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Posted 11/15/17 at 5:10 AM | Boris Dzhingarov

Where Should We Draw The Line On Monuments To The Past?

The resurgence of white supremacy in the United States is never more apparent than in the Charlottesville protest rally where a clash between the far right and the anti-fascists left one counter-protester dead and 19 others injured. The incident spurred officials of cities and towns across the country to consider removing Confederate statues and memorials erected in their domain.

Days after that violent rally, Baltimore took down four Confederate statues overnight without fanfare. Mayor Catherine Pugh cited her responsibility to protect the people of Baltimore and spare them from the pain of seeing constant reminders of persecution.

Elsewhere, similar actions were taken. The University of Texas in Austin moved four Confederate statues on its campus. In Durham, NC, anti-racist protesters did not wait for the decision of their local officials and took down a statue of a Confederate soldier, in defiance of a state law. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that a committee will review monuments on public property and remove all “symbols of hate.”
But, as government and school authorities attempt to maintain peace and solidarity in their communities, President Trump continues to promote racism with his reckless and inappropriate remarks after the Charlottesville rally. Democrats and his fellow Republicans criticized his response to the violent clash. Senators John McCain (R-AZ,) Lindsey Graham (R-SC,) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) denounced his statements, and made clear that there is no moral equivalence between the white nationalists and Americans against hate and bigotry.
The dispute on removing confederate statues in public places in the US is locked in impassioned arguments. Proponents for its removal claim that the display of these statues commemorate the institution of slavery and promote white supremacy. Confederate apologists argue that the statues are part of American history and heritage, and deserve to be memorialized.
As the national debate continues, some professors defend the presence of the monuments. Michele Bogart, professor of Stony Brook University in New York, says, “These are works of public art with complex and specific histories.” Alfred Brophy, a legal scholar, claims that removing the statues would “quite literally erase an unsavory but important part of our nation’s history.” FULL POST

Posted 11/13/17 at 11:50 PM | Dr. Melvin Johnson

Are We Being Ruled By A Class of Elites?

 As Democrats and Republicans play the "good cop, bad cop game," much of what we experience seems to be too much of the same. 

Source: Wikileaks images
Former U.S. presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barak Obama represent over forty years of leadership within the United States. However, each one of them played a role in the vision of having a global system of governance.

How long will it be before our “governing class” becomes our “ruling class, or has it happened already?” At least there is one group of people who see it this way (and perhaps even more!) This is what former president George W. Bush stated during the fund-raising concert for victims of hurricane Harvey as he lamented that “Our governing class has often been paralyzed in the face of obvious and pressing needs.”

Governing class? What governing class? Perhaps this explains so much of what is happening in America today. Maybe there has been an aristocracy that has slowly but certainly evolved and is now entrenched in Washington, D.C. itself. This class of people now believes that this nation’s future course can no longer be entrusted in the hands of the common folk, especially with the election of such an outsider of the likes of Donald Trump. Remember in his January 29, 1991 State of the Union Address, then president George Herbert Walker Bush (41) spoke so proudly of us one day coming into an era of a “New World Order.” Each of the former presidents who stood on that stage that night have been definite contributors towards reaching that state of existence—some more than others, but steadily and consistently in that direction. FULL POST

Posted 11/13/17 at 8:01 PM | Mark Ellis

Trump officials finalizing Israeli peace plan

President Trump with Prime Minister Netanyahu

By Mark Ellis

The Trump administration is completing a draft of an Israeli-Palestinian peace proposal based on a two-state solution, according to The New York Times.

U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman corroborated the Times story in an interview with the Jewish News Service (JNS.org) on November 12th.

“We’re working very hard on it,” he said of the peace proposal. “It’s hard to comment on it while we’re in the middle, because it’s delicate.” He added that more information about the plan will be publicized in “a few months.”

Friedman is part of a four-person team working on the proposal, along with President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt, and Deputy National Security Advisor Dina Powell.

The team is consulting with U.S. Consul General in Jerusalem Donald Blome, as well as others from the State Department and the National Security Council. FULL POST

Posted 11/9/17 at 4:30 PM | Michael Bresciani

Victims at First Baptist Church in Texas, Not Just Murdered - They Were Martyred

Many Americans especially Christians are now struggling to wrap their minds around the horrific slaughter of worshipers from the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas.

While it cannot bring back a single soul, nor will it alleviate all the suffering of the wounded, this writer, at last was able to see this as something more than just another act of terrorism with the help of two people I know.

Former military chaplain Dr. Gordon James Klingenschmitt who hosts a website and full scale ministry called “Pray in Jesus Name,” (PIJN) interviewed Matt Barber, former associate dean of Liberty Law School and publisher of the “Barbwire” website in a video that sheds serious light on the shooting.

After all the reports of carnage, motives, the shooters background, community reactions, visits from leaders and the usual call by the democrats for more gun control comes a clear voice with an explanation that can help us to understand what this horrible tragedy really means. FULL POST

Posted 11/9/17 at 4:10 PM | Mark Ellis

Egypt: Prominent lawyer cites national duty to rape women wearing revealing clothing

Unidentified woman attacked at metro center

By Mark Ellis

During a televised debate about a proposed bill that would toughen anti-prostitution laws in Egypt, a prominent lawyer, Nabih Wahsh, caused an uproar when he stated the following:

“Are you happy when you see a girl walking down the street with half of her behind showing?” he asked the audience on Al-Assema TV, October 19th.

“I say that when a girl walks about like that, it is a patriotic duty to sexually harass her and a national duty to rape her. What she allows herself to do constitutes depravity.”

Wahsh is not alone in his sentiments, which appear to be shared by many conservative Muslims – and some have acted upon their views.

On February 11, 2011 CBS News Correspondent Lara Logan was sexually assaulted by 200 men in Tahrir Square as she covered the toppling of President Hosni Mubarak. They stripped, raped, and beat the hapless reporter for 40 minutes before she was rescued by some Burka-clad women who also managed to summon police. FULL POST

Posted 11/7/17 at 2:21 PM | Carrie Stoelting

Veterans Day: Remember Our Heroes

Much like the modest veterans it honors, Veterans Day tends to quietly arrive and exit before the general public even takes note. Veterans Day is November 11. Are you ready?

With the inspiration and information held in this edition, you can be ready and able to encourage the veterans in your path. This should be a priority for every American.

It is time to honor and thank our nation's heroes. So many heroes are humble. They often look into the distance and say the real heroes are the "ones who didn't get to come back home."

When veterans say that to us, we frequently try to reply with this affirmative fact: We believe that all of the men and women who were willing to risk their lives for the sake of our freedom and safety are heroes.

Yes, heroes indeed. Each one should be thanked.

As authors/recording artists, we have had the privilege of meeting many veterans and speaking and various events throughout the country. As millennials, we also have observed firsthand how many people lack understanding and, consequently, appreciation for the magnitude of what our veterans have done for us. It is up to you and up to us to share the truth.

Teach your kids and grandkids about veterans. For example, tell them the story one hero at a time. To start, tell them about Col. George "Bud" Day, whose story is a riveting example of unstopped determination and heroism. FULL POST

Posted 11/6/17 at 2:10 PM | Marvin Thompson

A Christian Should Never Be a Republican

Rev. Mark H Creech laid out a very good argument for why a Christian cannot be a Democrat here.

Unfortunately, his implicit recommendation, that the Republican Party is for Christians, could not be worse. He laid out a number of reasons posited by Wayne Grudem, who, “in Politics According to the Bible, accurately describes the wide gap between Democratic and Republican principles which he says "involve a person's entire worldview and deeper spiritual commitments."

Needless to say, those differences are not as black and white as Creech seems to think, because increasingly, Republicans and Democrats share the same views on the very social issues that were once so divisive like Gay rights and abortion, and now even the role of government. A Lifeway poll in 2015 found that 70% of women who get abortions identify as Christians. In a May 3-7, 2017 Gallup poll, only 18% said that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances, while 29% thought it should be legal in all circumstances, and 50% thought it should be legal in most. Also, it is significant that Republicans are now championing the repeal of the death penalty which was once considered to be a biblical imperative for a godly society. FULL POST

Posted 11/6/17 at 12:44 PM | Michael Bresciani

America’s Economic Collapse – Revisiting a Dire Prophecy

It may seem inappropriate or ill-timed to discuss the portent of an economic collapse in America while at the moment GDP and other signs of growth are beginning to recover. President Trump is spearheading the most important tax break in modern history and likewise he is ready to revamp the IRS to help us cope with a decade’s long fiscal decline and the spiraling of the national debt.

Not Trump’s Doing

The predicted collapse won’t come because of Donald Trump, but in spite of him. The many reasons for a fiscal fall and the timing of it may not be completely clear, but there is every reason to believe that it is on track for the near future.

Charles Hugh Smith of the ‘Daily Reckoning’ also says Mr. Trump will not be the reason for the fall. In a piece entitled “The Fading Scent of the American Dream” Smith says, “This dynamic has yet to fully play out, but it will. Whatever you think of Trump, his election isn’t the problem; it’s merely a symptom of much deeper forces that will sweep our corrupt and rotten-to-the-core status quo into the dustbin of history.” FULL POST

Posted 11/2/17 at 6:01 PM | Karen Farris

The Informant

Thanks to the Informant, we’re going to get a glimpse behind the political curtain.

But, I for one, would not want to be the Informant. He’s outing Vladimir Putin. That guy has no mercy.

Ever read about what happens to opponents in Putin’s homeland?

This former lobbyist, now informant, needs round-the-clock body guards. And since one of Putin’s tactics is poison, watch over his food and drink.

The Informant will also be testifying before Congress about Hillary Clinton and the mysterious Uranium One deal—the $145 million dollars from Uranium One into the Clinton Foundation.

There are also details emerging about a $31 million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation and a certain company being acquired by Uranium One. While we hope this informant will live to tell what he knows, perhaps more looming questions are why does Russia need 20% of US uranium and can we trust Putin? After all, Russia is friendly with North Korea and “Death to America” Iran. FULL POST

Posted 11/2/17 at 3:13 PM | Mark Ellis

100th Anniversary of Balfour Declaration: ‘Greatest political crime in history?’

Alfred Balfour and copy of the Declaration

By Mark Ellis

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, a statement released by the British government during World War I declaring their support for the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine.

The Declaration was in the form of a letter dated November 2, 1917 from the U.K.’s Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community.

The letter amplified popular support for the eventual creation of a State of Israel. Critics will say it led to the ongoing Israeli–Palestinian conflict, which has stymied resolution.

To mark the occasion, the staff at Palestine TV acted as if they were grieving, dressing in black. The Palestinian Authority said it was “the most horrible crime in the history of mankind” and “the first organized state-terror,” according to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). FULL POST

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