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Socialism Is Not the Answer

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Today, the words of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill still resonate:

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."

Have you noticed? Socialism is seeping into our country. On the surface, socialism appears to offer advantages. But do not be deceived. It is a powerful hypocrite who steals freedoms.

Leaders like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have dedicated their lives to building up socialism and thereby tearing down freedom. One of their primary mentors was Saul Alinsky, a man who hated God and freedom. This man deceived many impressionable students. Tragically, his strategies and beliefs transform people into enemies of freedom.

While initially sounding like a good thing, socialism is like an abuser who buys wonderful presents yet steals freedom and inflicts injury. It cannot be tolerated! Indeed, it ultimately replaces freedom with tyranny.

Often, people who initially find it attractive have been hurt by hypocrisy within Christian circles. (Jesus Christ warned us about hypocrites, so it is nothing new.) But socialism represents a secular hypocrisy: Its goal is to replace God with government, which pretends to help but only does so to gain power for itself. (Of course there are various levels of socialism but in this edition we are just going to reference it in its general term.) Socialism lures people in through false promises of "protection", "wealth", and an "easy and fair" life. Don't be fooled by the "promises" of socialism. It will destroy you.

Dr. Jerry Newcombe makes a powerful point: "How many people have to die before the world, including many Americans, realizes that socialism never works, always fails, and kills people?"

Read Dr. Newcombe's article on socialism here.

We believe that most Americans would be fervently opposed to socialism if they understood what it really means.

Recently, D. James Kennedy Ministries released a television special called The 3 Big Lies of Socialism. Take time to watch it here. Your eyes will be opened. You will see our country (and the world) from a new perspective and you will be more aware of the dangers of socialism and how to fight it.

The 3 Big Lies of Socialism by
D. James Kennedy Ministries

Our goal for this edition of Unite the USA is to expose what socialism really is and how we can stop it. (Read this month's featured article by Dr. Thomas Sowell called Socialism for the Uninformed.)

Share this edition with your friends and on social media. Do your part to reveal the truth on the dangers of socialism and the people behind its agenda. Let's stand together and defend our country from the enemies within. One way to do that is to vote for freedom-loving candidates on November 8.

During such a critical time in history, now is the time pray A LOT and ask our Lord Jesus to help redeem our country. Do not give up! Pray without ceasing and trust Him. Keep doing all that we can both in prayer and by being responsible citizens. Remember, He is the One Who can do the impossible.

Keep the faith and trust in Jesus...
Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth Stoelting
Sisters and Founders of Unite the USAUnite the USA

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