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Posted 3/18/16 at 7:53 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Christianity Without Repentance Isn't Christianity

The word repent is one that doesn’t sit too well with many people around the world. What is intended to be a gift and opportunity to encounter the grace of God has now become something individuals cringe at when hearing. I blame those wielding bullhorns and picket signs for the mess that has become of repentance. And while this liturgical experience may have a bad reputation due to the idiotic actions of others, we must understand that repentance itself one of the most vital parts of the Christian faith. Without it, a relationship with God isn’t possible.

Repentance is all about turning away from our fleshly desires, and instead, clinging to the beauty and supremacy of God’s will. There is nothing to be ashamed about in admitting you’ve messed up. Repentance bridges the gap between our failures and God’s forgiveness. That’s the beauty. It’s the gateway to new life and an unrelenting relationship with God.

You and I must stop viewing repentance as a burdensome I have to, and instead, realize it’s an undeserved I get to. We must understand how lucky we are to have a loving God who gives us the opportunity to admit our failures, and choose to turn away from our selfish ways. Repentance is a gift not a burden. There is an unfathomable liturgical experience when one finds the humility to turn from their ways and seek forgiveness in the grace of God. FULL POST

Posted 3/14/16 at 3:57 PM | Neil Vermillion

Hearing And Understanding God Through Real Relationship

One of the most interesting and powerful ways prophetic ministry can impact our lives is in giving perspective. Sometimes we see things very differently than the way God sees them, so hearing his perspective can significantly alter our point of view. God's perspective, while completely true and accurate, can seem so unclear and uncertain to us at times, and this is exactly how a personal prophetic word can interrupt our natural ways of thinking and help us to synchronize with the reality God is revealing to us in the moment.

For example, it's very easy for us to feel as though we are not making any kind of progress or that we are failing day after day with no hope for change or improvement. However as we see our lives, and the processes involved, from God's perspective we can begin to understand timelines differently than our natural predisposition would otherwise see them.

And it's this introduction of a prophetic word that can aid in understanding and grasping God's perspective. It's not to say that God could not reveal these things directly, because he absolutely can and does. But nevertheless, this a timely word spoken with clarity in the right season can allow us to gain perspective that can help guide us to where we should focus our hearts and our attention. FULL POST

Posted 3/11/16 at 1:23 PM | João Mordomo

"Water Bozos"

Every once in awhile, your life’s road crosses paths with the unexpected. This was the case when my family and I took a mini-vacation in Brotas, São Paulo, Brazil. The small town of about 20,000 people is the one of the adventure sport hotspots in Brazil. One day while we were at an adventure company’s office preparing to go rafting, I started asking questions about the company and its owner, and in the process discovered that the owner was also the manager of a rafting team called “Alaya - Bozo d’ Água”. Alaya is the name of his company, so no surprise there. But I wondered, “Why Bozo d’ Água?” An employee explained to me.

In 2002, six local teens decided that they wanted to become the Brazilian rafting champions. These guys, simple and hard-working — most never having graduated from high school, nor having been actively involved in water sports — began training in the local river everyday. The local community was skeptical, to say the least, and some began calling the guys “Bozos d’ Água,” meaning, “water Bozos,” as in, “water clowns.” Undeterred, the team continued to train. FULL POST

Posted 3/7/16 at 9:32 PM | Stan Arney

I AM, No Fool

Exodus 20:1-3

And God (God Almighty) Spoke All These Words, Saying: “I AM, The LORD, Your God (God Almighty), who brought YOU out of The Land of Egypt, out of The House of Bondage. YOU (Believers) shall have NO other gods, before ME (God Almighty)!”

Psalms 14:1
The fool (Unbelievers) has said in his (Unbelievers) heart, “There is NO God (God Almighty).”

Psalms 53:1
The fool (Unbelievers) has said in his (Unbelievers) heart, “There is NO God (God Almighty).”

John 1:1-14, 16-17

In The Beginning was The Word, and The Word was with God (God Almighty), and The Word was God (God Almighty). He (The Word) was in The Beginning with God (God Almighty). ALL THINGS were MADE through Him (The Word), and without Him (The Word) nothing was made, that was MADE. In Him (The Word) was Life, and The Life was The LIGHT of Men. And The LIGHT (The Word) shines in the darkness, and the darkness did NOT Comprehend It (The LIGHT).

There was a Man (John, The Baptist) sent from God (God Almighty), whose name was John (John, The Baptist). This man (John, The Baptist) came for a Witness, to Bear Witness of The LIGHT (The Word), that all through him (John, The Baptist) might BELIEVE. He (John, The Baptist) was NOT that LIGHT (The Word), but was sent to Bear Witness of that LIGHT (The Word). That was The True LIGHT (The Word) which gives LIGHT to EVERY Man, Coming into the World. He (The Word/The LIGHT/Jesus Christ) was in the World, and the World was MADE through Him (The Word/The LIGHT/Jesus Christ), and the World did NOT Know Him (The Word/The LIGHT/Jesus Christ). He (The Word/The LIGHT/Jesus Christ) came to His Own, and His Own did NOT Receive Him (The Word/The LIGHT/Jesus Christ). But as Many (Believers) as Received Him (The Word/The LIGHT/Jesus Christ), to Them (Believers), He (The Word/The LIGHT/Jesus Christ) Gave The Right to Become Children of God (God Almighty), to Those (Believers) who BELIEVE in His (The Word/The LIGHT/Jesus Christ) Name: (Believers) who were BORN, NOT of blood, NOR of The Will of The Flesh, NOR of The Will of Man, but of GOD (God Almighty). FULL POST

Posted 3/7/16 at 12:17 AM | Stan Arney

Jesus Christ’s Living Disciple

Fellow Believers, may I ask YOU a simple question, are YOU Living for Jesus Christ? That’s right, are YOU Living to Serve The One and ONLY God Almighty? Now, I do NOT expect an answer, it’s a rhetorical question. When We (Believers) acknowledge God’s Amazing Saving Grace AND We (Believers) accept God’s Free Gift of Salvation, We (Believers) Welcome Our Lord AND Savior, Jesus Christ, to Come and Abide within Us (Believers), through The Holy Spirit. We (Believers) become Our Lord Jesus Christ’s LIGHT upon The World! We (Believers) take upon Ourselves (Believers) The Role of Jesus Christ’s Living Disciple. We (Believers) take upon Ourselves (Believers) The Responsibility of Sharing The Gospel of Jesus Christ, with EVERYONE!

We (Believers) share The Gospel of Jesus Christ, with Unbelievers, praying that God Almighty will put upon their (Unbelievers) hearts, the desire to want to know The Truth AND to accept The Truth. We (Believers) share The Gospel of Jesus Christ, with Yet-To-Be-Believers, praying that they (Yet-To-Be-Believers) will acknowledge God’s Amazing Saving Grace AND accept God’s Free Gift of Salvation, thereby joining Us (Believers) in becoming Children of God Almighty. We share The Gospel of Jesus Christ, with Fellow Believers, to reiterate things God Almighty, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit, are teaching them (i.e. things They want them to know or understand). Many times, We (Believers) share with Fellow Believers, perspectives on Scriptures, they (Fellow Believers) may NOT have thought of in that manner (i.e. thought of that way before). After all, God Almighty, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit, teach each of Us (Believers), different things, at different levels, and in different ways. FULL POST

Posted 3/5/16 at 10:09 PM | Stan Arney

Luke Discusses, The Signs Towards The End Of The Age

Luke’s Dedication To Theophilus (Luke 1:1-4)

Inasmuch as many, have taken in hand, to Set in Order a Narrative of Those Things, which have been Fulfilled, among Us (Jesus’ Disciples), just as Those (Jesus’ Disciples) who from The Beginning were Eyewitnesses (Jesus’ Disciples) and Ministers (Jesus’ Disciples) of The Word (The Gospel of Jesus Christ) Delivered Them (Jesus’ Disciples) to Us (Believers), it Seemed Good to Me (Luke) also, having had Perfect Understanding (Through The Holy Spirit) of All Things from The Very First, to Write to YOU (Theophilus) an Orderly Account, Most Excellent Theophilus, that YOU (Theophilus) may KNOW The CERTAINTY of Those Things, in which YOU (Theophilus) were Instructed.

The Signs Of The Times And The End Of The Age (Luke 21:7-19)

So They (Jesus’ Disciples) asked Him (Jesus Christ), saying, “Teacher, but WHEN will These Things be? And what SIGN will there be, when These Things are about to take place?” And He (Jesus Christ) said: “Take Heed that YOU (Believers) NOT be Deceived. For many (Unbelievers) will Come in My (Jesus Christ’s) Name, saying, ‘I (Unbelievers) am He (Jesus Christ),’ and, ‘The Time has drawn near.’ Therefore do NOT go after them (Unbelievers). But when YOU (Believers) hear of Wars and Commotions, do NOT be terrified; for These Things MUST Come to Pass FIRST, but The End will NOT come, immediately.” Then He (Jesus Christ) said to Them (Jesus’ Disciples), “Nation will Rise against Nation, and Kingdom against Kingdom. And there will be Great Earthquakes in various places, and Famines and Pestilences; and there will be Fearful Sights and Great Signs from Heaven. But BEFORE All These Things, they (Unbelievers) will lay their (Unbelievers) hands on YOU (Believers) and Persecute YOU (Believers), Delivering YOU (Believers) up to The Synagogues and Prisons. YOU (Believers) will be Brought before Kings and Rulers for My (Jesus Christ’s) Name’s Sake. But it will turn out for YOU (Believers), as an Occasion for Testimony. Therefore Settle it in Your (Believers) Hearts NOT to meditate, beforehand, on what YOU (Believers) will answer; for I (Jesus Christ) will Give YOU (Believers) a Mouth (Through The Holy Spirit) and Wisdom (Through The Holy Spirit), which All Your (Believers) Adversaries (Unbelievers) will NOT be able to Contradict OR Resist. YOU (Believers) will be BETRAYED even by Parents and Brothers, Relatives and Friends; and they (Unbelievers) will Put Some of YOU (Believers) to DEATH. And YOU (Believers) will be HATED by All, for My (Jesus Christ’s) Name’s Sake. But NOT a Hair of Your (Believers) Head, shall be Lost. By Your (Believers) Patience, Possess Your (Believers) Souls.” FULL POST

Posted 3/4/16 at 3:06 PM | Stan Arney

Daniel’s Vision And John’s Vision

Daniel 7:1-8

In The First Year of Belshazzar King of Babylon, Daniel had a Dream and Visions of his head while on his bed. Then he (Daniel) wrote down the Dream, telling the main facts. Daniel spoke, saying, “I (Daniel) saw in My Vision by night, and behold, The Four Winds of Heaven were stirring up The Great Sea. And Four Great Beasts came up from the Sea, each different from the other. The First was like a Lion, and had Eagle’s Wings. I (Daniel) watched till its Wings were plucked off; and it was Lifted Up from the Earth and made to Stand on Two Feet like a Man, and a Man’s Heart was given to it (The Lion). “And suddenly Another Beast, a Second, like a Bear. It was Raised Up on One Side, and had Three Ribs in its Mouth between its Teeth. And they (The Four Winds of Heaven) said thus to it (The Bear): ‘Arise, Devour much flesh!’ “After this I (Daniel) looked, and there was Another, like a Leopard, which had on its Back, Four Wings of a Bird. The Beast (The Leopard) also had Four Heads, and Dominion was given to it (The Leopard). “After this I (Daniel) saw in the Night Visions, and behold, a Fourth Beast, Dreadful and Terrible, Exceedingly Strong. It (The Fourth Beast) had huge Iron Teeth; it (The Fourth Beast) was Devouring, Breaking in pieces, and Trampling the Residue with its Feet. It (The Fourth Beast) was different from All the Beasts that were before it (The Fourth Beast), and it (The Fourth Beast) had Ten Horns. I (Daniel) was considering the Horns, and there was Another Horn, a Little One, Coming Up among them (The Ten Horns), before whom Three of The First Horns were Plucked Out by the Roots. And there, in This Horn (The Little Horn), were Eyes like The Eyes of a Man, and a Mouth Speaking Pompous Words. FULL POST

Posted 3/4/16 at 12:58 PM | Neil Vermillion

Praising Even When It Hurts

So many times in our life we encounter trials, obstacles, and struggles. While this is nothing new, it's certainly not enjoyable. And so we work to learn the lessons needed in order to benefit from these experiences, and we do the best we can. But what could also help us in these times of difficulty? Is there something else we could do? Is there more?

Perhaps the greatest thing we could do, in addition to learning the necessary lessons to be gained, is to embrace and enjoy the process as much as is realistically possible. Not every encounter will be fun, but the more we are able to enjoy the process the more we will be able to grow and endure, in spite of the hardships.

But how does one go about enjoying this kind of process? Even with a foreknowledge of future events, and a confidence of a greater hope yet awaiting us, the adversity we experience is still very real, still very difficult. So how can we learn to enjoy and endure difficult seasons?

Perhaps the best way is to enter into praise. Praise provides a way for us to embrace and endure trials.  We can praise with our mouth, we can praise with our actions, we can praise in our minds, we can praise in song, among many other forms of praise. The good thing about the act of praise is that it is also an act of our will, not necessarily of our emotions, feelings, or circumstances. And with this understanding, we are able to enter in to praise as a matter of our individual, God-given will, as a matter of choice. FULL POST

Posted 3/3/16 at 5:20 AM | Stan Arney

Nothing Can Separate Us, From The Love of God Almighty

Romans 8:31-39

What then shall We (Jesus’ Disciples) say to These Things? If God (God Almighty) is for Us (Believers), who can be against Us (Believers)? He (God Almighty) who did NOT Spare His (God Almighty’s) Own Son (Jesus Christ), but Delivered Him (Jesus Christ) Up (Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion) for Us All (Mankind), how shall He (God Almighty) NOT with Him (Jesus Christ) also Freely Give Us (Believers) All Things? Who shall bring a Charge against God’s (God Almighty’s) Elect (Believers)? It is God (God Almighty) who Justifies. Who is He (Jesus Christ) who Condemns? It is Christ (Jesus Christ) who Died (Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion), and furthermore is also Risen (Jesus Christ’s Resurrection), who is even at The Right Hand of God (God Almighty), who also makes Intercession for Us (Believers). Who shall Separate Us (Believers) from The Love of Christ (Jesus Christ)? Shall Tribulation, or Distress, or Persecution, or Famine, or Nakedness, or Peril, or Sword? As it is Written: “For Your (Jesus Christ’s) Sake, We (Believers) are killed all day long; We (Believers) are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.” Yet in All These Things, We (Believers) are more than Conquerors, through Him (Jesus Christ) who Loved Us (Believers). For I (Paul) am Persuaded, that neither Death nor Life, nor Angels nor Principalities nor Powers, nor Things Present nor Things To Come, nor Height nor Depth, nor ANY Other Created Thing, Shall be able to SEPARATE Us (Believers), from The Love of God (God Almighty), which is in Christ Jesus, Our Lord. FULL POST

Posted 3/2/16 at 10:52 PM | Stan Arney

The Abomination Of Desolation

Matthew 24:15-28

“Therefore when YOU (Believers) SEE The ‘Abomination of Desolation,’ Spoken of by Daniel, The Prophet, Standing in The Holy Place” [Whoever (Believers) READS, Let Him (Believers) UNDERSTAND], “then let those who are in Judea FLEE to the mountains. Let him who is on the housetop NOT go down to take ANYTHING out of his house. And let him who is in the field NOT go back to get his clothes. But WOE to those who are Pregnant and to those who are Nursing Babies in Those Days! And Pray that Your Flight may NOT be in Winter OR on The Sabbath. For then there will be Great Tribulation, such as has NOT been since The Beginning of The World until This Time, NO, nor EVER shall be. And unless Those Days were Shortened, NO Flesh would be SAVED; but for The Elect’s (Believers) Sake Those Days will be Shortened. “Then if ANYONE says to YOU (Believers), ‘Look, here is The Christ!’ or ‘There!’ do NOT believe it. For false christs and false prophets will Rise and Show Great Signs and Wonders to DECEIVE, if possible, even The Elect (Believers). See, I (Jesus Christ) have Told YOU (Believers) Beforehand. “Therefore if they (Unbelievers) say to YOU (Believers), ‘Look, He (Jesus Christ) is in the desert!’ do NOT go out; or ‘Look, He (Jesus Christ) is in the inner rooms!’ do NOT believe it. For as the lightning comes from the East and flashes to the West, so also will The Coming of The Son of Man (Jesus Christ) be. For wherever the carcass is, there the eagles will be gathered together. FULL POST

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