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Posted 5/4/16 at 1:59 PM | Israel Wayne

The Lesser of Two Evils?

Photo by Michael Vadon
Donald Trump

The 2016 Election cycle has finally narrowed to just Donald Trump on the Republican side. It appears that Hillary Clinton will handily win the Democratic primaries.

This series of events brings us to a place that every election reaches. Is it morally right to vote for the lesser of two evils? As no human is perfect, this question will always emerge in politics. Some years may be easier than others for conservative voters, but this year is no easy choice.

What is fairly universally agreed upon is that Evangelical Christians overwhelmingly do NOT want Hillary Clinton to be the POTUS.

 What they do not agree on, however, is how to best proceed. It seems to me that half of all of the Christians I know believe that a vote for a third party, or no vote at all, is a vote for Hillary. These individuals believe that you are a traitor to the cause if you do not vote for any Republican candidate, regardless of how repulsive you may find him. FULL POST

Posted 5/2/16 at 7:31 PM | Karen Kramer

National Teacher Appreciation Week

One teacher can make all the difference. Take time to thank them this week.

By second grade she could see that most of the kids were smarter. She envied how they could whip through their assignments—getting them back with hardly any red ink marks. And they always seemed to have the right answers when called upon.

Report cards were always the worst. She’d carry them home and then overhear her parents whispering about her. Year after year—failing enough to feel inferior but never failing bad enough to be kept behind.

Now it was a new school year. The slate was clean. No failed efforts yet. She’d been assigned to Room 5, but the teacher hadn’t been announced yet. Rumor said he’d been hired at the last minute. No one knew who he was.

As the students filed into Room 5 the teacher looked like someone’s college-aged brother. He introduced himself and said he was just beginning his teaching career. He smiled and said that he’d be learning right along with them. She smiled back. FULL POST

Posted 4/29/16 at 10:35 AM | Brian Wallace

America's Election Exodus, Eh

Are you planning a move north if your candidate doesn't win? It may not be as easy as you think to move to Canada.

Posted 4/28/16 at 8:27 PM | Michael Bresciani

America: Why are we Shunning our Messengers and Blocking our Ears?

When nations are in decline they all tend to follow the same path. They place their hope in a new leader who says all the right things and in a desperate attempt to clean up the mess the citizens have made, he or she is placed on the top of the rubble and expected to lead us out of the shambles.

Mao promised that he would give China what the old dynasties could never produce; they got communism.

Mussolini promised Italians a return to the glory of Rome; they got subservience to Germany followed by humiliating defeat.

Hitler promised a renewed and “Great Germany” that would rule nations for thousand years; They got a world that bound itself together at the cost of millions of lives to crush her ambitions in less than a decade which left her destroyed, divided and stuck with a legacy of shame.

Then along comes America with her deep plunge into perversity and immorality, scoffing at her founding fathers and ignoring her roots in Scripture, and her very own Constitution. The answer to all this is, yet another leader (Donald Trump) who promises more “greatness.”

The exceptional nation is about to prove it is just like all the nations before it – that is not so exceptional after all. FULL POST

Posted 4/27/16 at 5:25 PM | Karen Kramer

Three Minutes to Doomsday

A clock, with hands rigidly aligned close to midnight, hangs on the wall in the office of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. This is where an elite group of scientists and Nobel Laureates meet to analyze data and then determine how close we are to global nuclear armageddon.

Currently, it’s set to three minutes to midnight—or doomsday.

In our brave new American world, rogue nations threaten key US cities—like Seattle, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, and Manhattan. North Korea recently test-fired an intercontinental missile. They boast that they can put nukes on them.

We should assume North Korea can do this.

Then there is Iran with their recent launch of two intermediate-range ballistic missiles. On the missile boosters, the Iranians wrote in Hebrew, “Israel must be wiped out.” Touché. This is a flagrant disregard for UN resolutions.

In response, America could resurrect President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative. He was mocked for his forward thinking—for his Star Wars-type anti-ballistic missile systems. FULL POST

Posted 4/27/16 at 9:14 AM | Carrie Stoelting

Bullied in America?

The irony exceeds description: Those in the LGBT movement claim to be bullied, yet they themselves bully Christians in the United States --especially Christian women and children. Why? Christian rights have become second-rate to other social groups (i.e. LGBT).

Consider this: A true Christian does not hate others. A true Christian loves others and desires all to know Jesus, yet realizes that it is up to every individual to make a personal decision for Christ. No one can force conversion. So what is there to fear?

Well, Leftists fear losing their ability to promote their sexual and financial agendas. There exists a major market for sinful practices, and there exists a major campaign to promote such practices. And it targets Christians.

Speaking of targeting Christians, Target stores have done just that: They have elected to remove a safe haven (a women's restroom) and instead create gender neutral bathrooms that allow men to follow women into restrooms without being asked questions. This endangers women and innocent children. (Take action now and sign the AFA petition: https://www.afa.net/action-alerts/sign-the-boycott-target-pledge/.) FULL POST

Posted 4/26/16 at 4:54 PM | Todd Friel

Voting for Evil

While we have often had to plug our noses while doing so, Evangelicals have generally accepted the principle of voting for the lesser of two evils. That principle is being challenged by several high profile Evangelical leaders who suggest that both potential candidates (Trump and Clinton or Sanders) are so evil, a Christian cannot vote for either one.

There are two arguments offered by the adherers of this new perspective:

1. If you vote for someone who is generally accepted as being evil, then your vote is an endorsement of their wicked worldview.

While a Christian ought to be vigilant to never endorse evil, does anyone really believe that a vote for one of two lousy candidates is a wholehearted embrace of their worldview? If our culture did hold that opinion, then I would agree. But we don’t, so I don’t.

2. If you vote for a candidate that you know is going to make some evil decisions, then you are literally participating in their evil deeds.

Again, Christians never want to participate in evil, but is that what we are doing when we vote for a bum? Perhaps this analogy resolves the issue: if a CEO is found guilty of embezzlement, does anybody think that his employees were participating in his illegal activity? No, because they are not. Nor are we when we vote for a disaster of a candidate. FULL POST

Posted 4/25/16 at 3:11 PM | Mark Ellis

Islamic University in Minnesota breeding extremists


By Mark Ellis

An Islamic university in Minnesota is led by a man who espouses writings in the Hadith that have motivated Muslim terrorists to kill Jews and believes sharia law should rise above manmade law.

Waleed Idris al-Meneesey is the president and chancellor of the Islamic University of Minnesota (IUM), located in Minneapolis.

He also serves as an imam at a Bloomington, Minn. mosque where at least five young men left the U.S. to fight with ISIS and al-Shabaab, according to a report by John Rossomando, senior analyst at The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

“During a sermon in November 2015, al-Meneesy referred to the Hadith, a saying from Islam’s prophet Muhammad, describing how Jews had been punished by God repeatedly for “corruption,” Rossomando notes.

In the sermon, al-Meneesy said, “God Almighty has promised them (the Jews) destruction whenever they cause corruption.” History will repeat itself, he added. FULL POST

Posted 4/22/16 at 8:10 PM | Mark Ellis

Female sex slave bought and sold eight times by ISIS, raped repeatedly


By Mark Ellis

A 20-year-old Yazidi woman was bought and sold as a sex-slave eight times by various ISIS fighters and endured repeated rapes at the hands of her captors.

After her capture by ISIS, Khalida and 800 other enslaved women were put on display in Raqqa as if they were in a ‘car showroom.’ The captives were sold for as little as $20 or exchanged for mobile phones, according to a report by The Daily Mail.

She broke her silence to tell the world about her people’s awful predicament.

Her nightmare began in 2014 when her family were condemned as ‘unbelievers’ by former neighbors as they tried to flee their hometown of Sinjar after it was overrun by ISIS fighters.

“Our neighbors, who are Muslims, said they would protect us, but when we were stopped at a checkpoint one of them pointed us out to the foreign [ISIS] fighters and said we were Yazidi. And we were all taken. There were 36 of us,” she told The Daily Mail. FULL POST

Posted 4/22/16 at 5:59 PM | Michael Bresciani

Trump OK with Men in Women’s Bathrooms - Wants to be President?

In a video entitled “Trump Surrenders to 'LGBT' Bathroom Nonsense” Donald Trump is heard saying “He is fine with those who identify as the opposite sex using the restroom of their choice.”

Is this is the man millions of followers are clamoring to give the GOP nomination to?

Is this great confusion in Trump’s mind about genders a preview of what he means by the promise to “Make America great again?"

Trump’s choice of ideas is about as stable and promising as his choice of words concerning just about everything and every person, especially those who oppose him.

From the “Evangelicals” supporting Trump to the news outlets and pundits that are paving the way for this man, the call goes out, not just to roll it back, the call is now - to repent.

There is but one thing that is further apart than the east is from the west – the word statesmen and the name Donald Trump. FULL POST

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