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Posted 6/2/16 at 8:18 AM | Chris Fedorcek

The Battle is Not Yours

Life has a funny way of throwing things at us when we least expect it. Maybe it’s a blown engine, the loss of a job, a death of someone close to us or a diagnosis that wasn’t expected. For many, especially men, our first response is, “What do I need to do to fix it?” There’s an obvious problem so therefore there must be a solution, something that I can do, to overcome whatever has been put in front of our path.

Too often we try to lean on our own strength or head knowledge to overcome something or provide a need that only a loving Father in heaven can provide. I love 2 Chronicles 20:15 when the Lord tells Jehoshaphat, “Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God’s.” He continues in verse 17 to say, “You do not have to fight this battle. Position yourselves, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord. He is with you, Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid or discouraged. Tomorrow, go out and face them, for the Lord is with you.”

You see, regardless of the fight that is ahead of you, the posture of our heart must remain focused on and confident in the Lord that his provision will come through and that it will sustain us. One of the struggle points to remember is that His answer, His provision, may not always look like what we imagine in our mind, but His response is the perfect response based upon His will, not ours. FULL POST

Posted 5/19/16 at 3:49 PM | Karen Farris

Leave it Behind

I love beach walks; the salt air clears my mind. It’s also my go-to place when I’m thinking about those who are struggling. I have a friend whose journey is filled with anguish. Her future could get better, but she can’t seem to move forward. I can relate.

Some people get frozen in bitterness, others are weighed down with regrets. For me it was self-loathing. For her, it’s debilitating sadness.

For some, moving forward into the unknown seems worse than staying someplace unhealthy. But for things to get better, change has to happen, even when it’s hard and a bit scary.

They say that the things that break us can make us better people. But who wants to be broken?

Well, at the beach we can take a lesson from the crab.

As a crab grows it must periodically shed its hard shell. Keeping the old one isn’t an option. Shed it or die. FULL POST

Posted 5/16/16 at 9:59 PM | Chris Fedorcek

All In

"Therefore, submit to God. But resist the Devil, and he will flee from you." (James 4:7 HCSB)

Let's be honest and take down the facade for just a few moments today...some days are hard! There are days that I don't feel like putting my best foot forward and days I wonder why God called me in to ministry. There are days I sincerely question if I am accurately reflecting the peace, love, grace and joy of Christ within me. I often feel as though for many followers of Christ we tend to run our "me and Jesus" relationship at about a 60/40 ratio, with the majority being a self-centered, convenient form of what we justify as the Christian life.I would say, for many, that on a good day we run about 90/10, which in theory sounds good right? I mean, that 90%, that's passing...that's an A!

Here's the thing, I don't recall reading anywhere in scripture that we are called to submit part of our life to Christ. Christ didn't give bits and pieces of Himself for us when it was convenient for Him. Christ fully submitted all of Himself to the Father so that we may walk in freedom and be covered by His grace. Just as Christ was called to be all in, we are called to be all in, one-hundred percent, one-hundred percent of the time. Living a life for Christ isn't a 50/50 relationship that involves mutual submission. Living for Christ is submitting all of you for all of Him. It's giving up complete control; our thoughts, our actions and our words and allowing the Spirit of God to reflect out of our hearts to the atmosphere and people around us. FULL POST

Posted 5/3/16 at 8:17 PM | Greg Holt

Lord Lead Us

Lord Lead Us

Where does your heart live – do you live for now, or the future? Or are you caught up in yesterday? Where we live is not so important as how we live – where our hearts reside.

It is so easy in this fast paced world to get caught up the rush of life losing what the reality of our lives should be.

Lord lead us back to You.

The day starts with good intentions and becomes over-whelmed with busy. Work intrudes its ugly head with that ‘gotta get it done’ problem. The car broke down – our child is in trouble – the furnace just died.

Lord lead us back to You.

We mean to read the Bible but just don’t get to it. We mean to pray – pray for that one person that really needs it – for our country, but prayer gets forgotten in the ‘to do list’.

Lord lead us back to You.

Let us resolve to make today different – today let us take that time – time to read the Word of God. Let us take the time to pray, not only for others, as we should – but to thank the Lord for His goodness towards us. FULL POST

Posted 4/29/16 at 4:11 PM | Mark Ellis

Ecuador: Rescue dog that saved seven earthquake victims goes to heaven

Ibarra Fire Dept. Facebook page

By Mark Ellis

A four-year-old Golden Labrador Retriever that helped save earthquake victims trapped under rubble died from heatstroke while performing his duties.

Dayko, a valuable member of the fire department’s K9 unit, was part of a search-and-rescue team searching for survivors following the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit coastal Ecuador, about 100 miles from Quito, according to the Washington Post.

Dayko was invaluable crawling through the debris and rubble, sniffing out survivors. Amazingly, he was able to save seven people before his own death.

The Ibarra fire department said Friday that Dayko died from heatstroke after local veterinarians desperately tried to save the animal, according to the Washington Post.

The department said an autopsy showed he died after suffering a massive heart attack and acute respiratory failure. FULL POST

Posted 4/28/16 at 4:06 PM | Karen Farris

Stretching the Limits

Mount Storm King in the Olympics is a quick but intense climb since it’s 1200 feet of elevation per mile. But the last 500 feet truly test your limits.

It was Christmas Day, and as a gift to myself, I wanted to hike to the top.

The Very Top.

Beyond the end-of-trail warning sign, ropes are securely (?) tied to outcroppings enabling the fearless to climb to the summit.

From there one can see the entire glacier-fed Lake Crescent and beyond to the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the watery dividing line between the United States and Canada.

A bonus on this Christmas Day climb, was fresh snow on the rugged summit. So, Tommy, my son and official Storm King guide, and I laid fresh boot tracks through a couple feet of snow. FULL POST

Posted 4/7/16 at 1:33 PM | Karen Farris

The Last Walk

Of course I didn’t realize it at the time. Things were too chaotic. In the long chapter titled, “mothering a young child”, time is elusive. Up hours before dawn to get some work done, then a rush to get work done during naptime.

Then it’s playtime, dinner time, story time before bedtime, and prized moments of my-time before it begins again.

For a break, we’d taken a weekend to visit my mom—which meant an interminably long drive with a squirming child.

Mom’s rustic cabin seemed timeless nestled in its wooded acres—and it was a child’s paradise with new things to see and touch. Including a beach with waves, shells, seagulls and miles of shoreline.

It was cold and wet—but that didn’t matter when the beach was waiting to be explored. Soon our pockets were laden with the rock and shell treasures our little girl found. I didn’t stop to wonder if she’d would remember this day. Would I even remember it? FULL POST

Posted 3/30/16 at 7:05 AM | Ruchi Gupta

Top five powerful persons of the world 2015.

Many people dreams of becoming powerful. Many try and achieve it in a negative way while many opt for the hard but positive way. Becoming powerful in a positive way in your neighbourhood becomes a difficult task. Imagine how the following list of people has made their way into being the world’s most powerful.
The list of top five powerful people:

Vladimir Putin: Yes the President of Russia seems to acquire the first most position in this list. He is obviously a man of powers, and he proves it by doing whatever he feels like. He is not afraid of the consequences as he very easily manages to escape from them. One example to prove this point would be that he managed to bomb the ISIS forces in Syria in October. Then he went and met President Assad, face-to-face. This made the United States and NATO successfully look weak. He definitely managed to re-build the Russian influence in an International level.

Angela Merkel: The German Chancellor Angela Merkel, very successfully managed to keep herself on this list for last 10 years. She definitely has that X factor in her that allows her to stay on this list without any problem. Let us take one example why she deserves to be on this list. She has very successfully omitted a recession during an immense economic crisis which was global. She gave out stimulus packages and various efficient government subsidies for companies which allowed cutting of hours for workers. She is also helping Greece revive its economy. FULL POST

Posted 3/24/16 at 7:01 PM | Mark Ellis

Brussels attack: Americans’ lives spared because they stopped for a snack

ABC News
Dr. Billiet (left) with friend Laura Harper

By Mark Ellis

Two American Christian friends from Alabama would have been at the check-in counter at the Brussels airport when a massive bomb exploded nearby, but were delayed a few crucial minutes by stopping for a snack on the way to the airport.

Dr. Laura Billiet, an internal medicine specialist, was dropping off her friend Laura Harper at the airport when they heard an explosion—the first of the two that rocked the airport early Tuesday.

Dr. Billiet has been living in Brussels temporarily with her family. She and Harper have been friends since elementary school in Huntsville, Alabama. Harper had come to visit Dr. Billiet because her youngest son was being baptized, according to

They were running a few minutes late after Dr. Billiet’s brother-in-law had asked to stop for croissants on the way to the airport. FULL POST

Posted 3/24/16 at 2:36 PM | Christian Post Guest Voices

What to Do When You Feel Disconnected From God

Although heartbreaking and brutal, the death of Jesus is hands down the most beautiful act of love this world has ever seen. And while the scriptures paint a beautifully epic timeline of this event, there is one part that has always seemed to create curiosity within my heart—the time of God’s silence while Jesus was on the cross.

“When Jesus had tasted it, he said, “It is finished!” Then he bowed his head and released his spirit.”—John 19:30 

Why was God silent? Where did he Go? Why did he forsake Jesus?

My wife and I discussed this section of the scriptures, only to find ourselves having been both confused as a child, curious as to why God would leave his son alone on the cross.

At about three o’clock, Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” which means “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?”—Matthew 27:46 FULL POST

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