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Posted 1/27/15 at 10:48 PM | Bethany Christian Services

Giving Katharine the World

Robyn was a single parent with a young daughter; working, going to school, and living with her best friend when she became pregnant again.

Shocked and scared, she knew she could not parent a second child.

“Abortion was out of the question,” Robyn said. Considering adoption, Robyn started praying and asked God to send her a sign on where to go.

With her mother’s help, Robyn began researching adoption options. When a friend of her mother’s mentioned Bethany Christian Services, Robyn remembered how kind the people at the Hattiesburg office were when she took parenting classes there during her first pregnancy. FULL POST

Posted 1/26/15 at 8:33 AM | Karen Kramer

One Million Dads

American Family Association, the sponsor of One Million Moms, has just launched a new website, One Million Dads (1MD).

By God’s design, men are to be the leaders. In an effort to educate and encourage men, One Million Dads will provide resources and support. One Million Dads is about learning how to be a better dad, or grandpa, or uncle—or just a God-honoring man in today’s ever-changing culture.

And men don’t need to be fathers to join. Men need leadership skills to disciple others in their families, their churches, their workplace, and community. Stay connected men! Click on the Facebook link and on Twitter. Join today and make an impact with a group of men who share your values.

Posted 1/22/15 at 11:38 AM | Brian Wallace

How To Winterize Your Home

Winterizing is all about keeping the cold out and the warm in. Learn more about winterizing your home from this infographic.

Posted 1/19/15 at 11:38 AM | Shaunti Feldhahn

Husbands, Say “We’re Okay” Before Sleeping On It

Christian Post Blog, Marriage Monday Tip Of The Day from Shaunti Feldhahn

January 19, 2015

Welcome to Marriage Mondays! Each Monday, join me as I share my top findings on the little, eye-opening things that make a big difference in creating great marriages and relationships. Today’s post is one of a series on the surprising truths men and women tend not to know about each other–but which change everything once we do.

Tip #46: Husbands, say “we’re okay” before sleeping on it

Guys, there you are, late at night, in the middle of an argument, exhausted, frustrated-- and still going at it, because you’ve been advised, “Don’t go to bed mad.” You are so tired you don’t even know what you’re thinking right then, much less how to magically get happy again, so you can go to bed. And your blood pressure is rising because every time you say “we need to sleep on it,” your wife looks panicky and says “No, we need to resolve it!” FULL POST

Posted 1/16/15 at 8:12 AM | Karen Kramer

Sanctity of Human Life Begins at Home

                              Sanctity of Human Life Sunday: January 18, 2015

“I was 18 years old when I found myself pregnant. I was a sophomore in college, living up to the expectations of my family. Then came the night when I bought a pregnancy test and my life shifted completely. Many girls find themselves there, in a place where they aren’t ready to be. It’s then that you come to realize how the choices you have made were hurting you, but it’s too late to change. I searched for an easy way out and found my answer. Abortion seemed like the way to go; I wouldn’t disappoint anyone. My religious family wouldn’t have to know I had sinned. I could go on living my life as if nothing had happened. Only after my experience did I realize how much more pain I caused myself. Now I’m 20 and only be sheer will power do I keep going. Those who support abortion would probably call me a success. I’m a college graduate on my way to a Masters degree. I didn’t lose out on life because of an unplanned pregnancy. But now I suffer in a different way. Every day I feel the pain I suffered and it takes great effort to continue living. I think of my ‘other’ life each time I see a child, knowing the price I have paid for my choice. I wish that I could have had someone in my life to give me better advice, to explain the consequences of my action. Abortion is not the easy way out, and I hope that more girls will receive counseling so they can make an educated choice. I will be living with my mistake for the rest of my life, my wish is that other girls won’t do the same.” FULL POST

Posted 1/16/15 at 8:05 AM | Karen Kramer

Puberty Plight

Opal had worked the front desk of the elementary school for nearly five decades. Long past retirement age, this was not work; it was her life.

Fresh out of secretarial school back in the early-sixties, she found a position at a brand new school in the quiet community she loved.

Having been the school secretary for such a span had given Opal the chance to enroll kids in Kindergarten and watch them throughout their early schooling—and then have some of them bring their own kids to enroll years later.

In the last of couple decades she’d seen a darker side too—child custody issues, abuse, and drugs. But for Opal, it was still her life and even though she saw the brokenness, the pieces were real children, and they were precious to her.

Yet, one thing was an enigma to her—why were the girls seemingly getting older so much faster? She remembered in the early years how the school district nurse would gather the 6th grade girls, mostly 12 year olds, and explain puberty—and all of the changes to come. It was done quietly and respectfully. FULL POST

Posted 1/14/15 at 10:03 AM | Trace Embry

How to Properly Love a Teen

One common problem my team and I have observed in working with families all across America at Shepherd’s Hill Academy, is the parents faulty understanding of love.

Love is often defined as primarily emotions, or that “warm fuzzy” feeling. However, God has a different definition of love.

I often teach in our parent conferences that God’s definition of love is both positive and negative; much like a car battery.

To most, the warm fuzzy emotion side of love is the positive side. However, there is also a negative side to love, the tough side. Love and discipline are not mutually exclusive.

Continuing with the car battery analogy, both positive and negative sides must work in conjunction in order to be fully charged.

I don’t think many parents would have a problem with practically applying the positive side of love to their teen. FULL POST

Posted 1/13/15 at 8:21 AM | Ann Frailey

Hiding Behind Our Bodies

I recently read an excerpt from a famous person’s blog which stated that she had never been comfortable with her body and had resorted to plastic surgery to make herself more attractive. I don’t name the celebrity simply because the story is all to familiar. I know of countless individuals who aren’t famous and feel the need to “change” something to make themselves more attractive. Is that a problem? The cosmetic industry might not think so. Nor any industry built around our insecurities and fears.

As I enter into my fifties, I am faced with the undeniable fact that I am getting old. My hair started turning white years ago. I colored it when I was younger…my husband used to joke that he married me under false pretenses. But as I had children, I dropped anything I saw as a possible danger to the well-being of my children – including pouring strong chemicals on my head. As my hair has turned more and more white, I have been reminded by well meaning family members that I could color my hair… I smile at the thought. No, I’ve decided that I am brave enough to be white headed. After raising kids for eighteen years, home schooling for thirteen, suffering through the sickness and death of my husband, and praying continuously for the relief of my country torn by factionalism, and our world torn by hatred, I feel like I have earned every thread of grey. FULL POST

Posted 1/12/15 at 6:35 PM | Anna Diehl

Dealing with the Death of a Spouse

When you lose a spouse, it’s like you are forced onto a train of grief processing. That train is going to carry you on a long journey from devastation to healing and peace. Along the way it’s going to stop at many stations: guilt, denial, anger, depression. Whenever the train stops at one of those stations, you will feel temporarily stalled. But if you stay on the train, it will start moving again. No stop is permanent until the train reaches its final destination, which is internal healing and peace.

Now the key for you is to stay on the train. Whenever it stops at a station, you have the option of getting off and permanently wallowing in those feelings. The train won’t continue on its journey without you, so if you decide to set up permanent residence at one of those grim stations, you’ll never reach the destination that God wants you to reach: that of complete internal healing and peace.

In this post, we’re going to talk about some practical steps you can take to keep yourself on that train, continuously moving forward through the grief process. Station stops are inevitable, and you will have to do some pausing and feel some uncomfortable emotions. But if you stay on the train, those stops will only be temporary. FULL POST

Posted 1/12/15 at 5:09 PM | Shaunti Feldhahn

Wives, Think Before You Blurt!

Christian Post Blog, Marriage Mondays with Shaunti Feldhahn

January 12, 2015

Welcome to Marriage Mondays! Each Monday, join me as I share my top findings on the little, eye-opening things that make a big difference in creating great marriages and relationships. Today’s post is one of a series on the surprising truths that men and women tend not to know about each other–and which change everything once we do.

Tip #45: Wives, Think Before You Blurt!

As a child, each of us was told, “You’ve got to learn to think before you speak.” But I’ve seen we need to refine that edict if we want a great marriage: we’ve got to learn to think before we blurt! FULL POST

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