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Posted 10/25/14 at 3:19 PM | Larry Dozier

Thanksgiving - Using the Holiday for Teaching Gratefulness

Written by Eric Buehrer, President of Gatways to Better Education (www.gtbe.org)

The Thanksgiving holiday provides a natural place in the curriculum to teach about gratefulness. There is no need, however, to wait until the week before the holiday to teach about the subject of gratitude. Instead, the holiday can become the culminating experience after numerous lessons on gratitude during the entire month of November.

Thanksgiving Day is inherently religious, and this, of course, makes it a ticklish subject for public schools. Some educators have responded by remaking the holiday into a lesson about Native American peoples.

However, while schools cannot endorse a particular religious belief, educators need not shy away from teaching about Thanksgiving Day. The President every year encourages all citizens (including children) to thank God for their blessings. Educators can inform students of the President's proclamation and discuss how they and their families might respond. (To find the proclamations from previous years, visit www.whitehouse.gov and do a search on the word "thanksgiving".)

The Supreme Court in Lynch v. Donnelly remarked, "Our history is replete with official references to the value and invocation of Divine guidance in deliberations and pronouncements of the Founding Fathers and contemporary leaders. President Washington and his successors proclaimed Thanksgiving, with all its religious overtones, a day of national celebration, and Congress made it a national holiday more than a century ago. That has not lost its theme of expressing thanks for Divine aid any more than Christmas has lost its religious significance." FULL POST

Posted 10/25/14 at 7:48 AM | Aida and William Spencer

What Should Chinese Christians Do in the Midst of Current Persecution?

Holy Week

Guest blog by: Martin Zhang

What Type of Persecution Is Going on Now?

The churches in Wenzhou, China were originally founded by Western missionaries. Then all the missionaries were forced to leave in the early 1950s, and the churches experienced division between the official church and the underground church, which went through great persecution. When the persecution subsided, God poured a great revival in the 1970s and 1980s into Wenzhou. The church leaders gradually managed to take back the church buildings which had been confiscated by the government, and built many more in the following decades, with a cross or crosses on almost all the built church buildings. Most churches in Wenzhou enjoyed relative peace with only occasional persecution until this year, 2014. FULL POST

Posted 10/24/14 at 8:59 PM | Brittney Moses

US Rights Every Young Christian Should Know

If you’re like me and more the creative artsy type there’s a chance that history wasn’t your favorite subject and you did all you could simply to pass the class. But as we grow in an evolving society where the news is filled with numerous cases against the personal stance on the Christian faith, I think it’s critical that my generation becomes firmly aware of their rights as an American person of faith. We hear people constantly slamming the words, “Its their first amendment right!” in cases like Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty and the 5 pastors whose sermons and speeches were subpoenaed by Mayor Annise Parker. But I wonder how aware we truly are in the details of religious liberty when it comes to public encounters in our country. Will you know how to defend your rights to someone in power such as a cop or school official? I’ll break it down in simple terms and I’d like to thank the dedicated team of ACLJ for their aid in this article whether they know it or not. FULL POST

Posted 10/24/14 at 1:51 PM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Ottawa, Terrorism, and the Family

Just four days ago I was emailing with author Shaunti Feldhahn and her assistant (Shaunti’s part of my new Christian marriage author Pinterest board). Shaunti was going to be in Ottawa on Friday (today), to present her findings from her book The Good News About Marriage. She had some free time in the afternoon, though, and I suggested we get together.

She’s staying at a downtown hotel, so I said, “as long as it’s not raining, let’s go for a walk! It’s beautiful downtown. I’ll take you by the Parliament buildings and the War Memorial, and then we can go to the Byward Market and get some Menchie’s frozen yogurt.” FULL POST

Posted 10/24/14 at 8:07 AM | Michael Bresciani

Antichrist – There’s an App for That: Or There Soon Will Be

Every leader and decision maker in the world believes they are acting independently of all Divine purpose. Yet, what we are told in the Bible is that no one and no nation is completely independent, they are under the control of Divinity and those which collectively choose an evil path are directed by (Satan) the god of this world, sometimes referred to as the ruler of the cosmos.

Trying to convince them that they are controlled is a futility. It is part of the gospel as is the warnings of prophecy. There’s little mystery to the fact that the world is becoming so openly hostile to the gospel and anything at all to do with the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. It goes with the territory, the prophetic warnings and the rise of the well prophesied last and worst dictator of the world known as the Antichrist.

The hostility is also a facet of prophecy. The bible clearly warns that shortly before Antichrist is revealed that strong spiritual influences will pave the way for his rise. (1Jn 2: 18) The spirit of Antichrist is working and preparing the hearts of men to fully receive him. FULL POST

Posted 10/24/14 at 8:07 AM | Karen Farris

School Hunger and the Cafeteria Controversy

My friend’s email subject line caught my attention: You Won’t Believe What Happened Now. Janice has two school age kids and like many families she juggles her work schedule to get everyone out the door on time each morning. It isn’t easy. But it’s gotten a whole lot harder since —wait for it— the school lunch revolution.

She used to go online, put money in her kid’s lunch account and not think twice about it. They never complained. Well, sometimes they didn’t like the food, but it wasn’t often. Until this school year.

Now her son (who weighs more than Janice) is parceled out a paltry 500 calories for his high school noon meal. By the time mid-afternoon football practice rolls around he’s hungry and doesn’t have access to food until he gets home. By then he’s a hungry teenager (read: cranky and incorrigible).

Her elementary-aged daughter gets a slightly smaller ration and here’s the kicker—kids can’t share their food. Under the watchful eyes of the lunchroom monitor, no one can offer anything to anyone. Ever. FULL POST

Posted 10/23/14 at 2:22 AM | Bindings: Reflections on Faith, Life, and Good Books

ISIS Invasion Traps Iraqi Christians in Their Own Country

“We tried very hard, very hard to raise the banner. The world remained silent. Now the devastation is a gradual death.”

The voice of Juliana Taimoorazy, Founder and President of Iraqi Christian Relief Council, clears the clack-clack of roadway background noise. She is driving home from yet another conference concerning the suffering of her fellow Christians in Iraq.1 Yesterday, she met in D.C. with world leaders of the persecuted Yazidis, another Iraqi religious minority.

“The majority of death that happened in the Christian community was [around] 2005,” continues Taimoorazy, referring to earlier mass murder. Now at least one quarter of Iraq’s Christian population, offered only the options to convert or die, have fled to Iraq’s Kurdish north where they are crammed into schools and churches, sleeping in pews and courtyards. They own absolutely nothing. And the northern Kurdish government has just ordered all convents and schools to empty so school can begin. “The winter is upon them,” Taimoorazy explains, “The time aid gets to our people, they are dying…devastated. This is a human tragedy.” FULL POST

Posted 10/22/14 at 9:58 PM | Karen Farris

Ebola Rumors Circulating

A new social media rumor titled “CDC Whistleblower Exposes Ebola Vaccinations Containing RFID Chips” needs to be stopped. Purportedly, a new Ebola vaccine will also include an RFID chip (an implantable radiofrequency transponder) and Americans will be required to receive the vaccine to prevent an Ebola pandemic.

Sad to say, social media can be a breeding ground for conspiracy theories and false reports. Snopes has clarified the matter, but people sometimes only read the stark headlines. Indeed, the respectably named “National Report” continues to issue blatantly false articles. In a time of information overload, it’s even more important to filter out truth from fiction.

Some Christians are concerned about end-times prophetic signs, specifically the mark of the beast from Revelation 13:16-18. While the RFID chips could one day be used as a way to prevent anyone from buying or selling, there are more pressing matters to concern ourselves with right now—mainly sharing God’s truth and salvation through Christ Jesus. Please don’t click “share” unless you know it’s true.

Posted 10/22/14 at 2:25 PM | Christian Post Guest Voices

The Situation in Houston and the Erosion of Religious Liberties

You may be aware of the situation in Houston, Texas, where five pastors who have been vocal in opposing the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) were subpoenaed by the mayor, demanding that they hand over materials related to what they may have said about gay and lesbian issues, and about the mayor herself. Hopefully this will serve as a wake-up call to those who imagine there has been no serious erosion of religious liberties in America.

Al Mohler offers a perspective worth reading:

Sermons Are “Fair Game” in Houston — The Real Warning in the Subpoena Scandal

The scandal over the subpoenas issued to several Houston-area Christian pastors continues, even after the city refiled legal documents, removing the word “sermons” from the demand. They have clearly not removed the scandal from their city, and from the administration of Mayor Annise Parker. As the mayor’s own comments make abundantly clear, she stands at the center of the scandal. FULL POST

Posted 10/22/14 at 1:15 AM | Bindings: Reflections on Faith, Life, and Good Books

The Ray Rice & Janay Palmer Rice Story: Are We Addicted to Abuse?

Photo: Flickr/Keith Allison/cropped - Creative Commons

Clearly I’m not the only one sickened by the story of Ray Rice, the Baltimore Ravens’ now former running back, and Janay Palmer (now Janay Rice). On Monday, September 8, TMZ released a video of Rice punching Palmer in the elevator of an Atlantic City casino.1 Not only did her knock her unconscious, he dragged her body out of the elevator. No tears, no “what did I do?” Instead, he seemed unconcerned…after just beating his fiancée.

Was it callous payback because, as surveillance videos at Atlantic City showed, the two were arguing and striking each other in the casino before they entered the elevator? Was Rice merely getting the upper hand by finishing what they each started? The two were charged with domestic violence-simple assault.2 Before the video went global, though, Rice had already been under investigation for the beating. To sidestep a trial, he’d undergone an intervention program for first-time offenders. The NFL suspended him from two games this past summer. A handslap for a violent crime. FULL POST

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