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Posted 10/18/16 at 7:34 PM | Mark Ellis

Freed Nigerian schoolgirls praise God; 83 more may be released soon

By Mark Ellis

The sweet joy of freedom’s air filled 21 Chibok schoolgirls released from captivity in Nigeria. Now delicate negotiations are underway to release 83 more of the 275 Chibok schoolgirls originally kidnapped by Muslim extremists in 2014.

“Praise the Lord! We are thankful,” Helen Musa exclaimed, one of the 21. “We never imagined we would see this day.

“But with the help of God we were able to come out of bondage,” she declared.

More than two years have passed since 275 schoolgirls were kidnapped from their dormitories in Chibok, in northeastern Nigeria. Their disappearance generated headlines around the world and fueled a social-media storm, with the hashtag #bringbackourgirls.

Nearly all the kidnapped girls are Christians. During their captivity they lived in grass huts and forcibly converted to Islam. In the beginning their diet consisted of rice and maize. When food became scarce, a few of them died.

Some parents who met with the girls said one of the schoolgirls died of snakebite, one died in childbirth, and four died in a bombing, according to the New York Times. FULL POST

Posted 10/17/16 at 12:53 PM | Michael Bresciani

Chairman Mao’s America – We Still Have a Choice, The Chinese Did Not

With only days to go before America decides who will occupy the White House it is abundantly clear that Democrats are rousing every effort to appeal to the vast crowd of “millennial” voters.

They are the young, educated and liberal leaning voters that we have prepped with liberal indoctrination for about one full generation.

The adage about wasting a mind has changed and they are the proof. Now it’s – “an ideology is a terrible thing to waste.” It has not been wasted on them.

Their greatest worry is global warming and high tuition for college. They think a degree and some open ended living will get them through life in a land where nothing can go wrong and war or any foreign intrusion can be warded off by either ignoring it or by some simple diplomacy.

Under Mao, China underwent the crushing of its own heritage and history as the Chairman indoctrinated an entire generation with nothing more than a little red book, a comic book styled communist quotes manifesto. It piqued and aroused an entire generation of youth to pull down the very foundations of a once proud and free nation. FULL POST

Posted 10/17/16 at 10:55 AM | Candice Lanier

GhostSec--Which Has Merged With A Major Intel Agency--Thwarts Brussels Terror Attack

Jihadist poster issuing a threat to a university in Brussels.

On September 22, a terror plot against Université libre de Bruxelles, in Belgium, was prevented due to intel uncovered by GhostSec, an online counterterrorism unit which has been instrumental in thwarting terror attacks in the past. GhostSec recently merged with BlackOps Cyber (BOC), an intel agency which provides a wide range services including intel collection, darknet operations, threat analysis, monitoring of threat actors and counterterrorism services.

The threat emanated from a jihadist account on Twitter. According to BOC, the threats were discovered in a series of tweets and revealed an imminent plan to carry out an attack on the university in Brussels. From prior intel collected, BOC operatives knew Brussels had a high probability of being attacked again, as the city is often mentioned in jihadist communications.

Prior to last month’s attacks in New York and New Jersey, this particular Twitter account was openly tweeting the easily located and legally purchased components of canister and pipe bombs. The tweets also indicated the bombing would be in retaliation for the US-led coalition bombing of the University of Mosul. FULL POST

Posted 10/17/16 at 12:27 AM | Sunny Shell

#NeverTrump #NeverHillary, But Still Voting

I've never written much on politics before, but this will be my fifth article on the 2016 Election.

The reason I've written these articles on the 2016 Election is because of the grave effect its had on my brothers and sisters in Christ. This is the first election I can recall in my 47 years, that has caused such strong fear and deep division among Christians. And honestly, I'm quite perplexed by it all. I'm grieved to the core about how fearful many Christians have become. I'm heartbroken over the self-preservation that's overtaken so many saints in Christ, that they're willing...no, more than willing...they are fully committed to sacrifice biblical precepts and mandates to save their personal agendas and interests.

Many of the evangelicals who are voting for Donald Trump keep shouting, "We're not voting for a pastor, we're voting for a president!" I know that. And I agree. However, agreeing that I am not voting for a pastor, but a Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America, doesn't mean I've lost all my discernment as a Christian. Just because I'm not voting for a religious office doesn't mean that I throw away God's Word, disregard the Holy Spirit's leading, and abandon my love for Christ and His commands of how one of His disciples ought to think, feel, and live in this world. FULL POST

Posted 10/16/16 at 11:07 AM | Anthony Tainton

What next for America?

This post was prompted by the CP feature “Pastor who says single Christians can have ‘mutually pleasurable’ sex doesn’t see Bible as God’s infallible Word” - by Leonardo Blair. Aug 23, 2016 - CP.

What next for America?

The Rev. Bromleigh McCleneghan, married mother of three and associate pastor for ministry with families at Union Church of Hinsdale in Illinois, argues in a recent book titled, Good Christian Sex, that single Christians can have sex as long as it's "mutually pleasurable and affirming." She says she doesn't regard the Bible as God's infallible Word, but rather sees it as a witness to Jesus, and also as “a historic document written in a particular time and place.”

We would assume that if this good pastor practices what she preaches, she will tell her daughters that sleeping with boyfriends is okay, because we must understand the Bible from our modern-day perspective. We would assume that her daughters will go on the pill, and that if an ‘oops’ should happen - well we don’t know what she thinks of abortion - but she may feel it to be the most practical thing to do under the circumstances. What about STDs, or GRID? That’s the real name for Gay-Related Immunodeficiency Disease, before it was changed to AIDS to pander to the gay agenda.[i] What about keeping yourself pure for your future husband? FULL POST

Posted 10/16/16 at 8:23 AM | Carrie Stoelting

Socialism Is Not the Answer

Today, the words of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill still resonate:

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."

Have you noticed? Socialism is seeping into our country. On the surface, socialism appears to offer advantages. But do not be deceived. It is a powerful hypocrite who steals freedoms.

Leaders like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have dedicated their lives to building up socialism and thereby tearing down freedom. One of their primary mentors was Saul Alinsky, a man who hated God and freedom. This man deceived many impressionable students. Tragically, his strategies and beliefs transform people into enemies of freedom.

While initially sounding like a good thing, socialism is like an abuser who buys wonderful presents yet steals freedom and inflicts injury. It cannot be tolerated! Indeed, it ultimately replaces freedom with tyranny.

Often, people who initially find it attractive have been hurt by hypocrisy within Christian circles. (Jesus Christ warned us about hypocrites, so it is nothing new.) But socialism represents a secular hypocrisy: Its goal is to replace God with government, which pretends to help but only does so to gain power for itself. (Of course there are various levels of socialism but in this edition we are just going to reference it in its general term.) Socialism lures people in through false promises of "protection", "wealth", and an "easy and fair" life. Don't be fooled by the "promises" of socialism. It will destroy you. FULL POST

Posted 10/14/16 at 7:37 AM | Michael Bresciani

The land of high perversion and dead babies goes self-righteous on Trump?

The techno-twinkled brains of the millennial minions are turning to mush while listening daily to the blather of our pundits, pollsters and political prognosticators, all while panting after Hillary.

Perhaps it’s time we listened to our prophets.

At the very least we should be listening to our wise men and those who remember the path of all the nations that have passed before us, rising and falling - without a clue.

The most humble of them are trying to pull us away from the clash of personalities to ponder the results of our mindless path. It is men like Tony Perkins who in an article entitled, “Trump or Hillary? A Choice with Life and Death Consequences” is calling us to see that we are approaching the demise of our nation not just the end of a colorful years long political side show.

Perkins says, “While conservatives don’t always share the same personal values as Donald Trump, we share many of the same concerns about the direction of our country. We share the same concerns about life, religious liberty, educational choice, control over health care, and a Supreme Court that will respect the Constitution. The choice could not be clearer.” FULL POST

Posted 10/13/16 at 7:40 PM | Mark Ellis

Report: ISIS filling moats with oil as battle for Mosul looms

ISIS using oil fires to ward off bombers

By Mark Ellis

Signals on the ground suggest the retaking of Mosul from ISIS terrorists is imminent, and in their desperate attempt to ward off “infidels” they are resorting to nefarious, medieval stratagems.

Christian ministries in the region are bracing for a massive humanitarian crisis resulting from the battle for Iraq’s second-largest city — still containing over a million people.

“We believe it’s going to happen very soon, because it’s already started,” a ministry director 59 miles from Mosul told Christian Aid Mission. “It will affect the whole city. Most of them are going to be driven out, because it’s going to be a tough war. There are a lot of ISIS fighters there, and they’re preparing.”

Men and boys have been coerced to take up arms and have been installing a plethora of defenses. FULL POST

Posted 10/13/16 at 12:16 PM | Karen Kramer

High Cost of Cheap Labor

Restricting immigration makes perfect sense, but then there are people like David.

David’s mother often repeated the stories about his German grandparents. To escape the aftermath of Seven Years War, Czarina Catherine II invited Germans to travel 2000 miles and farm the fertile slopes along Russia’s Volga River.

His grandparents took the invitation and then worked the ground tirelessly—David’s parents were both born there and married at 17. The crops yielded mostly misery as marauders frequently absconded with the harvest.

Then the political climate worsened under Bolshevik and Communist rule. The family fled Russia with a single trunk carrying their most valuable possessions—farm implements.

In England, they boarded a ship bound for America. The migrant family built a rustic home in the west—where David was born in 1904. Their homesteaded plot of fallow ground became abundant wheat land. By 1917, David handled more than most young teens. After his father’s fatal illness no one was left to manage the farm. His family depended on him. His older brother had been crippled by polio, leaving David to handle all the manual labor. FULL POST

Posted 10/11/16 at 9:07 AM | Todd Friel

What Christians Can Learn from the Cesspool of Donald Trump’s Mind

Undoubtedly (and unfortunately) you have been exposed to the lurid mind of Donald Trump as he exchanged “locker room banter” with Billy Bush. Christians should leave the political prognosticating to Rush Limbaugh, and perhaps learn the many lessons that the sewer of Donald Trump’s mind has afforded.

1. The religious right is dead; but it should never have been birthed in the first place. Christians are not the moral majority; we are a holy minority. We are not a political party; we are the church of Jesus Christ. When we accepted both monikers, we told the world, “We Christians are political animals.” We are not. We are the church of Jesus Christ (not of Latter Day Saints).

2. We are to make disciples, not political enemies. Voting for the Don is one thing; but endorsing, supporting, or defending him has made an enemy of the harvest field and compromised our Christian witness. Maybe it is time to carefully consider how and how much Christians talk about politics.

3. Mike Pence is a Christian brother, and I would not want to be in his shoes trying to defend a loutish running mate. Lessons in being unequally yoked for $500, Alex (2 Corinthians 6: 14). When you and I are seen as linking with any politician, we have committed the same error that Mike Pence has made. FULL POST

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