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Posted 7/7/15 at 10:09 AM | Karen Kramer

Welcome To My World

While there are thousands of hard-luck, bad-life stories, Candy’s life ranks up the list of tough ones. Bounced around in the foster care system, she never had the same home for more than 8 months—and that was the only year she finished school in a single classroom—3rd grade.

Emancipation came early. At sixteen she hit the streets looking for a job. She was teen-wise and street foolish. Years of sexual bondage, drug abuse, and self-hatred followed.

Candy longed for something she’d never had—security. A luxury would be hot showers and regular meals. In a grueling effort to break free from drugs, she endured the toxic aftermath of withdrawals—on her own. The body can heal from many wounds, the mind not so easily.

Without money for counseling to sort through a filing cabinet’s worth of issues, Candy decided she would never trust a man again. Sounded easy enough. If teens think life is hard with parents, try it without any—ever. FULL POST

Posted 7/6/15 at 9:08 PM | Zebulan

The Bigger Picture

The United States has changed a lot recently and I have to say that I'm a little taken back that people cannot see the warnings about this written by our founding fathers. We, as a people, have given up freedoms that our predecessors valiantly fought to obtain. It's been hard to explain this position to those that feel these are victories. Just looking at the short term gains rather than the big picture. I dare say that most seem happy if they get likes, don't cause controversy, and follow society's playbook word for word. You may not see it this way, you may see it completely differently, you may see the changes over the past week as only good things. That's the great thing about this country, we do not have to agree, we have tolerance for other viewpoints, we have rights under the law to disagree and express our disagreement, that was until this past week.

Yes, I realize many feel it's a small price to pay for what was gained. That what was given up means nothing compared to the new found rights granted. Maybe you do not even see anything given up, it doesn't affect you immediately, so why concern yourself? Why worry about other's when your goals were met? I guess my answer to that would be because those are some of the ideals that founded this country. The idea of the country was that it would be ruled by the people. That there would be equal representation for all laws. That our duly elected congressman would write the laws and if we didn't like what they were doing, we could vote them out of office. FULL POST

Posted 7/6/15 at 10:03 AM | Jonathan Falwell

Response to Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage

I made a statement Sunday at Thomas Road Baptist Church regarding the recent Supreme Court 5-4 ruling on Gay Marriage. I encourage you to watch it here: http://youtu.be/3s4sKYhef5s

Posted 7/4/15 at 4:57 PM | Damon Rambo

Posted 7/4/15 at 12:55 PM | Joseph Duffus

Independence Day for Presbyterians?

We celebrate Independence Day in America, our annual reminder that we are the "Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave."

Between bites of hot dogs, sips of beer or iced tea, and wide-eyed wonder at the fireworks that streak the night sky, Americans feel again a part of the unique experiment of a land and a people bound by that idea, if not all the same British heritage. For all Americans, this day surfaces the happy thought that our freedom is God's precious gift to our nation, and the sober thought that it was born by men signing with a steady hand what might well have become their own death warrant: the Declaration of Independence.

But after the Declaration was signed, the War for Independence continued for several more years, costing the blood of thousands of patriots and British soldiers to confirm what that document had boldly declared to be self-evident.

The spirit of independence remains in American hearts, through the trials of American history and the continual desire beating in the American chest to live free.

Many of the same signers of the Declaration would go on to participate in the creation of the US Constitution 15 years later. Their experience with local government included for many the diffused governing system of the Presbyterian Church, under which representation at the smallest level of a congregation would constitute larger deliberative bodies that would govern the connected church. About 30% of the signers of the Declaration, and about the same proportion of the delegates at the Constitutional Convention, were Presbyterians, the second-largest grouping behind Episcopal/Anglicans, including the great Alexander Hamilton. We Presbyterians are fond of pointing this out. FULL POST

Posted 7/3/15 at 8:38 AM | Karen Kramer

America Is My Chance

 At 6’10” he was the tallest bellhop we’d ever seen. His ebony skin was in stark contrast to his brilliant smile—which shone every time he apologized for his broken English. He carefully managed our suitcases and guided us to our hotel room.

We asked where he was from. He’d traveled from Kenya—wanting a new beginning in America. Working nights, he went to college during his days. “Take years to learn enough.” (Smiling broadly again) “Hard work brings good life.” He pointed to the ground and said, “America is my chance.”

America is our chance too. Let’s celebrate the opportunities and work through the challenges. We are America, one nation with many shades of the same color. And that color is called freedom. Let’s celebrate liberty—together.

Posted 7/2/15 at 11:53 AM | Damon Rambo

Detestable sin, False Love, and Repentance

Thomas Fuller quote

"Sin is no big deal. We are all sinners. Stop judging people!!"
There are some serious problems with this sentiment. If you don't hate sin, you are not a Christian. Sin brought death. Sin brings destruction. Sin destroys lives, and mutilates societies. Sin lies, whispering deceptively in our ears, "Don't you want to be happy? YOU are what is important....just do what makes you happy". In the end, though, happiness is not the result. The only wages you get for your labors in sin, is pain and death. The history of mankind is drenched with the blood brought by man's sin.

Most importantly, sin nailed the Lord of Glory to the Cross. When you are tempted to think about sin being "no big deal" or you are tempted to go "Oh well, we are all sinners", and dismiss the darkness and evil of sin out of hand, or treat it lightly, think for a moment about 9 inch nails being driven into hands. Think of spears being driven into a perfect side. Think on the fact that the Lord of heaven and earth had to bear excruciating pain and the wrath of God, to take care of that sin.

Sin is not cute, its not funny and its not irrelevant. Its not just a "mistake" nor is it just "failure to hit the mark" either(although these last two are partially true). Sin is the horrible, hateful, disgusting act, of the created subjects rebelling against, and expressing hate towards, our Creator. When we (notice, I said we) sin, we are shaking our fists at God, and demanding His throne for ourselves. FULL POST

Posted 7/1/15 at 12:30 PM | Jonathan Falwell

America at its Founding is a Stark Spiritual Contrast to America Today

As we approach July 4, the celebration of our nation’s independence, I want to hearken back to the days of America’s founding to show that we were clearly founded in Biblical Truth and established under godly principles that are being largely ignored and/or revised today. Let’s look at just a few examples.

In a speech to the Delaware Indian Chiefs (May 12, 1779), President George Washington said, “You do well to wish to learn our arts and ways of life, and above all, the religion of Jesus Christ.” President Washington also said this: “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.” Our first President clearly believed that God governed in the affairs of men and that man desperately needed God’s guiding light to preserve the nation.

Listen to the words of Samuel Adams, signer of the Declaration of Independence: “I … [rely] upon the merits of Jesus Christ for a pardon of all my sins.” And this: “We have this day [4th of July] restored the Sovereign to whom all men ought to be obedient. He reigns in Heaven, and from the rising to the setting of the sun, let His Kingdom come.” FULL POST

Posted 7/1/15 at 10:54 AM | Michael Bresciani

The ‘Magnificent Nine’ Provide a Litmus Test for all the 2016 Presidential Candidates

In a brilliant piece written by Garth Kant and published on WND, Mr. Kant has provided a comprehensive list of 2016 conservative candidates who support a constitutional amendment to reverse the recent insult of the Supreme Court on ‘homosexual marriage’ in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges.

Such an amendment would require a great deal of time and effort and only those who would fight to the last breath are going to consider it worth the trouble for the sake of the nation.

Americans are tired of listening to the candidates being placed on the liberal, conservative imaginary meter by analysts like Bill O’Reilly and others in such categories as left, far left, right extreme right et al. If candidates have declared that they will fight for the nation and include moral fiber along with jobs, border fences and a strong foreign policy – what more can we ask for?

President Barack Obama ran his campaign on a promise to change America, those who believed him, could not see that everything he has enacted or proposed in domestic or foreign policy would lead to the end of America. That is change, but it is not what they would have bargained for if they had an ounce of spiritual, moral and political discernment or savvy. FULL POST

Posted 7/1/15 at 8:04 AM | Karen Kramer

July 4th Terror Threat

According to former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, the White House should take seriously the terror threat July 4th represents in our nation. Ridge stated that it’s real, “I think it’s a permanent threat, I think this is a scourge with which we’re going to have to deal with…for the foreseeable future.”

Ridge also warned that unless we take the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) seriously and halt their expansion beyond Syria and Iraq, Americans will be living in the “reality of the new world.”

Echoing the terror threat seriousness was former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell. He alerted citizens to be aware and said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re sitting here a week from today talking about an attack over the weekend in the United States.”

House Homeland Security Chairman Mike McCaul indicated that our American independence celebration is occurring during a “confluence of events”. Besides the United States 4th of July festivities, it’s also the one-year anniversary of major ISIS territorial wins, and it’s the holy month of Ramadan—where some extremist leaders are asking for strikes against non-believers. FULL POST

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