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Posted 11/2/17 at 12:35 AM | crystal jerke

Chicago Style Meet 2018

Chicago Style Meet would be stepping on its 20th season next year amidst promising gymnasts, rows of cheering audience and immense expectations. One of the special highlights of the 2018 edition would be the stellar presence of 2016 Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist Laurie Hernandez. The star athlete would be on the first day of the esteemed Meet to inspire and motivate the participants.

Organized by Illinois Gymnastics Institute, Chicago Style Meet is the largest gymnastics competition for women in the world. As we have witnessed in the previous years, the coming season too will have participants from USA and abroad. It’s a USA Gymnastics sanctioned event and extends great opportunities for the rising gymnasts to flaunt their talent to the world.

Chicago Style Meet 2018 Date and Venue

The Chicago Style Meet 2018 would commence on February 9 and would finalize on February 11. Like every year, the 20th edition of the Meet would be hosted at Navy Pier, located at 600 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611. The venue covers a sprawling 170,000 sq.ft. competition arena across two Festival Halls. Both the halls house 6 gyms each that will accommodate 3 sessions daily. Overall, the Chicago Style Meet 2018 would host 54 sessions throughout the 3-day event. FULL POST

Posted 10/26/17 at 12:17 PM | Michael Bresciani

America: You Can’t Have Your Cake

You can’t have your cake and eat it too is an idiomatic proverb or figure of speech thought to have been used since the sixteenth century. It is the equivalent of saying, “you can’t have it both ways.”

Americans, it is said, are living in the most dumbed down generation in our history. College freshmen are reading at tenth grade high school level and knowledge of basic things like geography and history are an embarrassment to many from elementary to post grad school.

This may not be the time to expect that even common wisdom is enough for us to engage in to unravel the long list of daily social issues that produce a plethora of glaring contradictions, absurdities, non- sequiturs and incongruities.

In the simplest terms – Americans are not making sense any more. Let’s see.

The Atheists – Christian apolegetics is not needed to counter the arguments of the atheist. The idea that God does not exist only has merit if you are perfectly neutral about that belief. Logically, if you don’t believe in God you have a fifty percent chance of being right, but if you fight belief in God or God himself you have a one hundred percent chance of being a complete fool. FULL POST

Posted 10/25/17 at 3:30 PM | Michael Bresciani

Modern Man – In a Word

Americans and most of the west are adrift in a turbulent sea of opinions and hyper-nonsense both culturally and politically. Progressivism has reached its zenith and has transmogrified into regression-ism, in a word it has become – pitiful.

Evolution has left behind the fact that the millions of remains of humans in transition have never been found and while intra species evolution or what the Bible calls, “after its kind” has been detected, inter species evolution is yet nowhere to be found. In a word the evolutionary model has become – ridiculous.

Hope of travel to the stars comes with star treky promises of worm holes, slip streams, quantum leaps and warp drives that propel us out among the stars at nine times the speed of light. In fact, man’s immorality and our ability to get on without warring have far outpaced our meager technology. The promised return of Christ and the judgment of God will be here long before man can set his foot on another single planet. In a word, interstellar space travel is no more than a complete – fantasy. FULL POST

Posted 10/18/17 at 1:16 AM | Dr. Melvin Johnson

The National Anthem: A Moment of Solemn Sacredness

There has never been a nation that has made it possible for so much to have been done for so many within such a short period of time! Although many have sought to diminish its meaning and even destroy the very nation it represents, the flag of the United States of America and the National Anthem shall never be diminished nor defamed by those who do not understand its significance.

With all due respect to the men and women who have fought and died to keep this nation free and independent, I must take a moment to reflect upon what it means to have reverence for those things that actually mean so much: God, country and family. Each of these are also reflective of what the great symbols also represent, and inspires moments of solemn sacredness whenever they are presented. To illustrate a sincere respect reminds us how blessed we truly are even as Americans, and motivates some of us to go above and beyond common citizenship and seek to serve in the greatest military force the world has ever seen.

Growing up in a small southern Texas town during the final and last dying gasps of racial segregation still had not dampened the strong feelings of pride within me and my fellow schoolmates at the all-black Henry O. Tanner Elementary School in Brazoria. Attending this school during the early to mid-sixties just as much of a process for preparing young black kids for life in America as it was for academic education. The teachers and the community worked together to prepare us for citizenship even more so that our white counterparts because we were taught that “all people were created equal by God” … no exceptions. We knew that even as black people, we were full-fledged citizens in spite of the circumstances created by segregation and racist ideology.

One of the things we were taught was to respect the flag of the United States of America—Old Glory. At Henry O. Tanner Elementary School, the male students were taught how to care for the flag. We learned how to raise it on the flag pole in the morning, and lower it at the end of the school day. We were taught how to fold it with a care and reverence that somewhat felt that God himself with whack us across the bottom if we were to start horseplay and carelessly cause it to touch the ground. Then we would take it to the principal’s office where it was stored, and after careful inspection by Mrs. Cooper, would give her nod of approval (or disapproval) to place it in its proper place. If it was not folded correctly or to her liking, she would command refolding. But the flag meant something to us—something I would call sacred. FULL POST

Posted 10/17/17 at 6:35 PM | Mark Ellis

Kansas teen,15, escapes ISIS after five years in captivity

Kansas girl, 15, held by ISIS

By Mark Ellis

A Kansas girl taken by her father against her will to join ISIS in Syria has been freed after five years, and longs to rejoin her mother in the United States.

“I’m from Kansas and I’ve been in Syria for five years,” the young woman told CBS, which is withholding her identity because she is a minor.

Her father essentially kidnapped her. “My father didn’t tell us we were coming to Syria. When it was time to get out of the car and cross the border he was like, ‘You’re going to Syria.’

“It was a really big shock!” she told CBS.

Her father was later killed in the fighting, so she had to learn to survive on her own. She says she is a Muslim, but detests ISIS.

“We were prisoners. We were quiet. They said to shut up, stay in your house and have nothing to say. Be glad your head isn’t chopped off.” FULL POST

Posted 10/16/17 at 12:52 PM | Karen Farris

#Me Too #BeALifeline

Me Too is the latest social media awareness campaign. Type “Me Too” in your status and let your friends and family know that you’ve experienced some sort of unwelcome or twisted sexual advances.

Maybe it happened at school, work, or maybe in what should have been a safe sanctuary…your home. There are some awful stories behind Me Too.

Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein and his predatory practices gave birth to the Me Too campaign. But I wonder why the rich and powerful women’s champion Jane Fonda didn’t speak up—since for years she knew it was happening. As they say sometimes all evil needs is for good people to do nothing.

If the Me Too campaign could change predatory behavior, this would be celebratory.

But I imagine it will be as short-lived as the ice-bucket challenge for ALS.

Yet, this much is certain: our individual Me Too stories are a powerful testimony of how blurry the lines of propriety have become. And how wrong it is to face this anywhere at anytime. FULL POST

Posted 10/13/17 at 8:57 PM | Michael Bresciani

Can’t Legislate Morality – But Perversion and Wickedness are Perfectly OK?

Articles have no attractive colors and themes like book covers, so there is only one chance to grab the attention. It usually means that the stinger comes first and the explanation is what follows. In this article, the title may be all that’s needed.

Splash, shock and intense verbally directed themes thrive, even in a world where political correctness feigns itself to be the edge.

The adage that says, we can’t legislate morality was first attributed to a Scotsman educator and sociologist R. M. MacIver (1882–1970).

In the 60s it was again used by both Sen. Barry Goldwater and civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

My former pastor, Dr. Richard Land often said that while we cannot, legislate morality we certainly have to pass a lot of legislation - to curb the effect of immorality.

This is a new day.

It is immorality that is now being legislated on many levels.

Healthcare is expensive but death is now free!

Abortion is on the decline in the nation which is why it is so hard to understand the passage of house bill 3391 in the state of Oregon (33-23). Democrats control the house and that is what made Republican state representative Jodi Hack declare that the vote was, “the saddest day I have experienced in the Oregon Legislature.” FULL POST

Posted 10/10/17 at 6:52 PM | Dr. Melvin Johnson

NFL Players Disrespect Flag, But Bow to Soros

Though craftily manipulated, the one thing the NFL and other professional athletes have done was to bow to one person who relishes the very fact that they deplore the flag of the United States of America is a mysterious billionaire named George Soros. In their efforts to demonstrate against what it stands for by kneeling, the gladiators kneel to his rule and domain.

It is he who admittedly sees himself as a “kind of god,” must also feel the power of his will to bring down not just America, but the world itself in order to continue the dreams of his own father—to create a one world society, complete with its own unique language known as Esperanto. In fact, George’s actual name was supposed to have been Schwartz, but his Jewish father Tividar changed the family’s name to Soros, which in the Esperanto language means “to soar.” in his 1991 book Underwriting Democracy, Soros said: “If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood,”

Although and atheist, Soros has also described himself as being similar to the God of the Old Testament. He believes that he and Jehovah share some of the same attributes. In addition to being “some kind of a god,” he envisions himself of being “the creator of everything.” Like God, Soros adds, “[Y]ou know, like invisible. I was pretty invisible. Benevolent. I was pretty benevolent. All-seeing. I tried to be all-seeing.”
Soros is Hungarian, born in Budapest in 1930 and by the time the Nazi war machine had begun its campaign to identify and eventually begin the systematic extermination of the Jewish race and others, Tavidar had arranged to divide his children among non-Jewish friends and business associates. He paid them bribes to conceal their Jewish background. George’s “godparents” took care of him and at the age of fourteen he sometimes accompanied his godfather on his routes to deliver deportation notices to the Hungarian Jews, and confiscate their property on behalf of the German government. FULL POST

Posted 10/6/17 at 8:28 PM | Caleb Davisson

Should Christians be Social Justice Warriors?

Should Christians be Social Justice Warriors (SJWs)? The question may sound like a no-brainer. Of course Christians should be SJWs! Taking care of the poor and promoting equality are Christian pastimes, right? After all, didn't Jesus preach social justice?

It is true that the Bible shows a great deal of concern for the poor, widowed, orphaned and foreigner. This should not be overlooked. If a person regularly reads the Bible they will be regularly reminded that they have a duty to bring love and justice to their fellow humans. But the Bible's view of social justice and the SJW view of social justice are incompatible. Here's why:

SJWs reject the concept of sin and believe that humans are by nature good:

This is a key SJW belief. Since SJWs believe that humans are basically good they are inclined to place the blame of evil and injustice upon societal issues rather than individuals. SJWs insist that power structures cause oppression and oppression leads to civil strife. With this mindset, the SJW can view the criminal as a victim.Those with a Biblical mindset see crime as a result of sinful hearts which create selfish desires.

The people around Jesus were eager to blame their problems on social injustices, but Jesus never took the bait. Jesus never pointed an accusing finger to Roman structural injustices or inequality. During Jesus' ministry the Roman governor of Israel, Pontius Pilate, executed a group of Galilean Jews at the temple where he mixed their blood with the blood of the daily sacrifice. Jesus' comment on this sacrilegious atrocity is revealing. Jesus could have taken this event as an opportunity to speak against the pagan injustices of the ruling class which caused suffering among the Jews, but instead Jesus says something shocking to his audience: "Repent, or you too will perish." (Luke 13:3) FULL POST

Posted 10/5/17 at 12:42 PM | Michael Bresciani

Does the Bible Speak of Terrorism? - Difficult Theology America Does Not Want to Face

Americans have a generally weak understanding of sound Biblical theology. This is evidenced in our academic curriculum, movie and media depictions of God, the church and ministers, and in the common wisdom of the day.

We have many books and teachings on the difficult subject of why bad things happen to good people, but we also generally reject the idea that bad things will happen to bad people. We talk of karma like it was a simple equation without any connection to a sovereign God who watches over the earth and intervenes in a scheduled and specific way.

Atheists don’t believe God exists - those that do - think he is like Santa Claus or a doting grandparent. Others think he is just too heavenly involved to be bothered with the affairs of men.

Both are mistaken, but even the most biblically grounded believers often mistake the reasons for the calamities that befall men as individuals and in communities, nations or globally.

That God allows troubles is generally understood, but that he calls for them in equal and direct proportion to our sinful disobedience is rejected more often than not. We want to believe that the lion has no teeth, but we continue to feel the deadly bite and our bewilderment and confusion is what follows. FULL POST

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