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Posted 11/3/17 at 8:48 AM | Rob williams

How to Silk Screen T-Shirts - A Step by Step Guide

Silk screening is a t-shirt printing technique that is basically using a stencil and paint to print a design on a shirt. The silkscreen is burned with a design on a mesh screen in a pattern creating open areas and blocked areas. Ink is run over the screen mesh and it transfers ink to the material except in areas that have been blocked making it impossible for ink to pass through, thus making an ink pattern.

Silk screen printing is a technique that has been used since early 1960’s. If you are a beginner, silk screening may look like a difficult task at first however, when you master the art you will come discover that is actually a very simple technique that is very similar to stencil.

Do you want to silkscreen your own t shirts? Yes? Then today you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to give you a step by step guide on how to silk screen t-shirts.

Step 1: Order all Necessary Equipment

The first thing that you need to do before you start silkscreen printing your t shirt is to ensure that you have all the necessary supplies. The silk screening process can only be successful if you have all necessary equipment listed below: FULL POST

Posted 11/2/17 at 3:58 AM | Rob williams

2018 ICD-10-CM: Catch Up on These Ob-Gyn Coding Updates

Heed changes to antenatal screening, breast lump, tubal & ovarian pregnancy, & fetal heart abnormalities codes

Your ob-gyn practice faces a host of ICD-10-CM changes that affect how you code your services. You’ll find more specific codes for antenatal screening and be able to specify quadrant when coding for an unspecified lump in the breast under N63. Here are some of the ICD-10 changes you’ll want to note for your specialty:

Start Using These New Specific Antenatal Screening Codes

For those awaiting for a more specific code for antenatal screening, there’s good news. Effective Oct. 1, the code Z36 makes way for 17 new specific antenatal screening codes: Z36.0, Z36.1, Z36.2, Z36.3, Z36.4, Z36.5, Z36.81, Z36.82, Z36.83, Z36.84, Z36.85, Z36.86, Z36.87, Z36.88, Z36.89, Z36.8A, and Z36.9. This change will help you identify what the screening is for — such as Strep B (Z36.84) and nuchal translucency (Z36.82).

Look to Expanded Codes for Tubal & Ovarian Pregnancy Codes

Tubal and ovarian pregnancy codes now expand so that you can identify the side affected. You’ll choose the code structure O00.101, O00.102, and O00.109 in place of O00.10, O00.11, O00.20, and O00.21. Your ob-gyn will now need to document where anatomically — left or right side — the tubal or ovarian pregnancy is occurring. FULL POST

Posted 7/31/17 at 3:58 AM | Rob williams

Stay in Compliance with 2018 ICD-10-CM Updates

Are you finding it hard to keep up with the pressure of annual code updates?

Your practice faces 845 + ICD-10-CM changes, including 454 additions, 142 deletions, and 250+ revisions that could impact how you code your cases. And the challenges coming your way involve more changes than originally proposed.

In this article, we unpack the key additions and revisions for your specialty:

Cardiology and Vascular Surger

Important changes for cardiology include new codes for myocardial infarction, including a new specific option for type 2 (I21.A1). You’ll also find new codes accommodating types of right heart failure, such as acute (I50.811), chronic (I50.812), acute on chronic (I50.813) and unspecified (I50.810). Pulmonary hypertension code choices also expand under I27.2- that allow you to better define cause. Additionally, there are some easy-to-miss changes for cerebral infarction, embolism and thrombosis, and varicose veins.


Eye coders will have plenty of updates to take care of. Some of the changes are as simple as spelling correction, but you’ll find numerous changes that will have a real impact on your coding. You’ll have dozens of new ICD-10-CM codes in the degenerative myopia (H44.2) category, now requiring you to have very specific information about the type of myopia. And the good news for eye care coders is that ICD-10 now includes codes for bilateral blindness of different categories. FULL POST

Posted 6/28/17 at 10:17 AM | Rob williams

Errata: Not Knowing These CPT® 2017 Code Corrections Could Sink Your Claims

On March 30, 2017, the AMA posted an update to its Errata and Technical Corrections document for CPT® 2017. That correction is a simple addition of a semicolon to gastric emptying imaging study code 78264, but it’s a great reminder to check that your team (or your procedure code lookup tool) has caught all the corrections that apply to you. Here’s a look at some of the changes that could affect your coding choices.

Bring 35321 Back to Your Thromboendarterectomy Options

If you don’t think the corrections are ever big enough to impact your coding accuracy, consider this. On Oct. 17, 2016, AMA published a warning that it left a code out of the printed manual: 35321 (Thromboendarterectomy, including patch graft, if performed; axillary-brachial).

Being aware of the correction in this case saves you from reporting a less appropriate code for an axillary-brachial thromboendarterectomy.

Add ‘Equal to’ in These 7 Descriptors

A symbol causes issues in the long descriptors for seven codes. In each case, the original code descriptor is missing the symbol for “equal to.”

• In the manual, the descriptors for radiation treatment delivery codes 77402, 77407, and 77412 indicate they apply in cases involving greater than 1 MeV. The corrections file revises the descriptors to clarify that the codes are appropriate for greater than or equal to 1 MeV.
• The printed manual makes a similar error in CD4+ cell Category II codes 3496F and 3498F, using a “greater than” symbol that the corrections document revises to “greater than or equal to.”
• Category II code 4194F got a correction to show it applies to a patient receiving greater than or equal to 10 mg prednisone. The printed version, as you can probably guess by this point in the list, includes only the “greater than” symbol.
• “Greater than” didn’t cause all the trouble, though. In the descriptor for the Category II breast cancer stage code 3372F, the corrections document changes the relevant tumor size from less than 1 cm to less than or equal to 1 cm. FULL POST

Posted 6/14/17 at 4:09 AM | Rob williams

Say Goodbye To Acne With The Help Of Birth Control Pills

Nobody likes dealing with acne. With all of the different creams, diets, and infomercials out there promising to deliver you lasting results but failing you every time, it can get quite stressful to get a handle on. If you’re struggling with acne, consider the positive benefits of taking birth control pills to tame breakouts once and for all.

What Is A Birth Control Pill

Birth control is a contraceptive mechanism which prevents the fertilization of a female’s ovum, or egg cell, by a male’s sperm cell. It comes in many different forms, one of which is a birth control pill which is ingested daily by the female. This pill introduces synthetic hormones into the female’s body which alters her menstruation cycle, thus, preventing the egg’s fertilization by the sperm. FULL POST

Posted 3/14/17 at 6:59 PM | Rob williams

7 Simple Ways to Take Better Care of Your Skin in Summer

Summer is around the corner and the days are not far away when the sun’s heat is at its most extreme. Hot weather isn't the only reason for concern in the summer season. Everyone should also be aware that the sun's invisible UV rays are very harmful for our skin and we need to take proper precautions.

Our skin is the first line of defense for our body, and needs to be taken care of accordingly. The manner with which our skin reacts to the sun’s ultraviolet radiations is different for different people. Generally these rays are the primary cause for a lot of skin problems like heat rash, dry skin, dark spots, pigmentation, premature aging, and even cancer. This is the very reason as to why summer is a time when our skin needs more protection. Moreover healthy skin is the reflection of our overall health, which makes it the most prominent organ of our body.

The following are some the important tips that will help you to look after your skin in summer: FULL POST

Posted 2/9/17 at 6:57 PM | Rob williams

What to Choose From Numerous Grooming Tools for Your Dog?

A happy, comfortable and good looking dog is a delight for his owner. Just like we feel after a perfect touch-up in a salon, dogs feel the same way when we give them a good grooming session. Grooming is not only used to make dogs look good, but it helps them stay healthy as well.

Usually, different breeds of dogs have different coat and skin types, so the grooming needed for them must also be different. Some common types of coats found in various types of dogs are:

  • Smooth coat (Doberman Pinscher, Greyhound, Labrador Retriever)
  • Double coat (German Shepherd, Golden Retriever)
  • Curly coat (Poodle),
  • Long coat (Afghan Hound, Yorkshire Terrier), and
  • Hairless coat (American Hairless Terrier, Chinese Crested).

Dog grooming tools are very necessary equipment for this job. So, the question arises which selected tools would work wonders for your dog? Thus regardless of breed, fur, climate and weather conditions, the following tools are always helpful for dog owners:

Dog Grooming

1. Friction Brush
The friction brushes made of rubber are very suitable for your dog’s skin and coat. The effectiveness of this tool has made it the top ranking tool among dog lovers. No matter how rough the coat of your dog is, it is unfair to use heavy metallic counterparts. So the top dog groomers recommend the soft rubber friction brush. FULL POST

Posted 1/31/17 at 1:50 PM | Rob williams

5 Compelling Factors used for Perfect Car Valuation

There are millions of pre-owned cars that are sold around the world on a daily basis. The business of used cars is predominantly characterized by valuation of the cars. So before plunging ahead to sell your used car, it is very important to analyze its appearance, condition and model. The fact that every used car is unique in its own way and it should be valued individually so that a fixed price can be attached to it. Therefore it is pertinent for you to know certain points that should be kept in mind in order to establish the value of your used car.

A detailed valuation report provides all the aspects, which will be greatly helpful to you so that you will not regret in the future after selling your particular car. The report also highlights the current market value of specific models of cars depending upon their mileage. When comes to the buyers, they always want to negotiate as they want. So if you are armed with a current valuation report, you will always be in a better position to negotiate.

Here are some important points that should be closely looked at before selling your used car: FULL POST

Posted 12/27/16 at 5:31 PM | Rob williams

How Does the Bail Bond Process Work?

Often times we’ve seen in television how a judge goes after an accused and announces a bail amount. The defendant might just look depressed and hopeless but somehow, in the end, manages to be free. Suppose the bail was set at a whopping $100,000, but how could the defendant afford it? And what are different risks associated with the activities of an accused who was just given a bail? There are too many questions that might come across in the minds of people regarding bail and bail bonds. So, let us try to find answers to these important questions.

What is a Bail Bond?

bail bond

Bail bonds basically refer to the surety bonds that are used to guarantee the bail amount imposed on a defendant if he or she fails to comply with the terms and conditions of his or her release. It is one of the procedures that are incorporated for obtaining the release of an accused awaiting trial on account of criminal charges. A professional bail bond produces a document that agrees to pay the amount of money determined by the Court if the defendant fails to appear on the trial date. The bail bond may also be sought in civil cases where a defendant could be prevented from a jurisdiction to avoid litigation. FULL POST

Posted 12/10/16 at 9:42 AM | Rob williams

Growing Trend of Custom 3D Printed Jewelry Among Rich

The rich and famous never shy away from experimenting new trends in the world of fashion and more often than not, they end up being style icons. From the likes of popular Hollywood celebrities to the who’s who of the business world, jewelry has always found a respected place on their bodies as well as in their conversations. These days a new trend of making, wearing and flaunting your own 3D printed jewelry is on the rise and it seems it’s not going out of style anytime soon. This idea echoed so profoundly that the 3D printed jewelry is on the verge of getting to the mainstream.

Hollywood celebrities with Jewelry

It was Jenny Wu who founded a 3D printed jewelry company in Los Angeles when people started noticing the designs created by her company. Once these designs became popular among Hollywood fashionistas, Wu never looked back. Today, her jewelry is a colossal hit in the contemporary art world. FULL POST

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