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Posted 8/20/16 at 6:49 PM | Scott LaPierre

Marriage “Problems” Are Really Symptoms

Marriage God's Way by Scott LaPierre

The following is an excerpt from my book, Marriage God's Way.

Because our relationship with our spouse is a reflection of our relationship with Christ, our marriage “problems” are really only symptoms. The actual problems are in our relationship with Christ. In my own marriage, for example, there have been times when the “problem” looked like I didn’t have enough time for my wife and children, but that was only a symptom. The problem was that I would not listen to the Holy Spirit’s prompt to meet my family’s needs, and I was allowing the ministry to take priority to my family.

This is why any biblical marriage counseling must address the couple’s relationship with the Lord. Couples I counsel are often confused when they share a problem they are experiencing and I respond by asking, “So what does your time in God’s Word look like? How is your prayer life? What about your involvement in the church?” A wife will say, “I just told you my husband yells at me. Why are you talking about his time in the Word?” Because the hope is that as a husband reads God’s Word he will become convicted of his sin and repent. He will become a more patient and loving man. I do not have the power to change a husband’s heart (and apparently neither does a wife or there would be no need for counseling). A husband can only become a new man through a relationship with Christ. FULL POST

Posted 8/13/16 at 11:45 AM | olabode ososami

War on Gender (Part 2)

In a previous post i.e. Part I (which I recommend you read for some context), this war was described as one of many fronts to ruin the destiny of God’s masterpiece ... in humanity. It is not war against male or female, but a fundamental confrontation of biblical models. Women should not be disadvantaged in access to education and workforce opportunities but encouraged and helped to take leadership positions in business and politics, if God has gifted them for that. Britain’s first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher was perhaps one of her best … we pray Theresa May, the new Prime Minister, will be even more successful. All people of all gender, race etc. are entitled to respect (even especially when we disagree with them).

The Battles

The war is a war against the word of God in Genesis 1:27. The enemy of this futile battle is not “the so called brutish man” but God Himself. Clamoring for rights can be as distractions to get our gaze off our preparations for the ultimate “wedding”. When we mix up the different roles of male and female, we soon obscure our responsibilities as the “Bride” of Christ. FULL POST

Posted 8/12/16 at 6:00 PM | Robert Hoffman

How to File for a Divorce

Getting a Divorce

Getting a divorce is a very difficult decision to make because it means a relationship you have put so much time and effort into is over. In a lot of cases, the divorce process can be drawn out and difficult and in other cases, it can be relatively painless.

The reason some divorce cases are difficult is because the couple getting divorce let their emotions get in the way. Their anger at their soon-to-be ex-spouse makes the process more difficult because they are trying to inflict as much pain as possible, which leads to a lot of pettiness on both sides and puts more money in their lawyers’ pockets.

Getting a divorce can be a simple process if both sides can put aside their differences and work together to get it done. It will also save both sides a lot of money because they won’t have to pay their attorneys as much as they would if it is a drawn out process.

With that being said, here are a few ways to make the divorce process less stressful emotionally and financially. FULL POST

Posted 8/10/16 at 10:47 AM | Karen Kramer

Truth For Youth: August 8-12

Truth For Youth

Each year the American Family Association in partnership with Revival Fires International hosts “Truth For Youth” across the nation. The mission is simple—giving Bibles to youth who will give them to unsaved friends. This is the sixteenth Truth For Youth week, and over the last fifteen years more than 2.5 million Bibles have been given away to teens.

In response, Revival Fires has received over 25,000 emails, letters, and decision cards from youth.

The Truth For Youth text contains the New Testament along with 100 pages of color comic stories dealing with cultural issues facing today’s teens—homosexuality, abortion, pornography, drugs, violence, and sexual purity in the midst of it all.

America has 53.8 million kids in public school. This outreach can connect them to God’s Word. Click here to get a free Bible. Additional copies can be purchased for $3.00. FULL POST

Posted 8/7/16 at 5:51 PM | olabode ososami

War on Gender (Part 1)

This is a delicate topic, but for many, it needs to be addressed. I plead forgiveness in advance, if it causes offense. Please be patient to read to the end. There are many things God chose for us; our parents, the timing of our birth and our gender. God also made the genders different and ordained procreation that humanity may be fruitful and multiply within the confines of marriage. Satan, who comes to kill, steal and destroy, has other ideas … first he plants the successful idea that difference in gender implies inequality and oppression. Then he suggests a novel neutral gender which negates the need to identify as male or female … then he slowly kills any arrangement that encourages procreation in a traditional family setting (single mothers are fine by him) … offering any alternative (sexual, career, etc ) that boosts singleness, kills the force of normal wife-husband unity and renders Christian family structures obsolete.

A father was recently shocked to see his son come into his house dressed as a woman, saying he has discovered his gender was female … the father said nothing, not knowing what to do and how to address the issue. One day he had an idea … the father also bought a wig and a dress and started dressing as a woman in the house … when his son saw him, he exclaimed “dad, you look ridiculous!! “ … the son got the message. We are made to reflect the glorious image of God and not be ridiculous. FULL POST

Posted 8/3/16 at 7:38 PM | Robin Williams

7 luxurious wedding venues around the world

Getting married is a very personal commitment that people share with their family and friends. Rather than celebrating with a large number of family members and friends in a local reception hall, many brides and grooms are opting to marry farther away from home. Destination weddings usually involve a smaller group of closest family members and friends and are an enjoyable and intimate experience for all involved.

Most women dream of being a princess at least once in their lifetime, and it's usually on their wedding day. And every princess needs a venue where she and her prince can start to live happily ever after.

If you are planning a wedding, Here 7 best venues around the world and these might be your go-to places for an unforgettable ceremony.

1. Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Udaipur is located in southern Rajasthan surrounded Aravali Range of mountains which is 425 kilometers from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. The city is famous for plethora of lush green surroundings and plenty of lakes. Thus it has been famed with the epithet of City of Lakes or Venice of the East. The surreal beauty of the city attracts thousands of domestic and international tourists every year. FULL POST

Posted 7/26/16 at 5:41 PM | Robin Williams

Everything you need to know for a fairytale wedding

A fairytale is a story about magical creatures and generally involve a beautiful princess and her prince charming. A fairytale need not stick to a general theme of lakes and castles and mystic beings just like your wedding.
Below is a guide to plan a perfect fairytale wedding to save your effort:

Decide on a Theme

You can think out of the box for a “unique” setup for your own magical world. Follow these steps:

Start with the basics

  • Hobbies – The things you both like to do together as a couple.
  • Favorite things you enjoy together – Sports and other activities you share.
  • How you met – Consider how and where you met as a possible theme.
  • Favorite piece of art, music, movie, food.
Describe your theme using nouns and adjectives and their combination. Some examples are:
  • Rustic elegance
  • Artsy
  • Grand vintage
  • Glam royalty
List options
  • Come up with a list of options for your theme. Some popular themes are:
  • Country
  • Western
  • Italian
  • Vintage
  • Butterfly
  • Retro
  • Indian/oriental
  • Stars
  • A famous movie
Choose colors

After deciding a theme for your wedding you need not stick to a general color pattern, you can spice it up with colors of your choice. However remember to:
  • DO NOT go overly creative and choose a color which contradicts the theme altogether.
  • You can choose primary colors with a couple of accent colors for a supporting role.
  • Use the psychology of color to make a wiser choice.
  • Keep the color scheme consistent with all the elements of your wedding.
Here are some most widely used color combinations:
Monochromatic: In this scheme there is only one color with different shades (blacks), tints (whites) or tones (grays). For example pink, with blush and pale rose.
  • Analogous: These colors are adjacent to each other on color wheel. They create a harmony and a pleasing effect.
  • Complementary: Two colors opposite on the wheel of color are called complementary. This scheme makes the theme fun and exciting. Take care to not to overdo it.


Posted 7/26/16 at 11:00 AM | Brian Wallace

Save Your Family Money By Buying Glasses Online

You can save a lot of money buying glasses online. Learn how to take all the measurements you need from this infographic!

Posted 7/21/16 at 3:08 PM | Brian Wallace

Planning A Family Vacation? Why You Should Choose San Antonio

San Antonio has a lot for families to do, after you visit The Alamo, of course! Learn more about notable attractions to visit in San Anotnio from this infographic!

Posted 7/19/16 at 9:33 AM | Christian Post Guest Voices

What if You Divorced for the Wrong Reasons?

I hold both of these truths to be self-evident: sometimes women can be verbally and emotionally abused without other people understanding the extent of it, and need to get out of that marriage; and sometimes women claim that they are verbally and emotionally abused when they simply want to leave the marriage.

I have been quite passionate about the first group of women on this blog this year, writing about what submission really means; how to deal with a controlling husband; how we shouldnever make women powerless in the name of God.

But today I am angry about the second group. FULL POST

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