Understanding What Mole Removal Exactly Is
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Posted 2/14/17 at 8:08 AM | Eva Clusters

How Can Ringworm Affect The Behaviour Of Your Pet?

Ringworm belongs to the category of hookworm, tapeworm, and roundworms. Despite its name, they are not a worm; it is a fungus and there are many types of ringworm. It is a skin disease caused by animals by a fungus. This fungus infects all species of domestic animals, and it is common for dogs to get infected with ringworm.

The fungus that causes ringworm is called dermatophytes and the most common fungus found in dogs is MicrosporumCanis. Even though they are harmless, the fungus is highly contagious to other pets, humans, children and older adults.

Ringworm lives on the surface of the skin of dogs, and they feed dead skin tissues and hair. The ringworm fungus affects on dogs during hot, humid climate. Healthy dogs will not carry the fungus on their skin and hair. It is very important for every pet owner to know the sign and symptoms of ringworm in dogs. FULL POST

Posted 6/14/16 at 4:51 AM | Eva Clusters

What Causes Moles and How To Remove Them?

When you wake up to find moles on your skin, you are likely to ask yourself two questions. One is what causes moles, and two, is how to remove moles. This is because to treat something, it is important to know what is causing it in the first place.

What causes moles?

There are two main causes of moles. First, moles are caused by hormonal changes in the body. Two events in a person’s life may trigger the change of hormones: coming of age and pregnancy. The switch from childhood to maturity is necessitated by the release of certain hormones.

In males, testosterone causes the development of manly features, such as growth of beards, deep voice and broadening of shoulders. In females, the hormone estrogen develops feminine features such as breasts. Occurrence of moles has been observed to be at its peak during this period.

Some women may experience moles during pregnancy. Hormonal changes that trigger such activities as the production of milk cause the occurrence of moles.

How to remove moles
The best advice for people looking who are looking for mole removal is the use of homoeopathic medicine. There are many one can find which are all natural and can help you get rid of moles in 2-3 weeks time. Mole removal creams that are listed by FDA are most recommended. FULL POST