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Posted 7/14/17 at 12:06 PM | George Smith

Keep Your Children on the Right Path

For older generations, it can often be disheartening to see Millennials and younger generations fall away from their Christian faith due to outside influences in the world. From music videos to television shows, the media has managed to cause younger adults to stray from their faith over time. Although it can be difficult to stay faithful to God and focus on Him in a busy and chaotic culture, there are a few ways to stay on track and walk close to the Lord.

Avoid Distractions
One of the most common ways that the enemy likes to lead Christians astray from their faith is through distractions. Distractions keep us overly busy and make it difficult for us to find time to attend church or read the Word of God. It's important to recognize certain distractions that may be taking you away from your relationship with the Lord. Social media seems to be one of the main culprits and have caused both young adult and older adults to spend several hours each day scrolling through feeds and posts. Consider deleting your accounts or setting rules for yourself to avoid wasting precious time. Set a timer to ensure that you don't get distracted and can disconnect. FULL POST

Posted 6/28/17 at 12:10 PM | George Smith

Is Life Insurance Right for You?

Most of us don’t particularly like thinking about life insurance. Naturally, facing the prospect of our mortality is less-than-comfortable. Yet, having a life insurance plan is simply a responsible choice, a way for you to provide for your loved ones in the event of your death.

As you consider financial planning and planning for your future, life insurance may be an important piece of your and your family’s financial plan. Although there are certainly some drawbacks to purchasing life insurance, there are many benefits that are simply not available from other financial instruments. Some of these benefits are obvious, some less so.

The Advantages of Life Insurance
The most obvious benefit, as you are probably aware, is that in the event of the insured’s death, life insurance provides an infusion of cash to named beneficiaries. The theory is that if beneficiaries—generally a spouse or children—are negatively affected financially by the insured’s passing, life insurance will mitigate the financial effects, at least to some degree. To put it bluntly, if you pass unexpectedly, of course, your family will grieve, but at least they won’t have the burden of worrying about how to make the next mortgage payment. FULL POST

Posted 6/8/17 at 1:34 AM | George Smith

How the Rise of Online Mattress Companies Can Solve Sleep Problems for Married Couples

Once you are joined in holy matrimony, the Bible clearly states “what God has joined together, let no one separate.” However, things could become a bit tricky at bedtime since sleeping in the same bed may become a problem initially. If you are planning to get betrothed anytime soon, it might be worth taking a note of the following problems that newly married couples often experience while sleeping together, and why online mattress companies have the solution.

The most common problem is a snoring husband/wife. Invest in a bigger king size mattress so that he/she can shift during sleeping, as it has been proven that a different sleeping position often helps. Also, buy some special pillows to assist.

Tossing and Turning
Tossing and turning can be a normal sleeping habit for your partner but it will cause you to lose sleep. Opt for a bigger bed to allow him/her the freedom to move around and make sure that it’s a foam bed with low motion transfer. Alternatively, you can also buy a good quality mattress topper. FULL POST

Posted 6/5/17 at 12:33 AM | Lara Sen

Helpful Tips in Budgeting Family Expenses

Do you feel stressed about budgeting for your family? Managing finances for the family is quite a difficult job to handle. If finances are handled improperly, problems may arise and may lead to conflicts and broken relationship among family members.

Lack of discipline and right information about managing your family budget are root causes of financial problems. So, we prepared some helpful tips for you to avoid stress while budgeting for your family.

1. Write everything you earn and spend.
Keep a daily written record of the money that comes in and out. List down your income and expense items. This way, you can accurately see how much money you are getting and where you are spending them. When you know how to manage your money, you can make wiser and more practical choices.

2. Divide your income into different categories.
Specify your money according to its category. Allot money for fixed overhead expenses or what we call your basic needs such as rent, foods, car payment, and utilities. Don’t forget to put aside money for unexpected expenses like hospitalization and car repairs. Setting aside some of your money for long term savings will prepare you in the future especially when you retire. FULL POST

Posted 5/21/17 at 7:51 AM | George Smith

Guys Need Time With the Boys: Here’s Why

father son bonding

As a married man, there is no relationship more important than the one you share with your wife. However, just because you’re married, doesn’t mean you should shun all of your other relationships. There’s something incredibly powerful about being surrounded by other Christian men.

3 Reasons to Make Room for Guy Time

It doesn’t matter if you're looking at it from a secular perspective or a biblical point of view, men need to be surrounded by other men just as much as women benefit from being in the presence of other women. There’s something intrinsically woven into our DNA that encourages us to connect and bond with members of the same sex. But what exactly are the benefits of having “guy time?”

1. God Designed You to be in Relationship

When most people look at Genesis 2:18 – in which God tells Adam that it isn’t good for him to be alone – they assume that he’s talking about marriage. And while he is including marriage in this statement, the New Testament is also clear in multiple places that marriage isn’t for everyone. FULL POST

Posted 5/13/17 at 6:20 AM | George Smith

Top 10 Family Safe Cars in 2017

safest family cars 2017

Our Lord watches over us and protects us all, but sometimes we have to do more to protect ourselves. God is omnipotent and all-powerful but even a being as so powerful cannot be everywhere at the same time. In order to protect ourselves and our families, we have to do something by ourselves. If our fate is to go to the loving bosom of our Lord before our time on this Earth ends, then so be it. But if we are to extend our stay a bit longer we should look for ways of doing so.

Car safety is a very important part of the automotive industry. Accidents are growing and sometimes unforced human errors are to blame. But luckily, there are ways of diminishing the odds of getting into an accident or even enhance your chances of surviving and protecting yourself if an accident does happen.

That is why all the major car manufacturers do their utmost best to include the best kind of protection inside their vehicles. The features are much more important for a family vehicle. Some people will choose their family car only based on the amenities it has to offer to protect your family. Family safety comes first and a suitable vehicle would mean the world if it is able to protect us and our family well. FULL POST

Posted 5/12/17 at 6:14 PM | Sunny Shell

The Hands That Rock The Cradle, Heals or Hurts The World


Biblical parenthood.

There is a difference.

The well-known phrase, "The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world" is an abbreviated version of the refrain in a poem written by William Ross Wallace (1819-1881) that honors motherhood; but above what God decreed.

The second to the last stanza reads like this,

Woman, how divine your mission
 Here upon our natal sod!
 Keep, oh, keep the young heart open
 Always to the breath of God!
 All true trophies of the ages
 Are from mother-love impearled;
 For the hand that rocks the cradle
 Is the hand that rules the world.

A mother's love, acceptance, and discipline (or lack of all three) has an enormous impact on whether her children will learn between right and wrong. But she's neither the sole, nor sovereign influence on her children. How a father engages, or doesn't engage in his children's lives also plays a significant role on a child's demeanor. How a father treats his wife, teaches their children to respect or devalue women. How a father treats or speaks of those who have authority over him (father, church elder, employer, government officials, etc.) teaches children how to honor or deride their elders. How a mother speaks to or speaks about her husband, teaches their children to appreciate and respect authority, or feel entitled and dismiss them. Both the father's and mother's words as well as actions set the foundation for whether or not their children will be compelled to be lovers of self or lovers of God (Eph 6:4; Col 3:18-21). FULL POST

Posted 4/29/17 at 10:54 AM | George Smith

4 Best Places to Raise your Kids in the U.S.

raising kids in the us

During the course of our life, we move house at certain key stages: when we leave for college, when we get married, when we have kids and especially when kids reach school age. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American moves 12 times during his lifetime. One of the reasons why Americans move so much is searching for the right place to raise children, the others being related to the job market. Even if different criteria applies depending on the size and budget of the family, we made a short list of the most balanced communities. These places are walkable, they have good schools, low crime rates and many options for children’s activities:

1. Rockville, MD
Rockville is a diverse city with good transportation and healthcare systems and a developing business environment. It has one of the lowest poverty rates from the US and the median household income is nearly double the national average. But what makes it a great choice for parents is its public school system, as five of its high schools were included in America’s Best High Schools. Rockville has an 89% graduation rate and the local school system offers many magnet, charter, and subject-specific programs. FULL POST

Posted 4/6/17 at 3:04 PM | Karen Kramer

Porn Wins Marriage Loses

“My marriage was a complete lie.” my friend wrote.

I could sense the tears that came with those words. The beautiful beginning—complete with a flowing white gown, ring bearer and flower girl, had come to this twisted ending.

She then wrote, “We were doomed from the start, because I didn’t know what he was hiding.”

The story came out in staggering sentences. It’s one thing to sit on the other side of a table, reach across to hold a hand and offer a measure of comfort. It’s totally another to read the devastation, line by line in an email.

Chalk up another one on the side of Porn Wins.

She found out about her husband’s porn use when he’d inadvertently left his favorite computer site open by mistake. Upon questioning, there was a confession, apologies, and a sincere desire to quit.

“But that was a lie too. He never quit, he just found different ways to deceive me.”

Yet, the marriage continued with grace and forgiveness. Then came his slightly accusatory statements, like, “You need to trust me.” “You’re making it a bigger deal than it is.” “You need to get over it.” FULL POST

Posted 4/6/17 at 1:03 AM | Joy Mali

10 Types of Room Partners That Reside in Every Girl’s Hostel in India

If you are open up to listen the quarrels, loud voices, chit chats, giggling’s, singing nodes, bitching talks, and tough words, then you are definitely in a place called Girl’s Hostel that has welcomed all birds from different corners of the world to live under one roof and to behave like this on every single day. Even, thinking for a while to stay in a place like this, can raise your goosebumps. But, it is also true that no Hostel or PG is complete without having them. These arrogant, selfish, caring, emotional and silly roommates in a Hostel or PG accommodation create several crazy stories while having fun with each other.

Hostel or PG is the only place which unites different type of roomies all together with an amazing bond of care and affection. Here, we have mentioned some crazy characters that can be easily discovered in every Hostel or PG accommodation in India.

1) Lazy One (Indolent Roomies): What you can expect from a lazy roomie, who even find waking up the hardest task of the day. Joining her as a room partner can often raise your BP because you are the sole person to do all things like cooking, cleaning, dishwashing and tidiness. What she can do is “order and eat”, meanwhile repeat the same. Asking them to collect fresh veggies from the market or milk and eateries from the booth can totally be a waste of time. FULL POST

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