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6/18/14 at 07:09 PM 2 Comments

Religious Liberty Created America

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Today, certain anti-Christian groups attack the core of our country: religious liberty. They promote false ideas about Christians "forcing religion" on all. But let's get one thing straight: Christians do not believe in forced conversions. The very foundation of Christian belief is that each person must decide to receive or reject Jesus as Savior and Lord. It cannot be forced. (Read more about it here.)

So what is there to fear in allowing Christians equal religious liberty? Well, quite frankly, a lot. If anti-American liberals lost grip on their control, their dangerous agendas would be tossed aside as well. You see, religious liberty allows for all liberty.

Last weekend, I (Carrie) had the opportunity to meet Governor Bobby Jindal. Prior to visiting with him, I heard him give a thought-provoking speech in which he said, "America didn't create religious liberty. Religious liberty created America." Isn't that the truth?

Today we face a mounting attack against religious liberty. And, it is arguably the greatest attack on our nation. There many evils pressing in on our country but the attack on religion truly is the root of the problem. If the Bible, prayer, and basic Christian values were promoted in our culture today, more people would know the difference between good and evil. Now, it is commonly promoted that was is evil is good and what is good is evil. Sadly, we live in an upside down society.

But there is hope! We must not give up. The only thing we must give up is fear.

Perseverance is an important key to success. We agree with Governor Bobby Jindal who is speaking out that there is hope to repeal ObamaCare is we don't give up. (Read the feature article here: http://www.unitetheusa.org/id116.html) We can't "throw in the towel" but rather we need to "step into the ring" and fight back for our freedoms.

We hope that you enjoy this edition of Unite the USA. Pass it on and share it with a friend. It's not a cliché when we boldly say this: Together we can make a difference. How? Prayer and action. With God, we can! After all, we must remember that "the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action" (Daniel 11:22, ESV).

God bless you,
Carrie Stoelting and Stacie Stoelting
Founders of Unite the USA

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