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What to Choose From Numerous Grooming Tools for Your Dog?

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A happy, comfortable and good looking dog is a delight for his owner. Just like we feel after a perfect touch-up in a salon, dogs feel the same way when we give them a good grooming session. Grooming is not only used to make dogs look good, but it helps them stay healthy as well.

Usually, different breeds of dogs have different coat and skin types, so the grooming needed for them must also be different. Some common types of coats found in various types of dogs are:

  • Smooth coat (Doberman Pinscher, Greyhound, Labrador Retriever)
  • Double coat (German Shepherd, Golden Retriever)
  • Curly coat (Poodle),
  • Long coat (Afghan Hound, Yorkshire Terrier), and
  • Hairless coat (American Hairless Terrier, Chinese Crested).

Dog grooming tools are very necessary equipment for this job. So, the question arises which selected tools would work wonders for your dog? Thus regardless of breed, fur, climate and weather conditions, the following tools are always helpful for dog owners:

Dog Grooming

1. Friction Brush
The friction brushes made of rubber are very suitable for your dog’s skin and coat. The effectiveness of this tool has made it the top ranking tool among dog lovers. No matter how rough the coat of your dog is, it is unfair to use heavy metallic counterparts. So the top dog groomers recommend the soft rubber friction brush.

2. Combs
Just like us, the dog combs are also used to untangle their knotted hair. The dogs having soft and silky fur would always require a fine-toothed comb. However, if your dog has heavy matted coat, you would need wide-tooth or medium tooth combs. On the other hand, the dogs that have short hair need rubber curry combs. These combs are very handy since they not only remove dead hair but give a good massage to the dog’s skin.

Grooming Tools

3. Clippers and Blades
During summers it is uncomfortable for the dogs to sustain warmth because of their thick coats and furs. So when you need to trim your dog’s coat, a better quality clipper is a must. There is a broad range of clippers available in the market these days. But you need to be careful which ones are strong enough for your dog’s fur because usually, they are thicker than ours.

4. Clipper Vacuums
These tools are relatively newer in the market, and the pet owners are using them a lot because these grooming equipment are also innovative at the same time. The benefit of these dog grooming tools is that they make trimming very easy by sucking out loose hair from their body. It also saves a lot of time.

Dog Grooming Tool

5. Nail Trimmers
Trimming a dog’s nails is often a very tedious task to perform, but it has to be done whatsoever. Long nails of your pet especially the dog can be problematic for your floor, house items and upholstery. These nails are dangerous not only for you and your kids, but they can cause pain to the dog as well while they take a walk. So the nail clippers are perfect tools for keeping all these problems at bay. However you need to be careful while selecting these tools for your dog.

6. Scissors
Scissors are a very handy tool for dispensing the finishing touch to your dog. These scissors or “shears” are specially designed for dogs and therefore are an excellent value addition to your dog grooming toolkit. Based on their utilization, these scissors are available in a variety of forms such as curved shears, thinning shears, straight shears and blunt-tipped shears.

7. Bathing Equipment
Bathing your dog is a necessary part of usual pet care. For a healthy coat and healthy skin, your dog needs to get rid of unpleasant odor because of accumulated dirt on their coat. The bathing systems that dog owners are using these days are helping them profoundly. These systems are equipped with spray nozzles, shampoo and conditioner dispensers and other cleaning tools.

8. Dryers
It is relatively difficult to work out with those dogs that have thick, long coat because drying after bathing them becomes a nightmare for dog owners. So if you are going through the similar difficulty, a high-quality dryer is the right answer for you. They are available in different types – full-size cage dryers as well as free-standing versions.

The one important tool that you cannot buy, however, is love and patience that keep you enjoying while grooming your dog. The love and care that you show to your dog are very crucial to establish a permanent bonding.

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