Monday - I felt lousy – physically and mentally.

About three in the afternoon – during a short jog – I ‘connected the dots’ between my physical and mental state with what I had eaten the day before.

Our Carolina Panthers football team were playing in the NFC Championship game against the Phoenix Cardinals in the early evening, and My wife and I had invited a few couples to watch the game and have snacks and dinner. Being in a ‘party’ and ‘tailgate mode, we had a variety of food and beverages for our guests.

I started off the day with a late brunch – a spinach quiche – not all that bad, but it went downhill from there! I snacked much of the afternoon on munchies and enjoyed a flavorful bowl of chili for dinner and some sweet dessert. The munchies included potato chips and onion dip along with some crackers with spinach dip. Chili was followed with a few rich brownies. Yum! Along the way I had a good handful of peanut M & Ms. You get the idea. And oh yes, let’s not forget to add to the list two bottles of my favorite German beer.

The next day, I paid for it. I had brain fog. Nothing really clicked mentally. I was lethargic. I was not energetic as I typically am. I was in a pretty down mood. Finally, I’d had enough and told myself that if I went for a run that it might help. It was about half way through my run that I realized that the food that I ate yesterday was a major culprit in my mood and energy level. And, as it often happens, I felt it would be helpful to crank out a blog post on this issue. FULL POST

Posted 2/1/16 at 8:06 AM | Claire John

What are the Major Culprits in Your Skin Damage?

In the world today, there is a huge obsession with beauty that is spreading indiscriminately across all nations and races. Each and every person (read woman) wants to have the best skin around. It is this need that has led to millions of beauty products emerging in the markets, all of which promise the skin nirvana. However, you may still never achieve your ideal skin, even after applying these products for an eternity, due to skin damage. This is usually registered as skin darkening, flaking and wrinkling. Now, these are manifestations that will cause you major head ache as you try to unravel their causes and possible solutions. This is because you will never get any headway in the beauty arena so long as these factors are not tackled properly. It is in this regard that this section has been put together: to sink your teeth into the factors that can cause skin damage. They include: FULL POST

Posted 1/30/16 at 1:45 AM | Daisy Grace

The Unknown Science behind Skin Brighteners

The arena of beauty is one that is marked by constant developments and innovations. Each and every day is marked with a new beauty product being released into the market. And this one promises better results than all the others combined. Take for instance the recent craze about skin brighteners. If you are in the dark (of course you cannot be), these are products that help reduce any visible skin darkening that may be prominent on your skin. Be it general dullness, uneven skin tone or that annoying spot on your face, skin brighteners will get rid of all of them and leave you with a lighter skin devoid of any discoloration. Sounds excellent right? But have you ever sat back and sought to decipher how these products work? Or you assume its pure magic; another wonder of the world?

Now, these products don’t work on the miraculous basis. There is a science behind their functioning: one that is deeply rooted in their ingredients. It is this science that you will get acquainted with if you continue reading this. FULL POST

Posted 1/28/16 at 1:32 AM | Claire John

Unknown Damage You are Doing to Your Eyelashes

Apparently, beautiful and flawless lashes give you an attractive and unique look. Having a routine for the care of the lashes is common among many ladies. Unfortunately, there are some practices and habits that may finally ruin your lashes. Healthy habits and practices can result to healthy, good looking and attractive lashes. On the other hand, unhealthy practices will cause fallout and ruin to the lashes. Harmful habits may result in breakages and fall out of the lashes. This is mainly noticeable while cleaning or wiping the area around the lashes. As mentioned earlier, how well you treat and care for the lashes determines how healthy they are and appear. There are some factors you require to put into consideration and habits to either shun or embrace.

Beware of False Lashes
What causes eyelashes to fall out? Women commonly ask this after noticing the fallout and breakage of the lashes when they wipe them. Improper fixing of the false lashes can be of harmful and devastating effects to the natural lashes. Some inexperienced persons could do the fixing for you and do it wrongly. Glue sticking near or too close to the eyes is harmful and causes the breakages and fall out of the natural lashes. To start with, it is vital to select and purchase best quality extras or false lashes. It is then vital to have them fixed by a person with the expertise to perform the task. They should be fixed in a way that they do not cause loss of the natural ones. Also, they need to be fixed such that they are easy to remove. The gluing also should not be too close to the eyes. When it is time to remove or to get rid of the lashes, avoid pulling off. Pulling off is likely to pull even the natural lashes and cause their breakage and fall out. Since, the false ones are usually stuck with the natural ones, avoid also rubbing as it may pull the natural lashes and this is likely to cause falling out and breakage. Have a professional or expert remove them for you. FULL POST

Posted 1/27/16 at 5:32 AM | Daisy Grace

What Exactly Happens Under the Skin When Popping Out the Pimples?

Whether you want to admit it or not, you have popped at least one pimple in your life. Popping zits or pimples is exactly the kind of things that everyone does, without actually wanting to admit it. For many people, it is part of the daily beauty routine, as they believe they will look better. For others, it is a strange kind of pleasure to see that zit popping. Let’s face it, pimples are part of everyday life and they appear regardless of our desires.

From puberty and well into adulthood, both acne and blemishes represent a daily problem to solve. If at puberty acne represents a rite of passage and a sign of hormonal activity, when it comes to adulthood, it can be quite frustrating to deal with such problems. As for women, it is a known fact that these present a higher risk for acne, as their hormone levels are always fluctuating. What happens exactly under the skin when you pop out a pimple? If you are curious to discover the answer to that question, do not hesitate to keep on reading. FULL POST

Posted 1/26/16 at 8:21 AM | WC Stewart

Welcome to the Teleios blog

Welcome to my Teleios blog! My goal is to show you the exciting benefits of the Bible in our daily lives!

We created Teleios, Inc., a private foundation, several years ago. Through the foundation we use the scientific method, by means of well-designed clinical studies, to evaluate the validity of the Bible in people’s lives.

We believe that Scripture, while telling us about the free gift of salvation through faith in Christ’s death on the cross, also brings wisdom and knowledge for great day-to-day living. The Bible teaches we can have:

  1. A secure guilt free relationship with God.
  2. All we need to grow in our relationship with God.
  3. Hope, love, joy and peace (Galatians 5:22).

In the blogs I will tell you about the dynamic research that Teleios is performing. We use three design tools: prospective, randomized, controlled studies, cross-sectional surveys, and review articles of existing medical literature. However, we will also choose blog topics from issues that come up in our culture and from your comments.

We hope the blog will:

  1. Encourage you by learning about Teleios research and the practical use of the Bible in daily life.
  2. Explain the good news of Christ to those of you who don’t yet believe.
  3. Start a conversation with you about your own experiences, thoughts, ideas and questions.Give you inspiring data that you can use in your own life and help you teach others.

I welcome appropriate comments. Until next week… FULL POST

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