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Posted 5/29/15 at 8:20 AM | Karen Kramer

Seeing Our New World

It's a New World that we're all seeing. The question is what are we supposed to do once we really see it?

We’d met at the park, so her kids could play.

From a nearby bench we could keep an eye on all the action while talking about motherhood, marriage, her full-time job, and marvel that sanity was still possible.

Janet pulled a news magazine from her bag. She flipped it open to a page revealing the photographic journalism we’ve come to expect but never can un-see. I looked at the bloody image of a dead boy—carried by a woman bearing the weight of far more than her brutalized child. I cringed. FULL POST

Posted 5/27/15 at 3:10 PM | Christian Post Guest Voices

When Your Husband Walks Away from the Faith

What do you do when you feel like you’re in an unequally yoked marriage?

It’s Wednesday, the day when we always talk marriage! I introduce a post, and then give you all a chance to link up your marriage posts below. And today we’re going to talk about husbands walking away from the faith.

Here’s a note I recently a received from a woman whose husband is no longer a spiritual leader:

My husband and I met while in our church’s college group. We were both actively involved as leaders. I was drawn to him as a spiritual leader. We dated for two years, but after we got married he revealed that he had bitterness towards the church and felt he had been hurt deeply by people there. He is still a loving, gentle, and devoted husband, but I struggle deeply with this change in his heart. He recently stated he wasn’t sure why it was important to read the bible independently. I am unsure if he spends time reflecting and or praying for our family. He has agreed to be involved in a home group, but I struggle with feeling bitter and angry at him for his lack of spiritual leadership. I long to love and serve alongside him, and am not sure how I as his wife can can support him as he works through this other than praying for him. FULL POST

Posted 5/26/15 at 10:20 PM | Trace Embry

What is Logic without God

God is the god of logic. He invented it. Science is a result of the order of the created universe. It is a pursuit of the mechanics of God.

The truth is that most, if not all early scientists (like Galileo, Keplar, Newton, and others), were Christian men.

Picture Provide by The Highlander

A Lack of Logic

Hypocrisy is a major complaint about Christianity that many atheists and post modernists hold. However, the freedom that post modernity claims often defies logic, and is thus hypocritical.

But all humans are in fact hypocritical. It is just a matter as to what degree. It is no wonder that Christians are often labeled as hypocrites. Christianity involves standards of morality we often fall short of; making us hypocrites. But that is even more reason for the cross. FULL POST

Posted 5/22/15 at 12:17 PM | Brian Wallace

How To Prevent Divorce

If you've recently discovered your spouse is being unfaithful, you might think that divorce is the only option. There are ways to prevent that outcome, though.

Posted 5/19/15 at 10:53 PM | Trace Embry

What is Developmental Trauma Disorder?

Have you adopted a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) or Developmental Trauma Disorder (DTD)? If so, this post is for you.

From my experience of children with RAD, I believe I can offer a step that will help your child.

An Overview of the Problem: Lack of Security

I have written extensively on RAD. I recommend additional research on the subject in addition to this post.

Giving in or giving up is never an option for a parent of Reactive Attachment Disorder. Kids with RAD suffer from a lack of security. They have never connected with their biological parents (or possibly anyone). This is a deep spiritual issue.

Top schools such as Harvard and Yale have all scientifically proven that children need to attach to their biological parents. Many of these children must find their own security. They will test and push limits, all in an attempt to sabotage relationships and see how long it takes to be abandoned. It’s all about security. FULL POST

Posted 5/13/15 at 9:36 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Lay Down Your Life For Your Wife

Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; (‭Ephesians‬ ‭5‬:‭25‬ KJV)

I'm in bed on this Saturday morning. My wife is sleeping next to me. I'm lying here thinking about the sacrifices I make to put a smile on her face and wondering where the inspiration comes from.

It comes from the scripture I posted above. If you read Ephesians 5 you'll see that before that scripture there are scriptures telling the woman to submit herself to her husband. I saw those but I didn't pay as much attention to them as I did to the one for me. The one for me told me to love her as Christ loves the church. Being a Christian I look up to Jesus Christ and I live His lifestyle because I've found it to be a healthy and productive one. It has worked wonders in my life. So when I draw the parallel between Christ and the church to my wife and I, it's life changing. Christ died for the church. He carried out a mission and was selfless in the process. Nothing was in the sacrifice for Him. It was all for His followers. FULL POST

Posted 5/12/15 at 10:52 PM | Trace Embry

Should You Shame Your Teen?

According to the politically correct “intelligentsia” shame is not something our children (or anyone else) should experience.

Even many Christians have bought into this idea. Scripture; however, paints another picture.

Picture Provided by Royal Constantine

The Role of Shame

God created us and our children with many emotions. One such emotion is shame. Sometimes confusion occurs when someone determines something as shameful, even when God doesn’t see it that way. Maybe a child spills milk or can’t control his bladder, and this is labeled as shameful.

Eventually, acts done with reckless frequency or without excuse can be shameful. Reminding an unrepentant child to be ashamed of his sins is good parenting.

It is important to know when to feel ashamed. Shame is often a component of true conviction which is fundamental to repentance. Shame is a legitimate emotion when God’s standards are violated. FULL POST

Posted 5/8/15 at 11:07 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

My Husband Married Me Becuase I'm the "Good Girl"

Reader Question, and today’s is from a woman who said her husband married her because she was “the good girl”–not because he was passionately in love with her. She writes,

I am in my late 20s and have been married for a year and a half. We have been blessed with a beautiful baby who is 4 months old. I am grateful to God for all His blessings, I have married a good man of faith.

In recent weeks, it has become clear that I was chosen to be his wife because I would make a good wife and be the right ‘helper’ in bringing my husband closer to God, but not because he was madly in love with me or because he was deeply attracted to me–ever. My husband says he made a conscious choice not to be driven by sex, but to choose someone for the more lasting values that marriage has to offer. FULL POST

Posted 5/8/15 at 11:01 AM | Phuong Schuetz

Growing into your mom role

God will grow you into a Beautiful mom in his time...

Being a first time mom isn’t easy, especially when you are set in your ways. I was 37 when my first son was born and had no clue how to be a mom. I didn’t know what to expect and thought I was ready to be a mother. I was excited and fearful at the same time. The night before baby and I were to be released from the hospital, I panicked after realizing this crying baby who would not nurse was going home with me in a few hours and I won’t be able to ring for the nurse when he doesn’t stop crying! I remember thinking how foolish I was to want a baby when I had no idea how to be a mother! Now, seven years later, I am learning that I don’t simply become a mom when I have a child. Rather, I will continually grow into my role of mom throughout my life.

In the short time I’ve been a mom, I can already see how I’ve been growing into my “mom” role as my sons grew from babies, to toddlers and now to dynamo school aged boys. As long as my boys continue to grow, I will grow into my role as their mom. I want to grow into a mom who is more loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, gentle, godly, artistic, creative, playful and spontaneous. These are qualities I’ve observed and admired in other moms and have used as a gauge to measure how well I am doing as a mom. Unfortunately, comparison is never healthy because it leads to envy (a sin according to God) and an inaccurate view of myself. Since God is the one who gave me my children, he will grow me to be the mom he created me to be for them and his standards should be the gauge for measuring my effectiveness as a mom. Understanding this truth has been a crucial part of God growing me into my role as a mom. FULL POST

Posted 5/8/15 at 6:54 AM | Karen Kramer

A Mother’s Heart by Choice

The first time I realized she had a special way with kids was when I watched her babysit a large family. She could snuggle a baby in one arm and stir a pot on the stove with the other. She could keep the older kids on task with their homework while keeping a close eye on the younger two swinging in the backyard.

Around that same time she became a Sunday school teacher’s helper. That quickly morphed into a full-fledged position when the director saw how the little kids flocked to her. She could simultaneously manage ten kid’s craft projects while keeping the most active boys enthralled during story time.

I kind of expected her to be an elementary teacher, but college took her in a different direction.

Marriage came but children didn’t—yet my sister always had a mother’s heart along with a fun-loving mind. Kerry loved kids—but even better—kids loved Kerry.

At a time we honor mothers and all they do and have done—I salute Kerry who has been the babysitter, the “fun” aunt, the counselor, the career advisor, and most important—the friend. She’s the one who could be told anything and keep a secret, yet impart wisdom that might not go over so well coming from a parent. Kerry loved with a mother’s heart while bringing lots of fun, inspiration, and passion for life. She gave us the best gift—love packaged with lots of joy. FULL POST

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