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Growing Trend of Custom 3D Printed Jewelry Among Rich

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The rich and famous never shy away from experimenting new trends in the world of fashion and more often than not, they end up being style icons. From the likes of popular Hollywood celebrities to the who’s who of the business world, jewelry has always found a respected place on their bodies as well as in their conversations. These days a new trend of making, wearing and flaunting your own 3D printed jewelry is on the rise and it seems it’s not going out of style anytime soon. This idea echoed so profoundly that the 3D printed jewelry is on the verge of getting to the mainstream.

Hollywood celebrities with Jewelry

It was Jenny Wu who founded a 3D printed jewelry company in Los Angeles when people started noticing the designs created by her company. Once these designs became popular among Hollywood fashionistas, Wu never looked back. Today, her jewelry is a colossal hit in the contemporary art world.

How 3D Printing is Used to Produce Jewelry

Prior to beginning the 3D printing process, the designs are either made by hand sketches or computers. Then different variations of 3D models are explored and are observed as to how they sit on the body. Once the design is selected, the process of prototyping is started with Fused Deposition Modeling. After that with the help of the prototype, the final end product is created.


In order to create jewelry by gold, silver, copper or even brass Lost-Wax Printing and Casting has traditionally been used, which is now being built upon modern 3D printing technology. The 3D printer uses a wax-like resin as printing material and it starts creating jewelry by printing it in layers with the help of synthetic materials like nylon, metal or wax. With the printing of every new layer, a binding agent is applied that solidifies the layers together. After finishing the final layer, the cleaning process starts that removes the extra powder and support material. At the end of the process, the piece of jewelry so manufactured can be manually polished or a machine can be used.

Benefits of using 3D Printing Technology

The process of making 3D printed jewelry being described above is one of the most economical methods that produce an attractive piece of custom jewelry. So, the benefits of using 3D printing technology for producing jewelry are as follows:

•One of the main advantages is that there is no need to be worried regarding the production. Once the 3D program is finalized, the computerized 3D printing application takes up the control. This computer program has all the instruction embedded in it, with which the 3D printer effortlessly produces the final product. Had it not been for this technology, there would have been a lot of time and efforts on the part of workers to overcome the intricacies required in the designs

• The next advantage is that it is much easier to edit 3D files. A 3D model can be first tested, retested as well as adjusted or edited for quality and design corrections before saying final OK to the model. With the necessary changes in the software, the final design can be printed on the desired metal.

• The next crucial advantage that comes with 3D printing is that the manufacturing cost to produce one piece of jewelry is much less than would have taken by traditional method to do so.

• Another advantage that is associated with 3D printed jewelry is customization because the items can be made on order and any kind of specification can be added.

• Finally, the models are filled with an insurmountable amount of minute detailing. The 3D software can create a number of stunning designs, which the traditional methods would take decades to produce if not centuries.

Will Human Artistry be Lost Forever?

With the advent of 3D printed jewelry it’s natural for people to wonder whether or not the human touch and the sophisticated art of custom designing and producing jewelry will remain or be lost forever? Let us be very clear - amidst the cutting edge technology the human artisan is still going to play a vital role in the jewelry making process.

Even though the 3D modeling software creates the designs and molds the art and motivation to style the jewelry will remain entirely personal. That being said a keen eye for design and the creative and technical skills to convert ideas into realities is irreplaceable. As 3D Printing custom Jewelry becomes more accessible it’s a safe bet it will actually increase the production of experimental jewelry as well as more hobby artisans being able to create their ideas for less overhead.

The human touch and artisanship of jewelry is never going anywhere, it will always remain a key factor and major component of success. Furthermore, 3D printing will actually provide the opportunity for even the average person to create their own personalized jewelry. It’s an exciting time in history to be a jewelry designer.

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