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America's Future and Perpetual Adolescence

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As the then-president of Midland University in Fremont, Nebraska, Senator Ben Sasse recently recalled when he felt shocked by a sudden revelation as he served. What had alarmed him at the university? Well, we'll let him answer in his own words:

"What shocked me about the experience of arriving at the school is that overwhelmingly the incoming students had never worked before. They'd never done any hard labor. They just never really had to do any work of any kind," Sasse said.

As millennials, we raise our eyebrows and cannot deny his words: Many of our peers have not had to work in comparison to other generations (i.e. the Greatest Generation). Societal restructuring (and just plain sin) carved a sharp change in the base curve of America's work ethic.

Fact: Work and responsibility assist in character development. Many of today's young adults have been cheated by other generations who enabled them to play yet not learn about the value of hard work. That's right: Many millennials have a resulting deficit in knowing the innate values of work, discipline, and responsibility. Hence, we see a lack of character as well.

Of course, we know there are exceptions. And we thank God for that! However, our fellow millennials need to discover what is good for them. It's scary that most 18-24 year old young men spend most of their waking hours playing video games. In essence, millennials have been taught a lie that people can play now and pay later. But the reality is that everyone needs to pay now and play later.

Wake up, America: Young adults need to grow up. Our country desperately needs responsible leaders, businessmen and women, and a strong workforce. (One fabulous lifelong resource is to read and apply the book of Proverbs.)

With that said, we feel the reality of the need, but we also feel the reality of hope! We thank God that there remains bright hope for the future for every person (of any age) who turns to Him, and He can change hearts.

So don't give up. Do your part to lovingly guide your kids and grandkids in the right direction (even if they initially struggle to appreciate it). Remember, change for the nation begins right here at home.

With prayer, kindness, and hard work, we can help others emerge empowered to live life to the fullest...and as happy, working adults.

God bless you always,
Carrie Stoelting and Stacie Stoelting
Sisters and founders of Unite the USA

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