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Posted 3/26/15 at 8:22 PM | Mark Ellis

Babies born to kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls due to rape; one recent escapee says she knows where they are being held

Kidnapped schoolgirls

By Mark Ellis

It has been a year since the kidnaping of 232 Nigerian schoolgirls gained world attention. Sadly, the first babies born to the schoolgirls due to rape arrived in February. Four girls who managed to escape the terror group said they were raped almost on a daily basis, according to a report by World Watch Monitor (WWM).

The four girls said those who did not cooperate with the rebels faced severe punishment. Other girls captured previously who managed to escape said some girls were killed because they would not renounce their Christian faith, WWM reported.

Meanwhile, a woman recently released by Boko Haram reports she was held in the same location as the schoolgirls — Gwoza town in Borno state, according to the International Center for Investigative Reporting (ICIR).

Mbutu Papka, 56, was kidnapped in July 2014 and held by the insurgents for eight months in two locations. FULL POST

Posted 3/24/15 at 1:38 PM | Mark Ellis

Son of President Reagan says he’s not afraid to burn in hell

Ron Reagan

By Mark Ellis

The son of former President Ronald Reagan made a bold declaration of his atheism in a 30-second ad campaign by declaring he is “not afraid of burning in hell.”

Ron Reagan recorded the ad for the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), which ran a radio version last year on “The Randi Rhodes Show.” A TV version has been running more recently on CNN and also “The Daily Show.”

ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox decided not to run the ad, perhaps because they believe it may be offensive to their viewers.

In the ad, the 56-year-old son of the former president articulates his “unabashed” atheism. He avers that he’s worried “by the intrusions of religion into our secular government.” Then Reagan promotes FFRF, encouraging support for “the nation’s largest and most effective association of atheists and agnostics, working to keep state and church separate, just like our Founding Fathers intended.” FULL POST

Posted 3/24/15 at 12:06 PM | Michael Bresciani

Cruz Announcement at LU – Reaganesque Offering to a Crippled Nation

“This is our fight. The answer will not come from Washington. It will come only from the men and women across this country, from men and women, from people of faith, from lovers of liberty, from people who respect the Constitution. It will only come as it has come from every other time of challenge in this country, when the American people stand together and say we will get back to the principles that have made this country great. We will get back and restore that shining city on a hill - that is the United States of America.” - Ted Cruz, March 23, 2015 at Liberty University

Ted Cruz asked Liberty students to imagine a lot of things about America and most of them were connected to the nation’s original vision of freedom and opportunity. It would seem no one would find fault with such an exercise in restoration and patriotic revival, but as expected liberals and the indifferent found fodder to lob at the strongman of the Senate from the state of Texas.

With no notes or prompter Cruz dashed across the platform, fully animated, impeccably articulated and left nothing out of his announcement. He touched on every area of foreign and domestic policy and did not flinch when it came to the so called “hot button” social issues like marriage and abortion. FULL POST

Posted 3/20/15 at 11:13 AM | Michael Bresciani

Pop Culture or Prophecy? – There is no Contest

Cultural phenomenon has broad and ever changing definitions quite simply due to its ever changing nature. What is popular today will be forgotten tomorrow.

The word of God and its prophetic message will never change because it emanates from the heart of the Living God. Its definition alone indicates its immutability. All prophecy is the forth telling of the will and counsel of God for all time, past, present and future.

This generation, more than any in history has come to believe that a popular movement, notion or practice is given credence and substance by the sheer number of people that have chosen to accept it, adhere to it, or adopt it as their own.

The notion that so many people can’t be wrong is exposed by God’s word as the very opposite of what it is denoting.

“Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment.” (Ex 23: 2)

Popular ideas about who Christ is, theology and final judgement will always lead to a perverted and dangerous error that will cost more than a silly, drugged, dopey and sottish world really wants to pay. “There is safety in numbers” doesn’t work when we see that one day, all men will stand alone before the judgment seat of Christ. FULL POST

Posted 3/19/15 at 10:41 AM | Candice Lanier

Judicial Committee Approves Significantly Expanded Surveillance & Hacking Of Computers by the Feds

Photo Credit: informaticapertutti.net

The Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Criminal Rules has given the FBI the initial nod they will need in order to be able to bypass warrants in more cases and hack into any computer, anywhere in the world. The judicial committee voted 11-1 to revise the old federal rule which would broaden the FBI's hacking authority.

Referred to as Rule 41, the current provision allows judges to approve search warrants only for material within the geographic bounds of their judicial district. But the rule change would allow judges to grant warrants for remote searches of computers located outside their districts and when the location is not known. FULL POST

Posted 3/18/15 at 2:56 PM | Jonathan Falwell

Paying a Price for One’s Faith

“Do not marvel, my brethren, if the world hates you” – I John 3:13 (NKJV).

The world offers no friendship to Christianity or Christians. In recent weeks, we continue to see example after example of this truth as Christians in other parts of the world pay with their very lives for their belief in Jesus Christ. In our own nation, we do not see the same horrific types of persecution, but we do see Christians paying a steep, sometimes devastating price for advancing their faith.

Here are just a couple of recent examples. In what is being described as a “Soviet-style attack” on churches, the city of Lakeworth, Fla., has ordered churches to acquire a business license in order to operate. Liberty Counsel, which is representing one church in the city, says that a city investigator even attended a recent service under-cover with a hidden video camera. And in Lexington, Ky., after Christian businessman Brian Adamson told a homosexual-rights group that he would not print T-shirts for a gay pride event because the T-shirt message “conflicts” with his convictions, he came under fire. Even though he put event organizers in touch with another printer, he has been found guilty of discrimination against homosexuals. FULL POST

Posted 3/17/15 at 4:25 PM | Karen Kramer

Sexual Turmoil in the Locker Room

Men who consider themselves women are welcome to shower and dress in the women’s locker room at Planet Fitness. In a corporate decision, all fitness locations will allow locker rooms to be fair game for sexual predators. Here’s their statement:

Planet Fitness is committed to creating a non-intimidating, welcoming environment for our members. Our gender identity non-discrimination policy states that members and guests may use all gym facilities based on their sincere self-reported gender identity.

So in case you’re a member of Planet Fitness you shouldn’t be surprised if the opposite gender shares your private dressing quarters. Male sexual predators (disguised as gender-identifying women) can have an open season on unsuspecting females.

Of course, the reverse could be true with women entering the male dressing room domain. FULL POST

Posted 3/16/15 at 9:46 PM | Caleb Dexter

Mike Huckabee's Letter To Secretary John Kerry


Gov. Mike Huckabee wrote a message on his website to Secretary John Kerry on Monday (3/16/15), expressing his concern about Kerry's 'posture towards Israel'. Huckabee's letter happens to be a follow up from Kerry's appearance on CBS' "Face the Nation".

Here's the full letter in text:

March 16, 2015

Secretary of State John Kerry United States Department of State 2201 C Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20520

Dear Secretary Kerry:

I find your opposition to congressional oversight offensive and hypocritical and your posture towards Israel deeply disturbing.

Appearing on CBS News' “Face the Nation,” you described the letter forty-seven U.S. Senators signed and sent to Iranian officials regarding ongoing nuclear negotiations as “unconstitutional.” Congress has the constitutional responsibility to serve as a check-and-balance on the executive branch. As has been done with immigration, health care and many other issues, the Obama Administration is once again deliberately bypassing Congress and exceeding its constitutional authority. FULL POST

Posted 3/16/15 at 8:33 PM | Caleb Dexter

Tom Cotton Claims He Has No Regrets At All About Letter To Iran

CBS' Face The Nation

During an interview on CBS' "Face the Nation”, Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) stated that he has no regrets about sending a letter to Iran, informing them that any action taken against the Obama administration about Iran's nuclear program will positively be revoked by a near Congress or administration.

As many of us know, the letter to Iran was signed by Cotton and 46 other (Republican) Senators, and many of them have high judgement standing over them for sending the letter concerning Iran's nuclear program.

“Iran’s leaders need to hear the message loud and clear. Republicans are focused on stopping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon" said Cotton.

In order for Iran leaders to comprehend the message, Cotton stated that Congress must take control in enhancing any negotiations or deals with Iran. “I and many other senators have expressed our sincere intent that Congress must express its support for a deal." FULL POST

Posted 3/12/15 at 1:23 PM | Michael Bresciani

We think it’s a Trend – In Reality it is called Reprobation

In times past it may have been true that you could lead a horse to water even if you couldn’t make him drink. Today, it may be counterproductive, politically incorrect, not trendy or just plain illegal to lead the horse to water.

UC Irvine executive cabinet vetoed a resolution banning the American flag in all student government offices. Some sixty members of the faculty still believe the ban should be in effect citing the times throughout history when the flag represented colonialism or imperialism. Also noted was the notion that the flag may create xenophobia or racial bias among the pampered PC students whose feelings must be regarded as inclusion and diversity are given their due reverence.

A generation long effort to kick God out of the halls of academia is now in its advanced stages where even the by-products of America’s Christian foundations are being tossed, such as the constitution and any semblance of national pride.

Southern California’s KTLA5 posted an article and video on March 10, 2015 declaring that the ban may be causing a possible ‘threat of violence’ on the campus. No one can say for sure if the faculty or students would be willing to take bumps and bruises to make their point, but for millions the of Americans it’s too late to stop the ‘threat of stupidity’ – it has already erupted. FULL POST

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