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Carrie Stoelting

As the founders of Unite the USA, Stacie and Carrie Stoelting are boldly working to inspire the American people to be active, informed citizens. As life-long Iowans, they are busy promoting faith

Posted 11/22/14 at 11:06 AM | Carrie Stoelting

Help Bring Christmas to Our Military

Of all years, 2014 proves uniquely challenging for troops, veterans, and their families. The Obama Administration has cut military and veterans' support, ignored problems at VA hospitals, and removed Christian symbols of hope where they are needed the most. (More information is available in an article by the FRC called A Clear and Present Danger: The Threat to Religious Liberty in the Military.)

At Christmas, we must help bring back the true meaning to our troops, veterans, and their families. Many families will not have loved ones -either because of serving abroad or the ultimate sacrifice of a loved one dying for our country.

Allow us to make remembering veterans, troops, and military families feel loved this Christmas.

1. Send Christmas care packages to our troops. (Please see details below.)

2. Reach out to our veterans this Christmas. Many veterans, especially WWII veterans, spend Christmas alone in nursing homes. Each American can do something to change that.

3. Military families sacrifice so much, too. If you know a family whose husband, wife, son, daughter, mom, or dad can't come home for Christmas, reach out to them. Give them a Christmas gift, gift card, cookies, or even a greeting card. Do something to acknowledge them and offer your thanks and prayers. FULL POST

Posted 10/14/14 at 1:23 PM | Carrie Stoelting

Be Ready To Make a Difference

Election day this year is November 4. Our advice: Be ready to vote. If all the America-loving voters got depressed and stopped voting, then our country would be even worse.

Ensure you are definitely registered to vote, learn about the candidates, and then go vote. Every vote makes a difference. In fact, sometimes elections are determined by only a handful of votes.

Many people say, "Even if I do get involved, it will just be a 'drop in the bucket'." But let's ask you this, "how does a bucket get filled?" One drop at a time. If you leave a bucket under a dripping faucet, sooner or later it will get filled. See what we mean? So, yes, together, we can make an impact. Yes, voting and being involved do matter.

If you don't like standing in line at the polls, vote early or vote using an absentee ballot. You can go to your state's secretary of state web site or call your county auditor to learn how to register to vote and how to request an absentee ballot. Visit http://www.unitetheusa.org/id123.html to learn more.

Fallen soldiers and veterans paid in priceless ways for us to have the gift of freedom -including the freedom to vote. FULL POST

Posted 9/17/14 at 1:26 PM | Carrie Stoelting

It's Constitution Day!

Photo: National Archives and Records Administration

September 17, 1787 was a special day. Why? Because the U.S. Constitution was signed. Thirty-nine Founding Fathers signed this important document. It's the longest lasting Constitution in the world. This day is monumental and it should be celebrated. Hence, America calls September 17 Constitution Day.

How much do you know about the Constitution? Have you ever read it? We encourage you to read it this week. It's important that we Americans know what is in the Constitution because it's important to know our rights. We also encourage you to learn about the background of the Constitution.

The Founding Fathers provided detailed information about the intent of the Constitution and the meaning behind it. We know through documents (such as the Federalist Papers) what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

Today secular leaders and judges try to erase our very well documented Christian history and they attempt to secularize the original intent of the Founding Fathers. It's up to us to educate ourselves and our kids about the truth. (There are many excellent resources available from historians David Barton and Rick Green of Wallbuilders. Their web site has a lot of free resources, too.)

Today we hope you will enjoy this very special edition of Unite the USA and learn all about the Constitution. (Read it here: http://www.unitetheusa.org/id122.html) And join us in saying "Happy Birthday" to this fundamental, monumental document!

God bless you,
Carrie Stoelting and Stacie Stoelting

Posted 8/18/14 at 3:13 PM | Carrie Stoelting

We Can't Look the Other Way

Photo: Flickr/Conny Liegl - Creative Commons

Imagine if people suddenly murdered the Christians in your neighborhood. That's exactly what is happening on this planet: As you read this on your screen, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) continues to slaughter Christians for being Christians. This terrorist group comes directly from al-Qaeda.

Such death, horrors, and living nightmares prompt us to be speechless. There are no words to describe the emotions such news prompts... Yet the news must prompt many prayers. (Lord, hear our prayer. Help these innocent people!)

Yet, just as in other times of history, much silence exists about the suffering Christian and Jewish people. Unlike most of the major media, Greta Van Susteren is speaking out about the genocide of Christians in Iraq and the persecution of Christians around the world. Franklin Graham is also actively speaking out. But most people are silent.

Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke truth when he said this: "He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it."

Friends, we cannot look the other way. Thousands and thousands of people are being slaughtered. It is beyond words...completely horrific. Where is President Obama and most leaders in America and around the world? If another group (other than Christians) were being slaughtered, the Obama White House would be outraged. But they are silent... FULL POST

Posted 7/5/14 at 10:09 PM | Carrie Stoelting

July 4th and Freedom

As we celebrate the 4th of July, we feel all the more passionate about keeping America free. Just like our Founding Fathers, now it's our turn to work hard and protect freedom. As President Reagan aptly said, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free."

Now is the time to take action to keep our country free. For inspiration, we encourage you to read the Declaration of Independence this July 4th. Remember our brave Founding Fathers who sacrificed everything and risked their lives to live in freedom. We must never take that for granted.

Today, we also need to remember and honor our present heroes. America's servicemen and women and our honorable veterans deserve recognition. Think about those who served in the past and those who never came home. It's thanks to those brave Americans that we live in freedom today.

While it's true that there is much to be alarmed about concerning our country's direction, we are not in a panic. We know that God remains on the throne. With Him, all things are possible. Pray and get busy with good actions instead of only having sad reactions! Read more here: http://unitetheusa.org/id118.html FULL POST

Posted 6/18/14 at 7:09 PM | Carrie Stoelting

Religious Liberty Created America

Today, certain anti-Christian groups attack the core of our country: religious liberty. They promote false ideas about Christians "forcing religion" on all. But let's get one thing straight: Christians do not believe in forced conversions. The very foundation of Christian belief is that each person must decide to receive or reject Jesus as Savior and Lord. It cannot be forced. (Read more about it here.)

So what is there to fear in allowing Christians equal religious liberty? Well, quite frankly, a lot. If anti-American liberals lost grip on their control, their dangerous agendas would be tossed aside as well. You see, religious liberty allows for all liberty.

Last weekend, I (Carrie) had the opportunity to meet Governor Bobby Jindal. Prior to visiting with him, I heard him give a thought-provoking speech in which he said, "America didn't create religious liberty. Religious liberty created America." Isn't that the truth?

Today we face a mounting attack against religious liberty. And, it is arguably the greatest attack on our nation. There many evils pressing in on our country but the attack on religion truly is the root of the problem. If the Bible, prayer, and basic Christian values were promoted in our culture today, more people would know the difference between good and evil. Now, it is commonly promoted that was is evil is good and what is good is evil. Sadly, we live in an upside down society. FULL POST

Posted 5/11/14 at 8:28 PM | Carrie Stoelting

Freedom For All?

In America, Christians are being muzzled because of "PC policies". We're often told that it is "offensive" to talk about the Lord, read the Bible, or pray in public.But what about the First Amendment? And what about freedom for Christian Americans? We're told that we need to be "tolerant" but "tolerance" certainly is not given to us in return. As a result, freedom for Christians in the USA has been compromised -little by little it's being sifted away.

One example of "tolerance" is that a group of atheists are "offended" by the 9/11 cross. The 9/11 cross has brought comfort, hope, and inspiration to countless people ever since it was brought out of the 9/11/01 rubble.

The 9/11 cross is not only historical, but it is also a symbol of hope and faith for so many. It deeply saddens us that atheists want to remove it simply because it offends them. The 9/11 cross has a right to stand. It's a part of history.

In response, we've created a new FaceBook event called "I Stand With the Cross". This is a grassroots event for the American people and by the American people. This is the American people's forum to show that, yes, the 9/11 cross matters and it should not be removed. Please visit our online event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/290419621125862/ This is a way for the American people to stand up and be heard. The cross has the right to stand; join this event to show your support for the 9/11 cross and freedom. We're hoping to gain strong support by 09/11/14. It's simple: All you have to do is join this event to show your support. FULL POST

Posted 4/17/14 at 10:17 PM | Carrie Stoelting

Don't Give Up!

Photo: Flickr/Ben Salter - Creative Commons
Governor Mike Huckabee: "Folks, it is not the number of people that stand against God that determines the battle. It's one person standing with God that will win the battle every single time."

Last week, we had the opportunity to sing for Governor Mike Huckabee, Ralph Reed, and various candidates (including our friend, Dr. Sam Clovis, who is our pick for the U.S. Senate race in Iowa). We enjoyed being surrounded by passionate patriots who are working hard to help our nation to become strong again. We felt excited to sense their genuine hope and enthusiasm!

One quote from Governor Mike Huckabee really stood out to us at the event: "Folks, it is not the number of people that stand against God that determines the battle. It's one person standing with God that will win the battle every single time."

Friends, isn't that the truth? Each one of us needs to do our part to help restore our country. Pray and work hard. When God is our focus, every small "good deed" can really make a big impact. With that said, each one of us must continue to stay strong as we seek the Lord's help for revival in our land.

Let us not forget that the Lord can transform a heart quickly. There are many examples in the Bible of people (i.e. the Apostle Paul) who were against God but then came to Christ. They were completely transformed. They made a huge impact for Him and many people came to the Lord as a result. Their impact continues to this day. FULL POST

Posted 3/31/14 at 10:01 PM | Carrie Stoelting

Common Core Exposed

Photo: Alexandru Panoiu - Creative Commons

Many are just now asking, "Just what is Common Core?" Well, here's what Phyllis Schlafly says about it: "Common Core means federal control of school curriculum, i.e., control by Obama administration left-wing bureaucrats. Federal control will replace all curriculum decisions by state and local school boards, state legislatures, parents and even Congress because Obama bypassed Congress by using $4 billion of Stimulus money to promote Common Core."

The government desires to track Americans starting from preschool. This is an effort to make kids more like "global citizens" rather than Americans. It has been backed by financiers like Bill Gates. Common Core is unconstitutional, and states have been lured into accepting the Common Core with Race to the Top grant funds and waivers. The federal government is the "enforcer". It is driving states into the "one size-fits-all" Common Core regardless of the fact that three federal laws forbid the federal government from directing state educational curriculum.In addition, the U.S. Constitution and state constitutions uphold the fact that education is a power reserved to the states and their citizens.

And it's not cheap: It is projected that full implementation of the Common Core will cost $16 billion-plus nationwide. Despite the $4.35 billion Race to the Top grants, about ninety percent of it will be paid for by states and local districts. Educators have described the Common Core as being like No Child Left Behind on steroids! FULL POST

Posted 2/27/14 at 1:27 PM | Carrie Stoelting

Religious Freedom and You

On our Facebook page, we posted this: "Just because it's legal doesn't make it right. Refer to the 10 Commandments and Golden Rule first." With two sentences, we sought to summarize a lot -including the freedom-stealing situation in Arizona.

Freedom of religion splashed across headlines a lot this week: Governor Jan Brewer vetoed Arizona's religious freedom bill (SB 1062). By vetoing the religious freedom bill, Governor Brewer stripped religious freedom from Christian and Jewish business owners. In essence, it forces Christians and Jewish people to either do something (i.e. performing and contributing to a wedding ceremony that goes against their beliefs) or risk being sued and going out of business.

Arizona is one of the best pro-2nd Amendment states. Sadly, Gov. Jan Brewer missed the target yesterday as she vetoed a pro-1st Amendment bill. The 2nd Amendment cannot work well without the 1st Amendment. We need both religious freedom and the right to bear arms in order to maintain all freedoms in our country.

Peace through strength and love of God and neighbor. That prevents violence... Whatever happened to that common sense approach? Across America, one of the basic rights protected in the First Amendment is being violated and Christian and Jewish people are especially being singled out. Many of us are being threatened or sued due to our religious beliefs. FULL POST

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