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Posted 7/22/16 at 5:28 AM | David Fournier

How SiteGround outshines other Hosting Platforms?

What is SiteGround?

SiteGround was founded in the 2004 and since then there is no looking. The popular webhosting company, hosting over 4 millions domains worldwide is definitely a thing to look at and choose. It has almost all the essential features to be termed as the king. Moreover, the SiteGround reviews have proved that it is favorite of all. How? Lets learn the features that top the list of customers and users:

Quick uptime

Most of the hosting companies claim themselves to be the king of uptime but fall short when it comes to delivery. One of the mentions in SiteGround reviews is that they take little time to display their monthly uptime to their current users as well as the soon to be users on the website. They have recorded an uptime of 99.9% which means very quick and in that, the company has received a 30 day no downtime. This speaks of their professionalism and delivered high customer satisfaction for the users. Be confident of the hosting company on what it will deliver.

It gives the top support team

Another prominent mention is that SiteGround provides a lighting fast support. In most of the companies, reaching the service team is difficult talk. However, this web hosting platform’s team is available for 24/7 online live chat. This provides a response time of less than a minute accessible throughout the day. Call support is also ready round the clock. Not only they can help you with the hosting related issues but they also offer assistance on CMS relevant problems. The expert team will dig into your site, find the problem and then fix it. FULL POST

Posted 7/14/16 at 8:17 AM | Michael Bresciani

Has Modern Science Fallen to PC Quackery – Is Nothing Safe?

This story began about a generation ago when scientific hyper-fluff was introduced under the watchful eye of Uncle Charley Darwin who happened to see a slight difference in the beaks of Galapagos’ finches. This apparition was then mixed with a whole lot of secularist anti-God sentiment and voilà – we all came from monkeys.

It takes no genius, no string of letters behind a name and certainly no serious thinking to see that in one hearty good old fashioned, one – two – three, the whole matter could be given the heave-ho.

C’mon secularists – give it up. It is not the story of Adam and Eve you are bucking it is your own refusal to see the noses on your faces. Perhaps the puckering lips stuck to Charley Darwin’s posterior are obscuring your view.

1. If there is no creator, where did the particulates and gases that created the “big bang” come from? Even harder to answer if you don’t believe in a creator, but go ahead, take all the time in the world you need, you know, that stuff you say created all the stars, the planets and the worlds you insist must exist elsewhere as well.

2. Must we saturate our senses with pot and other psychotropic drugs to expand them in order to take in the mathematical impossibilities of millions of species of aquatic life and animals and plants coming together in all their ecological balance and glorious presence out of a combination of pure chance and billions of years of time - no intelligence involved! FULL POST

Posted 7/7/16 at 11:05 AM | Brian Wallace

In Moderation, Alcohol Can Help Your Health

Alcohol can boost your mood and protect against heart disease, but only if you use it in moderation. Learn more about the positive effects of alcohol from this infographic!

Posted 6/28/16 at 1:36 PM | Brian Wallace

State Of The Earth

The Earth may not be able to withstand infinite population growth, according to the latest calculations. Learn more about scientists' projections from this infographic.

Posted 6/8/16 at 9:39 PM | Greg Holt

Politically Correct Lies: the Big Bang Theory, Evolution, and There is NO God

It’s funny how many will grasp at straws and see reason in illogical thought processes. People will believe outright lies and falsehood rather than believe the truth. Anything that lets a person hold on to the belief that there is no God – many will embrace and defend these beliefs even with undeniable proof that these beliefs are incorrect. Atheism is a prime example of this.

Creation itself and the things that reside within said creation fairly scream; there is a God! I have even heard it said that intelligent design does not necessarily reflect that God is responsible for said design. Really now, who then is? No human could have designed Creation let alone the things in it – like humans.

Creation VS the Big Bang Theory

“Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing, spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist.”
Stephen Hawking – The Grand Design FULL POST

Posted 6/7/16 at 8:13 PM | Mark Ellis

Noted physicist says string theory suggests we’re all living in God’s matrix

Dr. Michio Kaku

By Mark Ellis

Theoretical physicist, futurist, and bestselling author Michio Kaku has developed a theory that points to the existence of God using string theory.

String theory assumes that seemingly specific material particles are actually “vibrational states.”

His view about intelligent design has riled the scientific community because Dr. Kaku is considered one of its most respected and prominent voices. He is the co-creator of string field theory, a branch of string theory.

“I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence,” he stated, according to the Geophilosophical Association of Anthropological and Cultural Studies.

Dr. Kaku has continued Einstein’s search for a “Theory of Everything,” seeking to unify the four fundamental forces of the universe—the strong force, the weak force, gravity and electromagnetism. FULL POST

Posted 5/31/16 at 11:00 AM | Brian Wallace

Current Research Into Psychiatric Drugs

There has been a new wave of research done into the efficacy of LSD as a treatment for certain psychiatric disorders, as outlined in this infographic. You might be surprised what researchers have learned!

Posted 4/19/16 at 9:00 AM | Mike Keas

Richard Weikart on the Revealing Inconsistencies of Scientific Materialism

Historian Richard Weikart's new book, The Death of Humanity: And the Case for Life, is an important study of the erosion of the most basic values in the Judeo-Christian tradition of the West. Many things are striking about Weikart's powerful treatment of his subject, but I noted, in particular, his discussion of some statements from atheist biologist Richard Dawkins. These statements have a curious, persistent, and revealing inconsistency to them.

Here is Weikart, for example, on a 2007 interview with Dawkins:

[C]onsider how Richard Dawkins responded when Larry Taunton asked in an interview if his rejection of external moral standards meant that Islamic extremists might not be wrong. Dawkins replied, "What's to prevent us from saying Hitler wasn't right? I mean, that is a genuinely difficult question." Taunton admitted that he was stupefied by Dawkins's answer -- as he should have been. Anyone who thinks that making a moral judgment about Hitler is difficult has lost their moral compass completely and has no business pontificating about any moral issue (or proclaiming that he has discovered the "root of all evil" -- which is what he called religion, of course). (p. 80) FULL POST

Posted 3/3/16 at 12:41 AM | selwyn perry


This article, 'The sexual revolution', is based on factual evidence. (Copyright March 2016, Selwyn Perry) Permission is required to publish this article and remains the exclusive copyright of Selwyn Perry, author and publisher of SPCB.

Permission given to The Christian Post by Selwyn Perry

The first major changes occurred in the 18th century when land closures forced people off the land to live in towns and work in factories. This was a mass movement of people who left behind them a simple agrarian society where they lived off the land and where home and work were in one place. But in the town or city home and work were driven apart. No longer was it possible to work at home, spinning yarn or operating a hand loom; no longer possible to grow vegetables on the common land shared by the village, or have a goat, a lamb or hens in the backyard. Home was a cottage where a woman had her babies and weaned them, managed her household, her husband, spun yard, prepared meals, educated her children attended church, cared for the sick and did a thousand and one other duties: keeping the cottage clean, washing and ironing clothes, baking bread, cooking etc. Her husband worked on the land, or he was a tradesman, a blacksmith, a builder. Together, his wife and he kept the family together through spring, summer autumn and winter, sharing the work and the pleasures of family life. His wife was not his chattel or his servant but his lover and she worked just as hard as he did if not harder. FULL POST

Posted 2/26/16 at 9:52 AM | Mike Keas

New Online Video & Intensive 9-Day Seminars on Intelligent Design


Before I tell you about Discovery Institute's two intensive 9-day seminars, watch this new video about intelligent design. Ever thought of excessive beauty as a sign of genius in design? Watch it here

This is the sort of thing you will learn at Discovery Institute's Summer Seminars.

The video asks:

Why do centipedes always have an odd number of body segments? How did that help the survive? Why do nearly all mammals, from mice to giraffes, have seven bones in their cervical vertebrae? All octopi have eight tentacles. Why not six, or ten? Jellyfish have a mesmerizing radial symmetry. Sand dollars and starfish both display a star-like pattern. Nature seems to have plenty of room to develop order and patterns that do no serve an immediate survival purpose. FULL POST

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