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5 Compelling Factors used for Perfect Car Valuation

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There are millions of pre-owned cars that are sold around the world on a daily basis. The business of used cars is predominantly characterized by valuation of the cars. So before plunging ahead to sell your used car, it is very important to analyze its appearance, condition and model. The fact that every used car is unique in its own way and it should be valued individually so that a fixed price can be attached to it. Therefore it is pertinent for you to know certain points that should be kept in mind in order to establish the value of your used car.

A detailed valuation report provides all the aspects, which will be greatly helpful to you so that you will not regret in the future after selling your particular car. The report also highlights the current market value of specific models of cars depending upon their mileage. When comes to the buyers, they always want to negotiate as they want. So if you are armed with a current valuation report, you will always be in a better position to negotiate.

Here are some important points that should be closely looked at before selling your used car:

The Core Factors
If you are out for the purpose of selling your used car, you would always want to know its details yourself. So the valuation process starts with finding the model year of the car. Then you need to consider the trim level, optional accessories and packages that come with that particular model. The trim level or variant is one of the most important factors that make a lot of difference in the valuation price of the car. The next important thing to consider is the mileage that your car is currently offering.

Check Local Prices

It doesn’t make any sense if you go on to sell the car without checking cost of similar models in the local market as it helps in valuing your own used car. It also gives you a fair idea regarding overpricing or underpricing. So the price of a similar model that is being fetched to the market allows you to price your own car correctly. It would be better if you meet a dealer as a customer and negotiate accordingly. In this way the selling price of your own car will be established because the dealer will tell you the price after factoring in his own commission.

Total Distance the Car Has Covered
The number of miles or kilometers your car has travelled is one of the compelling factors that are used in establishing its value. It gives a fair estimation as to how long the life of the engine would remain. A higher figure on the odometer will straightaway mean that its engine has been used a lot and therefore requires more maintenance, which eventually means comparatively lower price.

Condition of the Car
Condition of the car one such parameter that can bypass all other factors if it is excellent. The condition of any vehicle is characterized by its both – its appearance and performance. So if your car looks beautiful, is free from scratches and dents and is performing great at the same time, then it is likely to fetch a higher price regardless of the number of years it has travelled so far. Whereas, if your car is not that old but looks shabby along with scratches, then it will be valued at a lower rate. It is important to note here that a higher trim level does not necessarily mean a higher price if most of the equipment of the car is not working properly.

Value of Upgrades
If your car is in an amazing condition, which is also equipped with the latest available upgrades like stereo music system, improvised interior and aftermarket accessories then it will be valued accordingly. On the other hand, if the car you are willing to sell doesn’t accompany any upgrades, will naturally be placed a lower valuation. However, sometimes too many modifications on a car can be disastrous because many people appreciate the originality and do not need any modifications whatsoever.

Final Thoughts
Today internet being one of the potent platforms for selling various things can be greatly helpful for you as well. You can easily sell your car online with great deals. You need to put the images of your car taken from different angles along with furnishing important information regarding it. The potential customers without personally meeting you and bothering you can make their mind about buying your car. Therefore all of the above mentioned factors, if kept in mind, will definitely help your in selling your car with an ideal valuation.

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