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Posted 11/23/15 at 8:36 AM | Karen Kramer

End Times Checklist

It began like this: “You religious people are the problem. It’s all about your god and things being done YOUR way.” Not exactly a friendly blog commenter.

“ISIS is doing this because of all you sign-waving christ-loving idiots.”

I considered replying that thus far ISIS has killed more Muslims than Christians—which is why there are millions of refugees literally running for their lives. We’ve seen the grisly videos portray ISIS murdering Christians and anyone else not strictly adhering to their creed. ISIS has no love of diversity (read: gay rights, women’s rights or religious freedom).

But the angry commenter continued: “People shouldn’t be allowed to dictate their religion to others.”

Easier said than done in the Middle East right now. ISIS has conquered a land mass about the size of Great Britain. Their goal is the world. But before ISIS began its brutalities others had the same supremacist ideals. FULL POST

Posted 11/22/15 at 7:14 PM | Candice Lanier

Terror-Linked American Developing a Sanctuary For Syrian Refugees--Despite His State Saying No To Refugees


In Oakland County, Michigan, which borders Detroit and in which Pontiac is the county seat, Syrian-Americans are purchasing land to create a sanctuary area for Syrian refugees. The Oakland Press reports:

"Eight area residents formed two companies and purchased 120 lots on 10 Pontiac city blocks west of Woodward near Franklin to build the new homes.

The group — who formed Live In Pontiac LLC and Pontiac Community Investment — started by buying the vacant, boarded-up Franklin Elementary School on Franklin Road.

The school will be revamped as a community center for the newcomers.”

Malaz Alatassi, one of the investors has said: “We heard 10,000 have already been approved.” FULL POST

Posted 11/20/15 at 7:00 PM | Mark Ellis

ISIS has 80,000 foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria

Indian fighters who have joined ISIS

By Mark Ellis and Petrina Gratton

Islamic State has amassed 80,000 foreign fighters from 80 countries in Iraq and Syria, Russian intelligence has reported – an estimate vastly higher than previous reports.

A senior Russian official told the Russian news agency TASS that 30,000 ISIS Jihadists are currently stationed in Iraq and 50,000 are fighting in Syria. By their estimates, 7,000 of the 80,000 militants are originally from regions that were formerly part of their Soviet Union, the International Business Times (IBT) reports.

Eager to fulfill apocalyptic prophecies from the Koran, jihadists have swelled ISIS ranks from 80 countries, including France, Great Britain, Germany, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Canada, the Middle East and North Africa, said Yevgeny Sysoyev told IBT.

“According to reports, militants now control around 40% of Iraqi territory and 50% of Syrian territory,” Sysoyev said in a press conference in Sochi, Russia. FULL POST

Posted 11/20/15 at 3:01 PM | Mark Ellis

Italian police: Muslim refugees threw Christians overboard

Rescued passengers arrive in Italy

By Mark Ellis

On a crowded rubber boat filled with refugees traveling from Libya to Italy, Muslims threw 12 fellow passengers overboard — killing them — because the 12 were Christians, Italian police said Thursday.

Italian authorities arrested 15 people on the boat and charged them with murdering the Christians at sea, police in Palermo told CNN.

The original group of 105 people left Libya on Tuesday. Sometime during the trip north across the Mediterranean Sea, the alleged assailants — Muslims from the Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal — threw the 12 overboard, police told CNN.

Other people on the voyage told police that they themselves were spared “because they strongly opposed the drowning attempt and formed a human chain,” Palermo police reported.

The boat was stopped by an Italian navy ship, which removed the passengers and placed them on a Panamanian ship. That ship reached Palermo on Wednesday, after which the arrests were made, CNN reported. FULL POST

Posted 11/20/15 at 11:01 AM | Brian Wallace

Most Political Towns In America

Some towns in America have the power to make or break a politician's career. Learn more about political power towns from this infographic!

Posted 11/19/15 at 4:59 PM | Mark Ellis

18-year-old American tourist shot and killed in West Bank

Ezra Schwartz

By Mark Ellis

A Palestinian terrorist killed an American tourist and two others on Thursday afternoon, November 19th, by shooting at vehicles caught in a traffic jam in the West Bank.

The American was identified as Ezra Schwartz, of Sharon, Mass., a yeshiva student in Beit Shemesh near Jerusalem. He was delivering food to Israeli soldiers patrolling the area at the time of the attack, according to The New York Post.

Seven others were lightly wounded in the attack, including two Israeli women and five American yeshiva students. They were all evacuated to the Sha’are Tzedek Medical Center. The five Americans are due to be released, while the two Israeli women will remain hospitalized, The Jerusalem Post reported.

U.S. officials said they considered the attack an act of terrorism.

“We condemn these terrorist attacks against innocent civilians in the strongest possible terms,” Edgar Vasquez, a spokesperson for the State Department, told The Jerusalem Post. FULL POST

Posted 11/18/15 at 5:38 PM | Larry Fell

Muslim Refugee Debate

As President Obama contemplates allowing tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, Muslim "refugees" to flood our country a debate has sprung up among Christians as to whether or not we should oppose this influx of people. My position was a resounding, unequivocal "NO!" Then I started seeing people I love and respect using Jesus and His Commandments as a foundation for the position that we should welcome them with open arms to help ease their suffering. Two of my cousins, Tony and Ryan, in particular got me to thinking (bad idea guys!!) and I paused saying to myself, "self, part of growing is to reassess your positions once in a while." And so, here we are. Let me layout part of my thinking on the subject:

First, one must understand that Islam is a hybrid religion-government ideology which is incompatible with both Christianity and the Constitution of the United States. This does NOT mean so called "radical" Islam, it is just plain old Islam based on their sacred texts the Qur'an and the Hadith. Evolving from these we have what is known as Sharia Law. Some of the ideals of Islam that are anathema to Christianity and the Constitution: FULL POST

Posted 11/18/15 at 10:39 AM | Donna Schillinger

Refugee Crisis a Litmus Test

Our disposition toward the refugee crisis may not definitively answer the question about whether we ARE a Christian nation, but it most certainly will answer whether we ARE NOT a Christian nation.
Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. 1 John 4:8. Love your neighbor as yourself. Gal 5:14.
Which of these was a neighbor to the man in need?...The one who had mercy on him. Luke 10:36-37. Go and do likewise.

Posted 11/17/15 at 11:11 AM | Karen Kramer

Naughty or Nice List

American Family Association

For American shoppers the Christmas season is top of the list for gift giving. But Christians can also use discretion with their holiday dollars. Why not support the stores that encourage Christmas and are not ashamed to promote the real reason we celebrate.

The American Family Association has an annual list of retailers—both naughty and nice so you can direct your dollars appropriately. Here’s the 2015 list. The AFA reviewes the stores as to their “Christmas-friendly” approach with their advertising, decorations, and employee protocol.

So, as we head into the biggest shopping season and you make your gift list, be sure to check the AFA list!

Posted 11/16/15 at 4:22 PM | Mark Ellis

Friday the 13th Paris attack launched from the pit of hell

Eagles of Death Metal band performing, immediately before the attack

By Mark Ellis

Islamic State claimed credit for the death, destruction, and carnage on Friday the 13th in Paris, yet the real conspiracy was inspired below the radar of modern intelligence gathering capabilities – because it was supernatural in origin.

The 19th century Le Bataclan Theater, where at least 80 were murdered by ISIS militants on Friday, was Jewish-owned for decades, but was sold two months ago, its former owners told The Times of Israel.

The militant extremists chose Friday the 13th for their attack, which is considered a “high satanic day.” Unknowingly, they opened fire during the seventh song by the Eagles of Death Metal band – “Kiss the Devil” – sung by lead singer, Jesse Hughes, nicknamed “The Devil.”

The Bataclan had been the target of anti-Zionist groups because the Jewish owners often put on pro-Israel events, according to the French magazine Le Point. FULL POST

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