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Posted 11/24/16 at 9:05 AM | Rob williams

3D Printing in the Medical Sector : 4 Ways 3D Medical Printing is Improving Medicine

3D printing has created quite a buzz in various sectors. Be it 3d printed shoes, pens or even jewelry the final products look exactly like their costlier counterparts and even costs much lesser. When it comes to medical sector 3D printing has proved to be a boon for medical professionals. It is only due to effective benefits which we will take up in this article that much of advancements in 3D printing have been noted in the medical sector.

 3D Printing in the Medical Sector

A three-dimensional image is printed with the help of a digital model. This image can be anything from a shoe, machine to even a prosthetic leg. The 3D model is printed by depositing layer by layer of a material with which the model is being made such as plastic, glass or metal.

There are many benefitting aspects to 3D printing that is making a change in lives of many people. It is of no wonder that medical professionals have started to get printed medical equipment and human body parts. Today, people with burnt skin are able to get renewed flawless skin due to 3D printing. The medical professionals are able to research and look for appropriate medication for several ailments by doing their experiments on 3D printed body parts. The fact that a 3D image is an exact replica of real body part gives a better understanding of the anatomy of a human body part. FULL POST

Posted 11/11/16 at 5:25 AM | Rob williams

Are You Prepared To Tackle Any Medical Emergency That Comes Your Way?

Medical emergencies come unannounced. We might tend to overlook the symptoms that can predict the sickness one might be suffering from but injury by accident or any unfortunate incident causes a lot of stress for the individual undergoing treatment as well as the family members around. Needless to say, it is essential to be prepared for any kind of medical emergency that may crop up without any prior notice.

If you consider the financial aspect vis-à-vis medical bills or the arrangements you have to make from calling the ambulance to checking out in a nursing home, there are many things that an individual needs to be mindful of. To make sure that you do not get overwhelmed by the situation and lose your cool you have to take prior measures so as to deal with the situation calmly and efficiently.

You also have to be prepared to deal with situations that may not be under your control and might demand the expertise of a trained professional such as an attorney. Be it to claim your health insurance or to sue the medical facility for medical malpractice. A sudden situation such as a case of medical malpractice wherein your loved one is suffering and you cannot decide whether to continue treatment or file a case is too stressful to deal without the assistance of a reliable attorney. All of it has to be taken into account and accordingly pro active measures have to be in place to deal with ay situation. FULL POST

Posted 10/28/16 at 2:14 AM | Rob williams

MRI SCANS 101 - Crash Course For Those Who Need To Have An MRI

MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is preferred by medical community all over the world to scan and find disease in the human body. MRI uses strong radio and field waves to determine the same. It helps to find out the precise cause of health issues which an individual might be suffering from. Be it any chest issue, abdomen or pelvis, an MRI scan generates detailed pictures of inside body.

So, What is MRI of the Body?

There are many health ailments that escape the scrutiny of normal tests procedures. MRI is a form of non-invasive test which uses powerful magnetic field, radio frequency pulses to generate imagery on a computer screen. Pregnant women go for MRI scans to monitor health of the baby inside.
An MRI image obtained on the computers can be put to better scrutiny and study to determine the underlying health issue at hand. These reports can be electronically transmitted to other concerned parties, can be printed or saved in a CD.

Working of MRI Scan Process
As mentioned above, MRI scan employs powerful magnets which are the prominent parts of MRI machinery. FULL POST

Posted 10/19/16 at 3:01 PM | Rob williams

These Five Nutrients Have a Profound Impact on Depression

While you may not be what you eat, what you eat does have an impact on your mental health. Today’s psychiatrists and treatment centers for depression have weighed in on nutrients, and they’ve found a few surprising things. Your daily diet can, in fact, impact your mind’s ability to facilitate depression. More than a few deficiencies, if left unchecked, can also spark prolonged mental issues.

To understand the treatment of depression fully, you’ll need to understand why many treatment centers for depression are altering patient diets, subscribing new meal choices and commenting on food habits. Below, we discuss several nutrients and food components correlated to depression rates.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is first, as it’s one of the hardest deficiencies to suffer. In fact, bestselling author of Ultramind Solution, Mark Hyman, suggests that vitamin D deficiency is a leading health issue cause. Vitamin D deficiency has tight links with dementia, depression, and even autism. While many of our vitamin D levels drop during winter and fall, we shouldn't neglect proper vitamin D dosage year-round. Ideally, you should have between 5,000 and 10,000 international units of vitamin D, daily. The National Institutes of Health states that today’s healthy adults consume as little as 600 international units per day. FULL POST

Posted 9/24/16 at 10:44 AM | Rob williams

How To Spot A Loan Modification Scam

Homeowners who are unable to afford to pay the current terms of their loans can choose to apply for a loan modification. There has been an increase in the past few years of the number of homeowners who have applied for a loan modification and there has also been a growing number of individuals who have attempted to scam those who are seeking loan modifications. These individuals will often appear after they have discovered that a homeowner is facing a foreclosure by looking at foreclosure notices in newspapers and by looking at public files. Those facing foreclosure should pay attention to the warning signs of a foreclosure scam.

Scam Artists Often Have Very Official-Looking Documents

Those facing foreclosure should always carefully scrutinize all correspondences. Scam artists will often work very hard to make sure that their correspondences look official. When in doubt, it is best to consult with a lawyer when determining the legitimacy of a correspondence.

Scam Artists Make Bold, Unsubstantiated Claims

There are many claims that a scam artist will make in an effort to place the mind of the potential victim at ease. For instance, he or she might claim that the company is attorney-backed. The scam artist may claim that he or she has been in business for 10 to 20 years. The representative may promise a money-back guarantee and may also claim that their company has helped thousands of homeowners. All of these claims can be made without solid evidence to back them. FULL POST

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