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Posted 3/29/17 at 6:07 PM | Mark Ellis

Why does Israel have the highest rate of this lymphoma?

Dr. Ora Paltiel (right) with Palestinian researchers

By Mark Ellis

For the life of a creature is in the blood…” Leviticus 17:11

Many were startled in 2012, when it became evident that Israel ranked first in the world in the rate of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). This cancer of the blood is the fifth most common malignancy in Israel and the eighth most common malignancy among West Bank Palestinians, according to Israel 21C.

A new study has shed light on the risk factors for the disease among Jewish and Arab groups.

Israeli and Palestinian researchers, led by Dr. Ora Paltiel, director of the Hebrew University-Hadassah Braun School of Public Health, conducted a study among 823 Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs with B-cell NHL and 808 healthy people as a control group.

The study revealed that in the Jewish and Palestinian populations, overall B-NHL was associated with recreational sun exposure, black hair-dye use, a history of hospitalization for infection, and having a first-degree relative with a blood cancer, according to Israel 21C. FULL POST

Posted 3/23/17 at 12:05 AM | Lara Sen

Why indoor robots for business Spaces Are Big Thing in the Robotics field

Project funding for the robotics field has blasted by above 10x over last 6 years as well as does not show any stopping signs. Majority of this spending has been entirely focused on usual suspects, including warehouse automation, logistics, surgical robots, healthcare robots, autonomous cars, agriculture, drones and robot arms for the manufacturing process.

But after spotting into the field of robotics when I set out for launching my individual robot firm, Cobolt, established previous year and that came out of the stealth now, I became converted that a new rising segment exactly about to turn into the fastest-developing in future. Autonomous usual robots used for the commercial spaces or environments.

For several years, the term “autonomous indoor robots” directly destined one of 2 domains including material handling or manufacturing robots in warehouses & factories and normal residence robots. These kinds of robots sit properly on the opposite ends of “structured spaces” range:

After some years, robots in warehouses and factories extremely structured atmosphere significantly, automation engineers changed the atmosphere as well as kept individuals at the length of arm consequently the robots can perform the repetitive jobs in the relative seclusion. With the advances in mapping and compliant manipulation, this kind of equation is gradually changing. FULL POST

Posted 3/20/17 at 6:24 AM | Lynn Joesph

Tracking Phone Call Made Easy with These Key Tips

Katherine, a marketing communication executive in a renowned multinational company, was the star performer of the firm and apple of the eye for her colleagues. She was very professional, beautiful and quite a few friends left no stone unturned to woo her. There were some other people in the company who secretly admired her. She used to receive frequent black calls and messages from unknown numbers. Getting irrigated by all these activities, she finally hired a detective. The very first thing he enquired from Katherine was whether she was getting calls from a mobile or landline number. After knowing that, he with the use of the call tracing devices, helped her to nail the culprit in no time.

Are you also sailing in the same boat? Do you get unwanted calls and lewd messages at unearthly hours? Don’t have any idea about how to trace the caller? There is no need to get stressed as there are lots of quality trace phone calls devices or software available nowadays that make the task of locating the phone number and also the location of unknown called super easy. FULL POST

Posted 3/14/17 at 1:21 PM | Brian Wallace

How Do Your Glasses Work?

Glasses work by bending light waves so they hit where they are supposed to, making object appear crystal clear. Learn more about how glasses work to correct your vision!

Posted 2/20/17 at 3:10 PM | Mark Ellis

DNA error correction points to existence of God

Brian Johnson with South Dakota Apologetics

By Mark Ellis

At the macroscopic level, the heavens declare the glory of God, the psalmist declares. But at the microscopic level, the same glorious handiworks of a Creator are displayed in wondrous ways.

“The molecular machines that are working inside each of our bodies at this moment scream of a designer,” Brian Johnson, one of the founders of South Dakota Apologetics, told writer and apologist Sean McDowell recently.

Those intricate, highly complex machines inside the cell are something Darwin could not see when he developed his evolutionary theories.

“If more Christians understood the beautiful structure of how the different processes within our bodies function I know it would not only strengthen their faith but would give them a much greater sense of just how amazing God’s creation really is,” he noted.

Sadly, many students are not exposed to the evidence for Intelligent Design since most pubic schools only teach Darwinian evolution. FULL POST

Posted 2/16/17 at 1:30 PM | Jerald Washington

As in the Days of Noah: Human Pig Hybrid Created in Lab Transhumanism and Genetic Manipulation

Just recently controversial scientist attempt to create revolutionary human-pig hybrid, by injecting human stem cells into pig embryo. This is the latest example, that we're seeing the Days of Noah all over again, as in the days of Noah man begin to manipulate human and animal genetics.

Posted 2/6/17 at 12:00 PM | David Fournier

Web design 2017 – What to expect from the websites of tomorrow

Age responsive design, De-Linearity and failure mapping are just some of the keywordsyou will come across when searching for the web design trends in 2017.

In order to build the perfect website for your business today, you should look into the web design trends of the future. And as with any development in the IT world, the future is just around the corner! The first fundament you will need to consider is the “mobile first” approach. In 2015, the global amount of those people accessing the WWW via a mobile device overtook those surfing from their desktops. As a result, web designers and marketing agencies changed their tactics from mobile-friendly to mobile-first websites. Not the desktop sets the standards for the design of the site, but mobile devices, like smartphones and tablet computers. Designers first create a “small” version of the website and then convert the lay out and navigation to the big desktops screens. At a first glance, this might look like a step back for the companies presenting their products or services on the internet, but this approach is actually positive. They can only showcase the essence of their core content, making it clearer for the user and thus more effective. FULL POST

Posted 1/31/17 at 6:30 PM | Mark Ellis

Elon Musk’s ‘Matrix-like’ plans to install computers in human brains

Elon Musk

By Mark Ellis

Tesla and Space-X tech mogul Elon Musk has strong opinions about artificial intelligence (AI), suggesting that AI may “summon the demon” that will put humanity at risk or turn us all into the house pets of machines.

He believes AI may be even more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

To fight the perceived dangers, Musk is planning to unveil new computers that can be placed directly in human brains, what some call “neural lace.” The phrase was first conceived by science fiction writer Iain M. Banks and refers to a way of interfacing computers directly with human thoughts.

In a January 25th tweet, Musk confirmed his firm is working on neural lace and he promised to reveal details of their research in February.

Neural lace is essentially a wireless mesh that can serve as an interface between a computing device implanted into the brain and the brain’s biological circuitry. The neural lace could potentially be programmed to control chemicals released by the brain’s neurons, enhancing intelligence, memory, and other functionality. FULL POST

Posted 1/31/17 at 12:01 PM | David Fournier

5 Digital Marketing Trends that will Repeat Itself in 2017

There are two things similar between fashion and marketing, one is their dynamic and ever changing nature and the second is their trends. While there are some new trends every single year, there are a few trends that are absolutely constant; again there is that group of trends that keeps repeating themselves from time to time. Here we are to speak about those digital marketing trends of 2016 that proved to be extremely successful and will be repeating their success stories in 2017 as well.

Importance of Digital Marketing:

Products and services are not introduced to consumers over night, especially when businesses want to sell them online. Businesses have to come up with strategic and result driven digital marketing campaigns and promote their offerings on leading social media platforms and other sites to allow their products and services come in contact with the online consumer’s notice. Here is where the role of a number of digital marketing tools and tricks come into play. Some of the most potent tools of digital marketing include- social media, PPC (Pay Per Click marketing), Video Streaming, sponsored ads, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and most importantly content marketing with the help of leading blog, paper and college essay writing service. These tools and hacks help businesses spread the word about their product and services and turn their business goals into actual profitable outcomes. FULL POST

Posted 1/30/17 at 11:14 AM | David Fournier

Influencer marketing tool- Best strategy to attain success in business

When it comes to devising a new marketing strategy for your business, it is always the best to go with the most innovative thought. One of the best options is to explore the benefits of influencer marketing. Actually, this influence marketing is an innovative method to consider that mainly focused on several important marketing efforts towards the major leaders who have a clear influence over the potential customers. Instead of marketing directly to the larger audience, you can direct the marketing activity to the influencers who ready to provide your brand’s message to the desired audience.

All you have to do is to find influencers who capable to attract, engage and convert the prospects into buyers for your businesses. Basically, targeting and engaging with the influencer can be a quite difficult task. Once you decide to integrate with the influencer marketing strategy to your existing marketing mix, it is very important to have a sound understanding of your goals as well as objectives. This influencer marketing mainly consists of four activities. Initially, you have to determine the right influencer for your business and they have many faces such as bloggers, activists, journalists, industry analysts, celebrities and professional advisors. FULL POST

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