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Posted 10/15/17 at 8:49 AM | crystal jerke

5 Popular Crash Diets That Really Works

Crash diets are very popular these days for fast weight loss.

They promise dieters quick weight loss and more - without any scientific evidence.

Not only that, their long-term effects of nutritionally unbalanced diets often harm their overall health.

Take the 3-day military diet, for example. It’s currently one of the most searched weight loss diet trends on Google.

The diet claims to help dieters lose weight very quickly - 10 pounds or 4.5 kg in 1 week - with no scientific evidence to show for.

Amongst many failing diets, there are very few “fad or crash” diets that are actually known for producing promising results and based on scientific evidence.

Moreover, these weight loss diets are based on a healthy eating principle which supports the long-term health and dieting success.

Here are 5 “popular” crash diets that are actually legit.

1. The 5:2 Diet

The 5:2 diet, which also goes by the name, the Fast Diet, is a diet that uses the advanced techniques of scheduled, purposeful fasting.

If you've heard of intermittent fasting, this diet basically borrows that idea. You may also think of this as a scheduled fasting. FULL POST

Posted 10/12/17 at 7:49 AM | Sylvie Simms

All-Inclusive Program - Detox & Fitness Holidays in Thailand | Don’t sweat it guys. No matter your goals, our schedule will have you well and truly covered. From fitness and nutrition, to healing, self-growth, and recovery, our team of experts is waiting your arrival. All you need to do ... is show up.

Posted 10/12/17 at 6:00 AM | Sylvie Simms

15 Fascinating Facts About Smiling | At Labbe Family Orthodontics in Annapolis, we have created this infographic on 15 fascinating facts about smiling. Have you ever thought how smiling is a direct impact on your moods?

Posted 10/5/17 at 6:59 AM | Sylvie Simms

7 Instances Where You Need a Birth Certificate | You never know how important a birth certificate is until you need one, so stay prepared and check out these 7 instances where a birth certificate is helpful to have.

Posted 9/29/17 at 11:24 AM | Brian Wallace

What Is 20/20 Vision?

Protecting your vision is important, even when there's not a solar eclipse coming up. You only get one set of eyes and it's up to you to make them last. If you're not wearing UV protective sunglasses every day, wearing protective eyewear when you do things like mow the lawn, and eating the right amount of nutritents, you could be signing yourself up for early vision loss. Learn more about preventing vision loss from this infographic!

Posted 9/29/17 at 10:28 AM | George Smith

Why Cosmetic Surgery is Popular Amongst Today's Generations

cosmetic surgery popularity

Cosmetic surgery and cosmetic work, in general, is becoming more acceptable in these modern times. This is one reason many of today's youth are gravitating towards this type of self-beautification, though there are others. The following are some additional factors influencing today's generation to get these kinds of procedures.

Social Media Push
One big reason today's generation is flocking to cosmetic surgery is that of social media. People on these platforms are seeing how plastic surgery helps people and also feel pressured to beautify themselves to fit into this social media sharing culture. More and more people want others to see them as they see themselves.

Celebrity Culture
Another reason many people are getting some work done deals with the beautiful movie stars and other celebrities in the entertainment business. People look at television and online entertainment frequently. This entertainment highlights certain looks, features, and other parts of a person. Some long to look like celebrities they admire and wish they had coveted features. Now that change is more accessible, many decide to go to a cosmetic surgeon to get the look or feature of their dreams. FULL POST

Posted 9/29/17 at 1:22 AM | Sophia Wright

3 Self-Improvement Tips to Achieve a New You in 6 Months

It takes time and dedication to reach life-changing goals. Or at least this is what we are told. While staying dedicated to achieving your goals goes without saying, time is subjective and it relies on the approach you take to living your ideal life. The common self-improvement goals shared by most people are these: to look good, and feel good. There are a lot of approaches out there that can give people these results in a year’s time. However, by doing some research and finding alternative methods to achieving these goals, you can cut that time in half and get noticeable results (and even hit your goal completely) in as little as six months.

1. Body Contouring Gives that Sculpted Look We All Want

If you came off rapid weight loss and have saggy skin, or you want a sculpted look without undergoing plastic surgery or spending years in the gym, body contouring is a safe, effective alternative. Popular today and predicted to dominate 2018 is non-surgical body contouring with UltraShape Power or VelaShape III; procedures dominating skin care and med spas in New York City and other fashionable large cities. UltraShape Power is the only FDA-approved non-surgical body contouring treatment. It uses ultrasound technology to destroy fat without damaging tissue, nerves and blood vessels. VelaShape III is another body contouring option for patients who prefer RF and IR energies that hone in on deep tissue designed to sculpt slim profiles. Many people start with UltraShape Power to destroy fat and then follow up with VelaShape III treatments on the neck, face, and arms to sharpen the sculpted look. Individual results vary, though most report noticeable differences they love in as little as six months. FULL POST

Posted 9/28/17 at 1:53 PM | crystal jerke

Gum Diseases Are Contagious; It Can Kill More Than Your Smile

Wide smile with glistening teeth is always welcome and does wonders for your self-esteem but have you wondered if you are suffering from bad or inflamed gums will it be fruitful to show off your smile. It is a contagious disease and is generally not seen by the naked eye. Bad gums result in breaking of tissues, tooth decay, and a possible tooth loss. Gums also have layers and a small space in the gum is called sulcus.

There are commonly three kinds of Gum diseases:

• Gingivitis- It is the most common and general form of gum disease that causes inflammation of the gums, bleeding and make it red but are easily cured.

• Periodontitis- It is an aggravated form of gingivitis because if gingivitis is not cured it leads to Peritonitis. It leads to deformation and weakness in the tooth structure, loosens the teeth and opens up gaps in teeth and gums. Diseases that are associated with it are heart diseases, diabetes, and respiratory diseases.

• Necrotizing Peritonitis disease- it is a serious infection leading to necrosis of tissues of gums, periodontal ligament, and alveolar bone. FULL POST

Posted 9/7/17 at 12:57 AM | Sylvie Simms

5 Ways to Invest in Your Health | Buy & save on discounted professional strength, pharmaceutical quality natural health nutrition remedies, vitamins, herbs, homeopathic remedies, diagnostic tests, doctor consultations.

Posted 9/4/17 at 5:21 AM | Biru Singh

What Is the Best Fitness Regime for Your Weight Loss Quest?

Let’s face the truth. There is no surefire ‘one-for-all’ recipe for weight loss, for every other person has a different set of metabolism, eating habits and lifestyle. However, one fact where all of us may converge upon is – diet and exercise are the two most crucial pillars for weight loss and healthy life.

You might have gone through the bitter experience when you zealously started off weight loss program but only got disappointment in return. This is not an uncommon situation when people begin with a bang but soon get back all of their fat right where it was. The fact is despite a significant global growth of weight-loss industry, people even after splurging tons of money are still finding themselves overweight.

So, what is it that stops the needle of your weight machine to buzz? We need to first understand that there many factors at work here. Biology, environment, lifestyle, genetics, and metabolism create a complex situation that deters you to bring down your weight.

We, therefore, have compiled some of the best practices that create a powerful fitness regime for your weight loss.

1. Incorporate a rigorous workout plan

An effective workout plan is very important to start your day. Make sure that your fat burning process should begin with low-intensity aerobics to avoid undue stress. A rigorous training exercise with heavier weights needs to be introduced afterwards. You need to stick to this plan daily because dieting alone is not going to help you in any manner. A usual routine without using a heavy dose of workouts is what will keep you motivated for a longer duration. FULL POST

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