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Posted 9/20/16 at 2:23 PM | Brian Wallace

Your Native Language May Affect How You Perceive Colors

Linguists have long thought that your native language could have an effect on how you see. Learn more about how language affects color perception from this infographic!

Posted 9/15/16 at 8:05 PM | Mark Ellis

Stunning find: 3,000-year-old stone from Israel’s High Priest with mysterious inscription inside

Professor Moshe Sharon examines stone

By Mark Ellis

A small onyx stone, said to be a gift to a Knight Templar over 1,000 years ago and handed down within a family, may actually be what the owner asserts: a gem originally worn by the High Priest in Jerusalem.

The astounding report – corroborated by a number of independent experts – was contained in a story by Adam Berkowitz in Breaking Israel News.

According to the Talmud (Yoma 21b), the precious stones worn on the High Priest’s garments were lost when Jerusalem was sacked by the Babylonians.

There were 12 stones mounted on the breastplate of the High Priest and two sardonyx stones fixed in gold settings on the shoulders of the High Priest.

“And you shall put the two stones on the shoulder-pieces of the ephod, as stones of memorial for the sons of Israel; and Aaron shall bear their names before the Lord on his two shoulders for a memorial.” Exodus 28:12 FULL POST

Posted 9/6/16 at 11:19 AM | Brian Wallace

Why Green Tech Matters

Most of our energy comes from sources that make the Earth a less hospitable place for us. Learn how green tech can help from this infographic!

Posted 9/2/16 at 10:10 AM | Brian Wallace

How Fashion Polutes

Spending too much money on clothing doesn't just hurt your budget, it also hurts the Earth. Learn more about sustainable fashion from this infographic!

Posted 8/11/16 at 1:20 AM | David Fournier

Why You Need a Good Online Presence and How to Build It

Creating and maintaining a good online presence is a must in today’s internet age. Almost everything you’re trying to accomplish offline will be influenced by your online presence one way or another. Your online presence includes your social media page, your website or blog, and everything you do online. There are 3 main reasons why you need a good online presence.

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It Says a Lot About You

When you apply for a job, chances are the recruiters search your full name on Google Search at some point. Whatever they see in return will greatly influence the decision to hire you. You may have forgotten about that rant you wrote about your former employer, but the internet never forgets. FULL POST

Posted 8/2/16 at 1:07 PM | Brian Wallace

How Computers Have Changed Over Time

The computers we take for granted today have evolved over many decades. Learn more about the evolution of computer science from this infographic!

Posted 7/22/16 at 5:28 AM | David Fournier

How SiteGround outshines other Hosting Platforms?

What is SiteGround?

SiteGround was founded in the 2004 and since then there is no looking. The popular webhosting company, hosting over 4 millions domains worldwide is definitely a thing to look at and choose. It has almost all the essential features to be termed as the king. Moreover, the SiteGround reviews have proved that it is favorite of all. How? Lets learn the features that top the list of customers and users:

Quick uptime

Most of the hosting companies claim themselves to be the king of uptime but fall short when it comes to delivery. One of the mentions in SiteGround reviews is that they take little time to display their monthly uptime to their current users as well as the soon to be users on the website. They have recorded an uptime of 99.9% which means very quick and in that, the company has received a 30 day no downtime. This speaks of their professionalism and delivered high customer satisfaction for the users. Be confident of the hosting company on what it will deliver.

It gives the top support team

Another prominent mention is that SiteGround provides a lighting fast support. In most of the companies, reaching the service team is difficult talk. However, this web hosting platform’s team is available for 24/7 online live chat. This provides a response time of less than a minute accessible throughout the day. Call support is also ready round the clock. Not only they can help you with the hosting related issues but they also offer assistance on CMS relevant problems. The expert team will dig into your site, find the problem and then fix it. FULL POST

Posted 7/14/16 at 8:17 AM | Michael Bresciani

Has Modern Science Fallen to PC Quackery – Is Nothing Safe?

This story began about a generation ago when scientific hyper-fluff was introduced under the watchful eye of Uncle Charley Darwin who happened to see a slight difference in the beaks of Galapagos’ finches. This apparition was then mixed with a whole lot of secularist anti-God sentiment and voilà – we all came from monkeys.

It takes no genius, no string of letters behind a name and certainly no serious thinking to see that in one hearty good old fashioned, one – two – three, the whole matter could be given the heave-ho.

C’mon secularists – give it up. It is not the story of Adam and Eve you are bucking it is your own refusal to see the noses on your faces. Perhaps the puckering lips stuck to Charley Darwin’s posterior are obscuring your view.

1. If there is no creator, where did the particulates and gases that created the “big bang” come from? Even harder to answer if you don’t believe in a creator, but go ahead, take all the time in the world you need, you know, that stuff you say created all the stars, the planets and the worlds you insist must exist elsewhere as well.

2. Must we saturate our senses with pot and other psychotropic drugs to expand them in order to take in the mathematical impossibilities of millions of species of aquatic life and animals and plants coming together in all their ecological balance and glorious presence out of a combination of pure chance and billions of years of time - no intelligence involved! FULL POST

Posted 7/14/16 at 6:29 AM | David Fournier

6 Innovative Twitter Marketing Tools Every Social Media Manager Needs

Social media marketing is the buzzword in online circles today. Every marketer is going gaga about social media though most of them were not too enthusiastic about the place of this platform in business. Just like every new marketing system, social media managers face new challenges every day. This platform is hitherto untested and the techniques that have been tried over the last one decade have been largely trial and error.

Brands are falling over each other trying to outdo each other on social media leading to more challenges. Among the challenges you face as a social media marketer is the volatile nature of this platform; one minute your brand is trending and the next minute it is being trolled for a goof.

Twitter As the Ultimate Social Media Platform

Twitter has established itself not just as a social platform but as a social media marketing tool for businesses today as well. Check the statistics; 310 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs), 100 million users log in daily and 83% active users on mobile. This makes Twitter the best social media tool for marketers. However, it comes with its own unique challenges, top most being the fast changing tweets and need for immediate visibility. FULL POST

Posted 7/7/16 at 11:05 AM | Brian Wallace

In Moderation, Alcohol Can Help Your Health

Alcohol can boost your mood and protect against heart disease, but only if you use it in moderation. Learn more about the positive effects of alcohol from this infographic!

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