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Don't Follow the Confused Crowd

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Dr. Saul Davis survived the horrific Cocoanut Grove fire, which killed 492 people on November 28, 1942. He and his wife narrowly escaped the stampeding crowd, suffocating toxic smoke, and bellowing flames. When sharing his account, Dr. Davis said something that applied far more widely than to his one harrowing experience: “My brother always said, ‘Don’t follow the crowd because the crowd is usually wrong.” Dr. Davis then went on to give credit to how that underlying concept helped him escape the chaotic, stampeding crowd and deadly fire.

Indeed, “don’t follow the crowd because the crowd is usually wrong.” How true. How very true.

It’s little wonder that our Lord compared us human beings to sheep, which act like a highly-impressionable yet swiftly moving crowd. Observing sheep is akin to observing a crowd of people. If one gets scared or excited and runs, the entire group hastens to follow. Only the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, offers what we human beings need. Otherwise, like sheep, crowds of people can be stolen by a thief and killed. Take God’s Word to heart:

“The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows]. I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd lays down His [own] life for the sheep. But the hired man [who merely serves for wages], who is neither the shepherd nor the owner of the sheep, when he sees the wolf coming, deserts the flock and runs away; and the wolf snatches the sheep and scatters them. The man runs because he is a hired hand [who serves only for wages] and is not concerned about the [safety of the] sheep. I am the Good Shepherd, and I know [without any doubt those who are] My own and My own know Me [and have a deep, personal relationship with Me]— even as the Father knows Me and I know the Father—and I lay down My [very own] life [sacrificing it] for the benefit of the sheep.” (John 10:10-15, Amplified Version)

How often have we observed this displayed in our culture? How often have we seen a “leader” instigate a movement which is not well-researched yet well-embraced? Too often, I sadly believe.

The media creates a mega-crowd today. Today’s crowd includes the smartphone-clinging, iPad-viewing, YouTube-watching sheep who learn something and share it without researching the topic and “considering the source”. How well we would do if we only checked God’s manual, the Bible, for what is true!

Instead, inflammatory and flattering language and labels currently cause media stampedes in which morals are slaughtered in the guise of progress. Consider the current bathroom debate:

Immoral people currently promote the concept that opening bathrooms and lockers to become co-ed will express “compassion” to people living a transgender lifestyle. This is false. In reality, it oppresses women and children who already account for the majority of sexual abuse victims. This right to privacy and safety is not an oppressive slap in the face to other people. It is a kind, compassionate safety precaution for the vulnerable.

The reality of slaughtering the innocent by literally opening the doors to sex offenders could not be more vivid. The hideous disregard of sexual abuse victims cannot be dismissed. Rise up, fellow believers.

Save them from the fire. Do not follow the confused crowd. Follow the Shepherd and not the thief.

--Stacie Ruth, cofounder of UnitetheUSA.org and PrayingPals.org

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