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Posted 4/28/15 at 10:24 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Marriage: I'm Glad I Waited

I have not been this nervous to write a blog post in a long time. Where do I start? How do I begin? I guess at the beginning.

The past 3 years I have been writing to you about relationships, and how waiting for the right one was the best decision you could make. Waiting on God’s timing, and waiting for peace, and waiting for real love, and waiting for marriage. There are so many things to wait for, and in our microwave generation, it’s just so hard. I’ve been telling you God’s ways are best, not knowing when or if or how my own story would work out.

About three weeks ago, I married Michael. (No, I don’t have pictures yet; I’m just as anxious as you are to see them tho!!:) I am 29 years old. I waited. We waited. Not as long as maybe some of you, and longer than maybe some of you, but we waited nonetheless, and I shared my journey with you while I did. I trusted that after all that I have poured out from my heart to you, that one day, I would be able to say, “God is right” and “It is worth it.” Well, today is that day, and I am so excited to write this post about waiting, and why we did. FULL POST

Posted 4/24/15 at 7:57 AM | Karen Kramer

Three Life-Changing Words

It started out as a girlfriend word game over coffee—trying to think of three-word sentences that we hear a lot. “I love you” topped all our lists. We had some fun:

Just stop it.

I gained weight.

I hate that.

My boss sucks.

I am broke.

You did what?

I got fired.

Life is tough.

She is cute.

We laughed and then the conversation turned to kids, life’s struggles, and some of the victories along the way. As I drove home, I thought about some three-word sentences that had changed my life.

In college, I became friends with an amazingly loving guy who said:

You are beautiful.

Three simple words. But this wasn’t about any outward appearances; it was about being loved. Words can bring love, affirmation, and acceptance. I believed him when he said: FULL POST

Posted 4/24/15 at 7:14 AM | Michael Bresciani

Why “Love” Does Not Justify “Gay Marriage”

When blog trolls and the generally disgruntled leave the safety and anonymity of the blogs to email me and curse and complain I know I have touched a nerve. One such article entitled “Pop Culture Trends are not Morality – What Christians Actually Hate will Surprise You” brought email responses complete with un-refined language and long diatribes about how the perversion of “gay marriage’ is perfectly justifiable.

One of the more common arguments which has been replayed a thousand times is the notion that “love” is all that is needed to greenlight or justify gay unions or “gay marriage.” When writing to ministers of the gospel, people rarely mention the lusts that drive them, but more often than not they engage the “love” word to explain their basest compunction. How can a minister refuse the word, how can he argue with the greatest command of all the scriptures?

Working the idea of love into a wicked lifestyle, or much worse, using the scriptures to justify a sin is nothing new. For thousands of years it has drawn in the scripturally un-grounded who think a little use of the Bible is all that is needed to sweeten the pot of seething lust and immorality. This is why Peter addressed this particular proclivity in no uncertain terms. Peter, speaking of Paul’s letters to the churches said… FULL POST

Posted 4/21/15 at 5:55 PM | Trace Embry

How Your Family Can Change the Culture

MTV may be the closest thing to a societal moral standard this generation has ever known.

Think of it this way; today’s generation does not know of a time in America beyond the Bill Clinton years.

Picture Provided by Janine

More Declination

Today’s immoral culture is the logical outworking of the worldview birthed in the 1960’s.

Then in the 1980’s, when MTV was launched, teens began to embrace their rebellious hearts in a more prevalent way.

Today’s parents and grandparents are from the generations that began to eradicate the idea of morality. This has provided today’s teens with a culture that has no clue of what a moral culture should look like. FULL POST

Posted 4/21/15 at 11:01 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Top 10 Sex and Marriage Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

Marriage red flags–all of us have marriage issues, but how do you know if an issue crosses the line into dangerously weird territory?

I receive many emails from women in crisis, and today, on Top 10 Tuesday, I thought I’d share 10 marriage and sex red flags that really shouldn’t be ignored.

Often we don’t realize when something is off, because we’re new at this whole marriage thing, and most of us don’t share personal and intimate details with our friends. So how can you know if something that worries you is actually a red flag for something quite serious?

What is a Sex or Marriage Red Flag?

It means that this is a situation which will not get better by you being nicer, by you being more understanding, by you trying to talk it through with him, or by you being more patient.

This is something which is a serious issue that will likely require a third party, like a trained counselor or a pastor, to help you. FULL POST

Posted 4/18/15 at 2:20 PM | Edward Ridenour

BIBLICAL MARRIAGE and the Way A Male Sees A Female

There are a variety of measures in which to gauge the collective condition of the Christian church, which invariably reveals the condition of most individuals within it, professing Christ as Lord of their life.

Howbeit, there is only one authority, which provides the revelation and instruction of measurement for all to assess, as to whether one’s declaration of being a Christian is either valid, genuine, or not. That authority is God’s Word, the Bible. It is man’s revelation of his Savior and His expectations for living as a believer, as well as the recompense for that life lived.

Because the Bible’s revelation and instruction is based upon and focused toward individuals who are genuinely Spiritually regenerated, being endued with the empowerment to satisfy its expectations of living, there will undoubtedly be a distinction between those who are truly regenerated and those who are not (secular). That distinction, through Biblically acquired knowledge, should become more and more definitive the longer one lives on this earth, within that changed state. To live in that state is to live Biblical, holy. To live contrary to that state is to live unbiblical, unholy.

For those who do not know my teaching and theology of Biblical marriage, I present Biblical concepts as to what makes a Biblical marriage, as well as what violates it. One violation, defilement that the Bible addresses is adulterous fornication, which only occurs between males and females. This can occur physically or it can occur mentally (in the heart).

One very evident unbiblical condition that pervades Christendom, which nourishes this adultery, is how the male Christian sees a female.


Posted 4/14/15 at 7:22 PM | Trace Embry

Two Signs that Our Nation is Declining

It’s no secret. In our culture, many claim that our nation is declining.

In today’s post, I’d like to present two signs that our nation may actually be declining.

Picture Provided By Thomas Mues

First, one of the clearest signs is the fading of moral standards.

Teenagers today literally have no understanding of America and the moral values it was founded on.

One eye opening idea I discuss with the parents at Shepherd’s Hill Academy is this:

The average college-aged American has no recollection of life prior to the Bill Clinton years!

I’m not putting Bill Clinton down in any way; it was America who voted for him. It revealed that as a nation we prioritized our economy over our morality.

This second sign reveals there is a disconnect between morality and ultimate prosperity. FULL POST

Posted 4/10/15 at 8:08 AM | Karen Kramer

Fast Lane Living

Despite all the years, she still looked good and kept herself in top shape, running nearly every day. She loved life in the fast lane—and all the things that accompanied fast lane living. There were plenty of rumors about her checkered past, but she never talked, so no one knew for sure how much was true.

As she made her way around town, her sexy and sleek features could make heads turn, especially when she deliberately broke the rules. But she wasn’t a fool. She played by the book when authority figures were around.

She’d never been the jealous type either. She didn’t care about anyone’s looks but her own. She just wished that time would slow down.

She may not have looked that much older, but she felt it. She got tired more easily and it seemed that youthful upstarts were gaining ground. FULL POST

Posted 4/7/15 at 5:37 PM | Trace Embry

How to Prevent Your Teen From Making Foolish Decisions

The reason it seems like teens make foolish decisions is because they do.

The reason it seems teens don’t equate action and consequences is because they cant.

Picture Provided by Garrett Coakley

There is no sugar coating it. Teens will make foolish decisions, and at times they will fail to link actions to consequences.

But why is this?

One reason for this is because the frontal lobe in a teenage brain is not fully developed until he/she is 25 years of age.

The frontal lobe is the area of the brain that links, or reasons, actions to consequences.

This is why parents must help their teens by properly enforcing consistent boundaries.

The mistake that many adults in today’s culture make—is to give too many liberties to a generation that cannot handle them prudently. FULL POST

Posted 4/7/15 at 8:14 AM | Karen Kramer

Our Sexual Epidemic

April is STD Awareness Month and today’s sexually active people need to be reminded about the consequences of sexually transmitted diseases. Having multiple sexual partners exponentially increases the STD infection odds.

Condoms are touted for their latex protection against STDs. Yet, in recent Planned Parenthood (the government-funded abortion provider) surveys, nearly 60% of women rarely or never ask their partner to use condoms.

And 95% of women didn’t use condom protection during oral sex. Two of the most contagious and incurable STDs can be transmitted orally—Herpes Simplex II and the Human papillomavirus (the one that causes 99% of all cervical cancers). HPV has also been linked to throat cancer and anal cancer.

Also spread orally are gonorrhea and chlamydia—both treatable—but in the case of chlamydia it is often detected after serious damage has been done to the woman’s reproductive organs. It remains a leading cause of infertility.


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