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Posted 5/22/17 at 3:20 PM | Mark Ellis

Christian abortion doctor believes he is doing God’s work

Dr. Willie Parker

By Mark Ellis

Dr. Willie Parker is an abortionist in Mississippi and Alabama, where there are fewer and fewer clinics open to the controversial practice. He says he is driven by his deep Christian faith to conduct his work, killing the unborn in the womb.

“I believe that as an abortion provider, I am doing God’s work,” Parker writes in his new memoir, Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice. “I am protecting women’s rights, their human right to decide their futures for themselves, and to live their lives as they see fit.”

Recently he visited California to accept a Person of the Year award from the Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP), according to a report in the L.A. Times.

Parker was abandoned by his father and grew up poor in Birmingham, Ala. At 15, a coach who also happened to be a Pentecostal pastor led him to the Lord.

He was the first one in his family to attend college. Parker was a bold witness there, carrying his Bible throughout the dorm, spreading the Good News, according to The Times. FULL POST

Posted 5/18/17 at 7:27 PM | Lucy Perry

12 Healthy Ways to Burn Fat Fast

Burning fat and losing weight need not be as tough as some gurus might have had you to believe. With just the right kind of advice and consistency in practice, you should be able to shed a few pounds in no time. Consistency is up to you; we, however, have some excellent advice on different ways to burn fat fast! So, keep on reading.

1. Avoid sugar!

Yes, you heard that right! Sugar is one of the enemies that you must keep away at all costs. It isn’t going to be easy, but it will be worth it. Start by choosing diet options that contain sweeteners rather than sugar. If you have to have a sweet drink, make sure they are not loaded with sugar. The same applies to food as well. As a bonus, your teeth will thank you too.

2. Maintain a balanced macronutrient profile

To keep your macronutrient profile balanced, create meal plans that consist of high protein, low carbs, and moderate fat. Don’t go on crash dieting because cutting down on too many calories too fast will likely make you give up on a diet, which might cause you to gain even more weight. FULL POST

Posted 5/18/17 at 12:57 AM | Sylvie Simms

3 Benefits of a Primary Care Physician | Did you know that people who see a primary care physician regularly experience better health? Having a trusted relationship with a doctor who can see the big picture of your full medical history is important in maintaining one’s overall health.

Posted 5/11/17 at 1:08 PM | George Smith

Are Dangerous Toxins Lurking in Your Home?

home toxins

You do all the right things. You try to buy healthy food, clean your house religiously every weekend, and make sure you only buy the safest toys for your children. But what if you aren’t doing enough? Unbeknownst to millions of people, dangerous toxins and chemicals are lurking in some unlikely places.

Chemicals, Toxins, and Germs, Oh My!

You aren’t going to want to hear this, but it’s important to face reality. Your home is likely filled with different chemicals, toxins, and germs. Some homes have more than others, but there are very few that are totally clean.

It all starts with cleaning products. Did you know that there are no federal regulations on the use of chemicals in cleaning products? Ingredients don’t have to meet any sort of safety standard and there’s no requirement to list all ingredients on the label. As a result, the majority of cleaning products found in the aisles of your closest supermarket contain questionable chemicals that are dangerous to your health. FULL POST

Posted 4/26/17 at 7:23 PM | Mark Ellis

Call it a miracle: Woman gave birth in coma, woke up 3 months later to meet baby

Amelia and Santino

By Mark Ellis

A female police officer in Argentina delivered a baby while she was in a coma, then woke up and held her three-month-old for the first time.

Many are calling it a miracle of God.

Amelia Bannan was nearly six months pregnant when she suffered a serious brain injury in an auto accident November 1st.

She had a premonition about traveling that day. “Let’s not travel, if we get into that car it will just roll over,” she told a friend, according to El Pais.

When the car was hit from behind, Bannan suffered a skull fracture, but the baby survived. The other occupants of the vehicle were unharmed, according to El Pais.

Since the accident, the baby developed normally in the womb while Amelia lapsed into a coma caused by a blood clot in her brain.

In late December, Amelia opened her eyes, moved her hands and although she was not able to speak, began contractions.

Since she did not dilate, she underwent an emergency C-section on Christmas Eve. “He was born on Christmas Eve, it was a miracle,” her brother, Caesar, told El Pais. FULL POST

Posted 4/25/17 at 2:53 PM | Dale Fletcher

Black Men and Women Who Are religious Report Better Health - New Research

For black women looking for ways to improve their mental health, some researchers say religion and spirituality bring health benefits such as a longer life and a decreased risk for heart disease.

According to the Black Women’s Health Study, which was further analyzed in the April 2017 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology, black women who said they were very involved in their church, mosque or another place of worship tended to report excellent or very good mental health.

According to a 2011 nationwide survey conducted by The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation, black women are one of the most religious demographics in America, with 74 percent of black women and 70 percent of black men saying that “living a religious life” is very important, compared to 57 percent of white women and 43 percent of white men.

Read a more complete article about the study at THIS LINK.

Other Resources Related to the Religion and Health Research:

More about the Faith and Health Research FULL POST

Posted 4/25/17 at 3:07 AM | Mark John

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

The adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys and secrete a number of hormones.These include–

  • Cortisol - that helps regulate blood pressure, glucose levels and the metabolism of fats, carbs and proteins.
  • Aldosterone - that regulates electrolyte levels in the body and maintain blood pressure.
  • DHEA and Androgenic Steroids that are used as precursors for sex hormones in both men (androgen) and women (estrogen).
  • Adrenaline and Norepinephrine that helps the body cope with mental and physical stress, improve blood flow, relax muscles and regulate metabolism.

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue occurs when acute or chronic stress or illness causes the adrenal glands to be overworked. Over time, the adrenal glands cannot keep up with the demands of stress on the body, causing a multitude of unpleasant symptoms.Adrenal fatigue is much more than tiredness. The symptoms of adrenal fatigue can affect every system in the body. When you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, changes on the cellular level take place as the body tries to compensate for a decrease in hormones. Unfortunately, this can contribute to thyroid problems as these two hormones producing glands are inextricably linked. As adrenal fatigue continues to get worse, you can develop insulin resistance and begin suffering from Metabolic Syndrome, which can lead to type 2 diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular disease. Hormonal balance is extremely important as one endocrine disorder can lead to other endocrine disorders. Therefore, it is essential that you know the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Let’s look at the most common symptoms as well as some of the lesser known symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue. FULL POST

Posted 4/20/17 at 6:22 AM | George Smith

4 Major Religions and Their Views on Plastic Surgery

religion and plastic surgery

As more and more people seek to feel comfortable in their own skin, cosmetic procedures have continued to grow in popularity over the past couple of decades. Nowadays, procedures ranging from tummy tucks to breast enlargements have become fairly commonplace, with over 10 million people in the United States alone opting for such surgeries. But even in the face of mainstream acceptance, it's fair to ask if meddling with one's body is spiritually beneficial or not.

Since getting a facelift wasn't really an option back when most holy scriptures were written, cosmetic surgery is in a gray area as far as religion is concerned. Some spiritual leaders unilaterally condemn it, while others make allowances for it in certain instances. Of course, since there are big differences between spiritual practices, it can be helpful to take a closer look at some of the world's major religions and see how they view plastic surgery:

Christian teachings discourage vanity, as pride is considered to be one of the man's greatest sins. God made man in his image, so it's believed that people should generally be accepting of their outward appearance. Nevertheless, there are also those who underline the fact that plastic surgery can change people's lives for the better. A much-quoted Bible passage states that Jesus himself once put back the ear of a soldier after it had been cut, thereby legitimizing man's quest to repair his body. FULL POST

Posted 4/19/17 at 4:36 PM | Mark Ellis

Detroit doctor arrested for performing female genital mutilation on young girls

Girl in Egypt undergoes FGM

By Mark Ellis

A Detroit emergency room doctor has been arrested and charged in connection with performing female genital mutilation (FGM) on underage girls.

Doctor Jumana Nagarwala, 44, of Northville, Michigan is accused of performing the horrific procedure on girls ages six to eight. Dr. Nagarwala is on the staff at Henry Ford Hospital, according to WXYZ Detroit, an ABC affiliate.

According to a criminal complaint, Dr. Nagarwala performed the procedure on girls at a medical clinic in Livonia, a suburb of Detroit.

Some girls were transported from other states for the illegal procedure. FGM involves the removal or partial removal of the clitoris, known as a clitoridectomy. FGM is internationally recognized as a violation of the human rights of women and girls.

FGM is a religious and cultural practice usually associated with Islam. While there is no mention of it in the Quran, several sayings in the hadith attributed to Muhammad praise the procedure. FULL POST

Posted 4/19/17 at 3:13 AM | Lisia

Most Effective Exercises For Beautiful Legs And Sexy Butt

Ashley Graham, the plus size model who continues to open the doors for plus size women to go mainstream modelling, and that includes gracing the covers of Sports Illustrated, once said: “I look at myself naked in the mirror and say, ‘You know what, awkward butt shape? You’re not gonna get higher or rounder but it’s OK, because I’ve got Spanx for you’. We just so love her positive body image and attitude.

Wow Legs and Nice Butt But…

It’s not possible to wear spanx with every piece of clothing in your wardrobe though. With Spring break and countless other trips to the beach, though, there’s just no place for Spanx in your bikini, not even the super hot pants you’re planning to wear on a summer night party. Toned butts make you sexy and hot, even the experts say you have to keep your body maintained to get the complete feel and confidence. FULL POST

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