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Posted 9/15/16 at 2:20 PM | Caleb Dexter

Finding Faith

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“I don’t know.”

“I will never know.”

“Perhaps I am lost.”

“Perhaps I have fallen.”

These are the words of a German doctor, Mr. Winston. He had found himself in a depressiveness that lasted four years after a considerably terrible mistake. Mr. Winston was viewed as a great man with many friends and fantastic wealth and a man of faith. He was a strong example of a Christian. He attended church every Sunday, loved all people, fed the homeless, and did all he could to be a splitting image of the teachings of Christ. Upon an unfortunate turn of events in which he created, Winston lost his confidence for his devoted spiritual path. He felt hopeless and lost. He went throughout the days in mourn for how gravely he disappointed God. Winston still gathered amongst the congregation, but no matter how fine the service would go or how many private sessions he booked with the pastor, he would always be met by a sense of failure as he beset his spirit with gloom. His spark of hope was no more. It is amazing how much a downfall can consume one’s internal being. It is amazing the days one can spend pondering on what could have been done correctly, and how much they long for a chance to do it over again. FULL POST

Posted 9/15/16 at 1:43 PM | Karen Farris

The Music Journey

 No matter what decade you were born, music has always been playing in the background.

While driving, I was listening to talk radio. The discussion turned to music, and the commentator noted that Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit was 20 years old. She remembered buying the CD as a teen and now every time she hears it she recalls exactly where she was and how she felt at the time.

Music just has that kind of power. I had a two-hour drive ahead, why not go back in time? I switched to a classic rock station and let the miles bring musical memories.

Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac) started the FM commercial-free set. I turned it up and opened the sun roof. A glorious day for a drive. Since no one could hear me, I sang along, remembering my restless older-teen years.

The raucous You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet (Bachman-Turner Overdrive) followed and had been a fitting theme song for our high school football team on their way to earning a state title. Next up, I recalled my first job in the local music store when I was selling Elton John’s double-album, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. FULL POST

Posted 9/8/16 at 11:59 AM | Karen Farris

Life is Short, So Go Long

Mother and daughter sat together in the special room used for discussing medical options. The news of terminal cancer had already been delivered and now plans were being made for the time remaining.

No one wants these meetings, but they happen every day.

When they were alone again, the mom took her daughter’s hand and asked “We know how I’m doing, but how are you doing?” A dying mom wondering how her daughter will fare with such devastating news. In truth, the daughter was more scared than she’d ever been.

The treatment options would hopefully extend her life by a year, and this determined mom would make the most of it. And she did.

Every chemo infusion became an excuse for a party. She and her daughter would bring party hats and small gifts to share with other patients. Even her doctors and nurses had to wear party hats. Fear was not invited to the parties. FULL POST

Posted 8/23/16 at 8:17 PM | Brittney Moses

5 Mentalities That Are Holding You Back in Life

In the world of Cognitive Psychology, which is the specialty of my interest, there are about 15 known thinking distortions common to so many of us- myself included.

Cognitive Distortions are essentially when your structure of thinking is flawed in it’s reasoning. Cognition is how your mind processes events and interprets your reality. A distortion is when something is twisted out of becoming no longer true or accurate. So when you think cognitive distortions we’re saying potentially destructive thoughts that have twisted the way you’re seeing your present situation. We develop this way of thinking in life many times when we’re anxious and fear clouds our judgment or we're captive to a low esteem. David Burns has popularized the labels that I’m listing that Psychology has adopted today.

So I’m going to help give you 5 mentalities that may be holding you back in hopes that we can recognize and untwist unhealthy thinking to live free and highly functioning lives! FULL POST

Posted 8/8/16 at 7:16 PM | Mark Ellis

Christian teen saved 18 refugees in Aegean Sea, became Olympic swimmer

Yusra Madrini

By Mark Ellis

When her overloaded refugee boat broke down between Turkey and Greece last year, a Syrian teen and her sister jumped into frigid Aegean waters and used ropes to tow the boat to safety, saving 18 lives. Incredibly, her survival allowed her to became part of the 2016 Olympic competition in swimming as part of the refugee team.

“In Syria I worked in a swimming pool to watch people not drowning, so if I let anyone drown or die I would not forgive myself,” Yusra Mardini, 18, told People Magazine about her harrowing journey.

Mardini grew up in Damascus, the daughter of a swim coach, who began training her at three-years-old. When she got a little older, she began to swim for the Syrian national team and received support from the Syrian Olympic Committee. Her talent in the pool showed amazing promise.

But when the Syrian civil war broke out in 2011, her competitive swimming lane evaporated. She was only 13. FULL POST

Posted 7/26/16 at 9:27 AM | selwyn perry



The earth in space turns its face away from sun's warm light

And wintery winds begin to blow with all their might,

Ice forms on lakes and seas

And nothing stirs in woods or trees;

Nights are longer than the days

As earth tilts from light to black bleak space

Save the moon who holds sun's light

And shines on earth's deep dark night.

Lord, winter's fierce forcce and power

Your might controls and quells

For the earth is Yours and all who in it dwells.

Posted 7/7/16 at 5:15 AM | Lara Sen

5 Things Parents Should Teach Teens About Car Safety

Parents want to keep their children safe, but they can’t always stop them from doing dangerous things. This is why driver’s licenses present such an issue. You want to say no, but you also can’t keep them young forever. Thankfully, you can help ease this milestone by teaching your children about vehicle safety.

You won’t be able to control everything your teens do when they drive, but you can teach them about the importance of safety. Overall, you should strive to lead by example and pass along valuable lessons.

On that note, here are some lessons to consider teaching your teens in the near future:

1. Locking the Door Upon Entering

Did you know you should lock your doors immediately upon entering your vehicle? If your teen hasn’t been taught this, or hasn’t seen you lock your doors consistently, then they probably won’t do so either. Teach them to lock their doors, as this could ensure their safety when pulling out of a dark parking lot or stopping at a red light.

2. Driving a Safe Vehicle

You may provide your teen with their first car, but they’ll purchase another one eventually. They probably don’t care what you consider to be a good color, make, or model, but you should teach them how to buy a safe car. Top safety features include an anti-lock brake system, electronic stability control, rear view camera, adaptive cruise control, and side impact airbags. These will help them better control the vehicle and offer protection in the event of an accident. FULL POST

Posted 7/6/16 at 3:35 PM | Greg Holt

The Value of Friends

Some friends are with us a long time
Others are part of our lives but a short time
Passing through leaving an indelible mark upon us

Cherish your friends and hold them close
We never know when a friend will pass from this life

Take time to let a friend know you love them
Take time to let them know you appreciate them
Tomorrow they may not be here
Tomorrow you may not be here

Friends are like gold, only better
Friends, true friends are hard to come by
They are to be cherished and enjoyed

A true friend will support you even when you are wrong
They may not agree with you…but they will not run away either
A true friend will tell you when you are wrong as well

True friends do not gossip, they do not bite you
A true friend has your back
Yes true friends are hard to come by

Be a true friend…warm someone’s heart
Support them when they need it
Be quite and present when they need that
Love them at all times…love them more when they are struggling FULL POST

Posted 7/6/16 at 3:48 AM | Joy Mali

Motivation Or Discipline: Which One's More Essential

You look at successful people and you wonder how they did it. You hear the stories about the successful man or woman who grew up with nothing and somehow managed to end up a millionaire. You see the successful restaurateur who parlayed a food cart into a chain of restaurants and you wonder how it was done. You hear that anyone can make something of themselves if they just try. But trying isn’t all of it, is it? These successful people must have something more and they do, but it isn’t something you don’t have, it’s something they developed.


One thing successful people have is motivation. They have something that causes them to act. It could be simply refusing to live in poverty forever. It could be that they want their parents to be proud of them or they wanted to be the first in their family to own a business or become the head of a company. Just like the children that are the first in their family to graduate from high school or college, people that are successful started out with a goal or a vision. There was something in their lives that was missing or that made them unhappy or discontented and they sought to change it. FULL POST

Posted 7/2/16 at 1:38 PM | Lenita Reeves

If I told you Jesus was a purpose underdog would you believe me?

I Am Book Cover
Copyright 2016 Purposehouse Publishing

If I told you Jesus was a purpose underdog would you believe me? He didn't have Paul's education, he wasn't married like the Apostle Peter and he didn't have a grand palace like Solomon. The Pharisees looked down on him but he still declared, "I Am."

Like Jesus, there comes a time in your purpose journey when it is necessary to declare who God says you are. The Divine Purpose Manifesto book is a declaration–a manifesto–of who we are in Christ. It is inspired by the “I Am” statements of Jesus and grounded in the reality of Sonship that Jesus purchased for us with his own blood.

This book is not about prosperity as overachieving but living like Jesus and fulfilling purpose. If that's your desire, this book is for you. Here are a few questions that will give you more insight about the book:

1. What is the primary benefit, above all others, that your potential reader will gain from reading this book?

Readers will discover the key strategy Jesus used to fulfill purpose and overcome naysayers, haters and lack of support from his own family and townsmen. Despite the winds of life pressing against them, they will be empowered to run into the arms of destiny—full speed ahead. FULL POST

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