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Posted 4/6/16 at 1:41 AM | Sylvie Simms

Marijuana Legalization Stats & Facts | More Americans support legalizing marijuana now more than ever, and their numbers are growing. Get the facts at

Posted 3/28/16 at 1:55 PM | Greg Holt

After Botched Abortion Hospital Leaves Newborn Baby to Scream in Pain and Die

I am firmly against abortion, therefore when I read this headline I was angry, among other things – like sickened, disgusted, and outraged:

Baby Born Alive After Botched 24-Week Abortion Screamed for an Hour as Doctors Left Child to Die

In the first place all life is sacred and that includes the unborn child. There should be no differentiation between a human baby that is outside the mother’s womb and the human baby that is inside the mother’s womb.

In this particular case according to the article: medical tests suggested that the baby had Down syndrome. Suggested? In other words they may not even have been positive of this but the woman still made the decision to end her baby’s life. Because of Down syndrome? Who would not prefer a normal healthy baby, but to kill a baby over this is inexcusable. FULL POST

Posted 3/17/16 at 6:06 AM | Sylvie Simms

Understanding Chest Pain | Chest pain is terrifying, especially if you don't have the facts. Know the symptoms and who to reach out to for help. Don't delay, consult a professional.

Posted 3/16/16 at 5:56 AM | Sylvie Simms

Caring for your Heart | Keeping your heart healthy is one of the most crucial things you can do for your health, and it's one of the easiest. Learn more here.

Posted 3/16/16 at 2:51 AM | Claire John

What Makes a Completely Reliable Website?

reliable on
Reliable on

There are hundreds of health and lifestyle websites. They are constantly emerging and they usually claim the same: we are the most reliable health and lifestyle website you can find. Now, when hundreds of these pages repeat the same thing, you have to wonder what websites really are available. Since you can’t (and shouldn’t) believe everything you read, how to separate good from the bad? Some websites post an unreliable content and false information which could only damage one’s overall health and wellbeing. Luckily, there are websites that aim to help each reader improve his or her life by only providing accurate info and evidence-based articles. is one of these websites. If you’re wondering what makes this website stand out in the sea of other health and beauty pages, this article contains answers below. FULL POST

Posted 3/11/16 at 1:05 AM | Daisy Grace

What Benefits I Had After Using Solvaderm's Rejuvoderm

With a wide array of skincare products today, one might think it’s easy to find something effective to improve the quality of the skin. However, if your skin is prone to various problems such as acne and blemishes or oiliness, then you have probably realized how difficult it is to deal with these problems.

Unfortunately, I’ve never had picture-perfect skin even thought I always wanted that. Although oily skin, acne and blemishes might not seem like huge problems to other people, they’re quite frustrating to us who have to deal with them constantly. You don’t know what products to use because they just make your skin shinier. Also, with shine, there also come acne breakouts and it’s needless to mention how skin looks utterly lifeless.

I have spent almost my entire life fighting with oily skin i.e. trying to find suitable solution. I have had oily skin since my teenage years. However, puberty and teenage years are usually characterized by greasy skin and acne. You don’t really expect to fight with it your entire life, at least, that’s what adults usually tell you when you start complaining. FULL POST

Posted 3/7/16 at 5:13 AM | Sylvie Simms

The Benefits of Ancient Grains | Recently, ancient grains have experienced a boom in popularity, and for good reason: these original seeds and grains which can often be traced back hundreds or even thousands of years—are much more nutritious than refined grain products such as white flour. Grains and seeds like quinoa, amaranth, flax and hempseed have nutritional properties that are highly beneficial, and they can be prepared easily as well. Not to mention, they also taste great—all reasons why they’ve stood the test of time. Check out the infographic below for more detailed information on these super foods.

Posted 3/4/16 at 3:29 PM | Mark Ellis

11th medical emergency at Ohio abortion clinic in 5 years raises questions

Lakisha Wilson died after undergoing an abortion at the Preterm clinic on March 21, 2014. Shown with her brother Richard.

By Mark Ellis

As the U.S. Supreme Court weighs a Texas law regulating health and safety requirements for abortion clinics, a 911 audio recording reveals that a 22-year old abortion patient suffered a life-threatening medical emergency during a late-term abortion at the Preterm abortion facility in Cleveland on February 13th.

This is the same facility that inflicted a fatal abortion on a 22-year old woman, Lakisha Wilson, nearly two years ago, and the 11th documented abortion injury at the same clinic since 2010, according to Operation Rescue, who has received copies of the 911 recordings in question.

In the most recent incident, the young woman was 21.3 weeks pregnant, according to the Preterm worker that dialed 911. Such late-term abortions are inherently risky, yet Preterm is inadequately equipped to handle complications that seem to arise there on a regular basis, according to Operation Rescue. FULL POST

Posted 3/3/16 at 4:43 PM | Dale Fletcher

Do You Struggle to Care for Your Body - The Holy Spirit's Temple?

This guest blog post was written by Lauren Varney, a participant in the current Faith and Health Ambassador Course. She captured her thoughts as a sort of journal as she was engaging with an assignment for Week 5 – “An Intimate and Right Relationship With God.” It appears below with her permission.


God’s timing always amazes me. Since beginning my Faith and Health Ambassadorship training last month, God has been leading me to engage in some serious heart work in an area of my life that I have not surrendered to God –the area of caring for my body, the Holy Spirit’s temple. In fact, when I was given the assignment to review biblical principles and decide which relationship each principle most strongly supports (relationship with God, Self or Others), when I got to this principle the obvious check to me was “self.” I had an unsettled feeling when I checked that and felt the Holy Spirit challenge me to think and search and pray about this principle as it applies to my life. Over the last week the Lord has revealed to me some amazing truths, through His word, through sermons and writings founded on his word, and through people he has placed in my life, and I’d like to share some of what he’s taught me with you. FULL POST

Posted 3/3/16 at 6:48 AM | Claire John

Discover the Hidden Facts about Solvaderm's Glowpeel

Glowpeel is a dermal exfoliation and skin resurfacing repair serum produced by Solvaderm, leading skincare company. The company aims to revolutionize skincare science by making products that are designed, developed and formulated by experts in skincare industry. Glowpeel is characterized by powerful, yet gentle formula. The serum is powerful enough to eliminate dead skin cells and fix a wide array of skin problems and gentle enough not to cause irritation which makes it suitable for frequent use.

This skin resurfacing serum doesn’t contain parabens and alcohol both of which are known for their drying effect. Furthermore, Glowpeel is perfume free which is another benefit due to the fact that fragrances are particularly bad for people with sensitive skin as they cause allergic reactions, irritations etc. The ingredients list of this serum starts with pure water and high level of alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic acid, kojic acid, pyruvic acid, and lactic acid) which are well-known for their beneficial effects on skin. FULL POST

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