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Posted 2/5/16 at 1:02 PM | Michael Bresciani

Donald Trump a Poor Substitute for What America Really Needs?

“Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, riches take wing, and only character endures.” - Horace Greely

Any Christian messenger worth his salt has at some time in the last seven years called upon America to observe a very unique scripture passage. It is a clarion call to any nation that wants to find favor with God or return to better times. The passage never mentions getting a new leader because the business of renewing a nation is always done through its citizens. The passage is so familiar it almost needs no reiteration, but for the few who may have missed it:

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Ch 7: 14)

A deluge of articles have appeared in recent months written by Christian leaders and other serious pundits that give dire warnings about the rise of Trump. They range from articles that question Trump’s Christianity to a disgusting piece on Yahoo News about a statement Trump made publicly about his attraction to his own daughter Ivanka. FULL POST

Posted 2/1/16 at 7:13 PM | Stephen Mansfield

Religion & The Candidates: We Need to Know More

 The 2016 presidential race is being shaped by religion in a manner that is rare in American history. This has largely been the doing of the candidates themselves, who particularly in the run up to the Iowa causes have eagerly depicted themselves as the most devoted of religious believers. Yet journalists and voters cannot leave the matter of religion in the candidates’ hands alone. We need to know more about what they believe and how their beliefs will shape decisions in the Oval Office.

Americans have long become accustomed to the religious symbols and throw-away lines that so often attend presidential campaigns. Usually, there is video of the candidate attending church, Bible in hand. The phrase “God Bless America” adorns the end of nearly every speech. Always, there are the meetings with clergy, the speeches in Sunday services, and the assurances that God has guided the political journey.

We see all of these in the current presidential race, but there is likely far more to come. The reason is that in this 2016 race every leading candidate for president but one, Bernie Sanders, is an outspoken person of faith, comfortable if not insistent upon with blending religion with politics. On the Republican side, all the candidates claim to be Christians and half are evangelicals. On the Democratic side, there is Hillary Clinton, who is—much to the surprise of many Americans—among the most faith-based politicians of her generations. FULL POST

Posted 1/31/16 at 6:18 PM | Michael Bresciani

Report Card: The Donald Does Not Play Well with Other Children

After watching Bill O’Reilly urging Donald Trump to be forgiving in a back slapping, I’ve known you since eternity, we both give money to causes fest; only one memory remains in the mind. It is a picture of a fuming, angry, petulant almost pre-pubescent toddler in a tantrum picture of Donald Trump’s scowling face.

He was the picture of the pouting child that the world will see as all America.

Fox News host O’Reilly, nearly embarrassed himself on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 as he tried unsuccessfully to get Trump to reconsider his choice not to appear in the seventh Republican Debate.

When O’Reilly admonished Trump to consider the New Testament teaching on forgiveness, Trump fired back with the Old Testament call for “an eye for an eye.” There is little doubt that Megyn Kelley, Roger Ailes and perhaps even O‘Reilly would have to live with one eye if the Donald had his way.

It was abundantly clear that Donald could not be swayed; he was going to pick up his marbles and go home so the other children would not be able to keep playing. FULL POST

Posted 1/30/16 at 6:20 AM | Michael Bresciani

Is There a Test by Which Christians can choose the Best Candidate?

Starting with a clear definition of who is, and who is not a Christian, is needed to make this test possible.

Bible believing Christians, who take biblical doctrines seriously, may use this test, but apostate Christians and those who have caved to the immorality of the day are disqualified, not to mention disinterested, in such a test.

The bible clearly warns that a man’s words and his deeds must line up. In politics the words are changed slightly to a candidate’s record and his or her rhetoric. In either case it is a simple matter of the synchronization of a person’s words and deeds.

This is test one.

After checking to see if what they say and what they do is a match, we have second litmus test that not only could be applied, but for those seeking God’s guidance in today’s political climate – they must be applied.

The essence of the test is easy and it can best be seen in the following statement made by Jesus Christ to his own followers.

“For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father's, and of the holy angels.” (Lk 9: 26) FULL POST

Posted 1/29/16 at 5:02 PM | Sunny Shell

Dr. Everett Piper on 'Trumping Morality'

After a short hiatus from writing, I thought I'd kick off this new year by sharing an article from someone else.

Before today, I'd never heard of Dr. Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University and author of "Why I Am A Liberal and Other Conservative Ideas". But after hearing Janet Mefferd read Dr. Piper's article about why he will not be sliding down the evangelical slippery slope of Jerry Falwell, Jr., President of Liberty University and Pastor Robert Jeffress, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Dallas (who also endorsed Donald Trump), I was greatly encouraged and am now following him on Twitter.

Sometimes reading articles, tweets, and various social media posts about what "Christians" in America are saying and doing these days, often puts me in a somber mood. It seems our world is riddled with a soft, man-centered, and emasculated false form of Jesus. A false Christ that's all "love", but not righteous, holy or just, as opposed to what Scripture says about God in Jeremiah 9:23-24. So when I chance upon something like Dr. Piper's article, my spirit is encouraged and my heart leaps with joy and thanksgiving to God for His faithfulness! FULL POST

Posted 1/28/16 at 7:33 PM | Karen Kramer

Uncle Sam is not a Father

As I sipped coffee while sitting in the shop’s window seat, I observed a young mom huddled beneath the bus shelter across the street.

Holding onto her legs was a little boy bundled up against the rain, but nevertheless looking miserable.

I watched a bus rumble up and the two boarded. As they drove past, mom and boy looked as bleak as the rainy day. I wondered when life would get easier for them, if ever.

Apologies to women who are rightfully using the government benefits they desperately need to raise their kids. This isn’t about you. It’s about absentee fathers who are abdicating their responsibilities.

Instead of marrying the father of their kids, women have married state and federal programs just to be sustained in near poverty. And we see the results in our schools, community shelters, and prisons. Sorry, Uncle Sam doesn’t make a good father. FULL POST

Posted 1/27/16 at 8:04 PM | Brian Stiller

ISIS- Composite

What it is
ISIS (Daesh)* is a flowering thorn attached to a stem and rooted in a life-sustaining soil. ISIS is the bloom; an extremist messianic Wahhabism (Salafism) is the stem; a longing to return to radical Islamic tradition, to expel Western influence from the Middle East, and to launch global Islamic rule is its soil. To mix metaphors: “Daesh [ISIS] has a mother: the invasion of Iraq. But it also has a father: Saudi Arabia and its religious-industrial complex.”**

To say ISIS is not Islamic is disingenuous. But to tar all of Islam, and therefore Muslims, with this brush is like saying that Northern Ireland’s Protestant/Roman Catholic war represents all Christians or that Buddhist conflict in Sri Lanka or Myanmar is a sample of all Buddhists.

However, what is not understood is that ISIS’ roots reach back to the mid 1700s, from which emerged al-Qaeda in Afghanistan in the late 1980s and ISIS in Iraq in 2006. Today we live with news of violence on a grand scale and are horrified by its rise to global prominence. ISIS is both notorious and mystifying. Most Muslims too are scandalized by this vicious and bloodthirsty mob, bewildered by its expansion, and unsure of its future. FULL POST

Posted 1/27/16 at 1:50 PM | Mark Ellis

Jewish group predicts Obama will head U.N. after he leaves presidency

President Barack Obama speaking at the United Nations

By Mark Ellis

The editorial staff of The Jewish Voice predicts that Barack Obama will lead the United Nations after he finishes his current term as president of the United States.

“We bet our bottom dollar Barack Obama will get his next paycheck (from the U.N.) when he retires from his present job in 2017,” the editorial states. “He’ll assume the residence at Sutton Place, as its next Secretary General with all the perks he and his family are accustomed to, but this time at the expense of the world community.”

The editorial notes that most Americans probably cannot name the current secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon of South Korea. And few know that Kurt Waldheim, an Austrian with former involvement with the Nazis in WWII, headed the U.N. from 1972 until 1981.

“During his terms in office Israel was condemned and tarnished by the UN for its ‘brutal persecution’ of the Palestinians. And that continues to this date,” the editorial notes. FULL POST

Posted 1/26/16 at 6:39 AM | Michael Bresciani

Donald Trump Does Not Represent Christ, Christians or the Bible

In politics seeking the spotlight is part of the game – the spotlight can also become the floodlight by which all intents and purposes are revealed, it is then, that public scrutiny feels more like darkness than light.

It is Mr. Trump’s own words that are bouncing back to raise eyebrows and doubts. Some of it is silly, but all of it serves to cast a full picture of the man.

Last year we heard of youngsters around the nation being expelled from school for pretending to shoot a gun using their hands, or for drawing a picture of a gun.

We may get the students into good PC form, as silly as it is, but who is going to get the Donald into line? Is the idea of getting away with murder and still being a front runner his best example for America’s children?

Donald is seen at Dordt College making the hand symbol for a gun and saying, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, okay?”

Donald’s behavior is anything, but presidential it clearly says what he thinks of the average voter. In this context he may as well call his own followers and perhaps the entire nation – stupid. FULL POST

Posted 1/25/16 at 7:43 PM | Christian Post Guest Voices

Who Does God Want Me to Vote For?

So Who Should I Vote For?

Here is the proof I am not just a mushy moderate. I know some may be thinking I was safe discussing this concept in theory, but why did I have to talk about politics again? Why did I have to go here? It’s great to have this new insight regarding human disagreements, but what about the real world? What are we going to do about choosing the elected representatives who will lead our country? This is where I may upset some of you.

If the Holy Bible gave us the understanding of the male (conservative) and female (liberal) perspectives, it also has something to say about the kind of direction our nation should take. If you are still struggling with any of us receiving instruction from an ancient book, I would again suggest you read our book, “It Really Is God’s Book” to see some amazing and distinguishing facts that prove the validity of the Bible as the only authentic revelation of the one true God.

I must stipulate one caveat here that may irritate some. We need to have God’s Spirit to understand its mysteries. And we only receive His Spirit by surrendering our lives to Jesus Christ. When we meet the author, the book really makes sense. FULL POST

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