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Don't Skip This Election: Vote!

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Election Day is Tuesday, November 8!

The Cubs triumphantly won the World Series, and (most of) the country rejoiced! Finally, after 108 years, the team met success again. Cubs now fill the newsfeeds, headlines, and media of all kinds. What a win!

What if we took the lesson of persistence (no matter what) into Election Day? Against all odds, we can see better results than we expect if -and only if- we pray and vote.

Yes, vote.

Veterans have died so that we can vote. We cherish veterans. So, yes, we're voting. We're voting not because of perfect candidates. We're voting for policies...not people. We're voting because it's our duty as citizens. We're voting because we love veterans and cherish the lives given on the battlefield to protect our freedoms. We're going to vote for the policies that match our values. And we urge you to do the same. Pray and vote. Vote and pray...pray...pray. But please vote.

Why? Well, allow us to stop the myths about what voting really means. Our culture contains a lot of confusion about voting. So let's get back to the voting basics:

Voting Reality Check:

  • Voting simply means selecting the policies that are best for our country.
  • Voting for people does not equal endorsing their lives.
  • During the primaries, do your best to get the finest, God-fearing candidates. But, after that, vote for the electable candidate that has the most pro-life, pro-faith, and pro-Constitution policies.
  • Voting for people also does not mean excusing abuses of the past. (Voting does not even necessarily mean you even like the person.)
  • In essence, voting stops complete and utter tyranny. When you vote, you vote for the one who offers the best policies for America and who realistically possesses the ability to stop the worst candidate. In this election, the worst candidate is Hillary Clinton, whose anti-Christian policies and anti-life stances should send shudders down every enlightened voter's spine.
  • As young women, we deem it deplorable that Hillary Clinton is the first female presidential nominee of a major party. (Many other women would do an indescribably better job than she.) She misrepresents women. Her well-documented lies hide behind a smiling disguise. If Hillary wins, America loses. Therefore, although we do not dare endorse Trump's past personal life, Trump is the one that possesses the best policies and opportunity to stop her.
Voting remains citizens' important responsibility in order to keep our freedoms and stop government from being too powerful in our daily lives. Voting is a way for citizens to protect and honor veterans.
Think of it this way: Election Day and Veterans Day pair well both in proximity on the calendar and in underlying meaning. Veterans have fought for our freedoms -including our ability to vote. When we vote, we put a stop to unbridled tyranny.
Defend your defenders when you enter the ballot box. Do you want Secretary Clinton, who claims to not even know the basics about how to email securely (and has lied), to handle national security? Of course not. With that said, let's continue to some FAQ's on voting in Election 2016.
Election 2016 Voting Q & A:
Q: Why vote when your first pick no longer appears on the ballot?
Vote...because veterans died for your freedom to vote. Vote...because you're voting for policies -not the candidates themselves. Vote...because, if you refrain, our country will no longer be free. Vote...because you vote for policies...not candidates.
Q: How do you vote when you do not like any of the candidates?
Again, voting for people does not equal endorsing their lives. Ideally, we vote for people whom we view as Godly, good examples of leadership. But, in an imperfect world in which a theocracy does not exist, we must vote for imperfect people with the policies that match most with our values. Voting for people means voting for the policies they have presented and with which you agree most.
Q: I think I won't vote this time. What do you think of that?
Well, with all due respect, we would urge you to prayerfully reconsider. Why? Our brave servicemen and women spilled their blood in order to allow us the privilege to vote. We reinforce our freedoms via the right to vote. Citizens finally have the opportunity to defend our defenders when selecting a new commander in chief.
In conclusion, we've noticed something good about this election process: People are getting tired of being disappointed in people. And more people are praying. Could this be a step for America to turn to God instead of turning away from Him? We hope and pray so. Oh, how we hope and pray so!
America, it's time. It's time to remember this: "Love is to be sincere and active [the real thing-without guile and hypocrisy]. Hate what is evil [detest all ungodliness, do not tolerate wickedness]; hold on tightly to what is good." (Romans 12:9, AMP)
-Stacie Ruth Stoelting and Carrie Beth Stoelting
Sisters and Founders of Unite the USA

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