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The ABC's of Patriotism

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By Stacie and Carrie Stoelting
Founders of www.unitetheusa.org

Wake Up Call: You might be called upon to help save our nation from an uneducated generation. This statement is not a matter of pride or exclusivity. It's a somber realization: Liberals have infiltrated our nation via public education's atheistic, anti-family, immoral, and socialistic indoctrination of precious children.

Our smiles almost faded with grief when a high school student cocked her head to the side and said, "Who is our First Lady?" She honestly did not know! Yet if we were to strike a conversation about the latest singing sensation or actor, details would pour out of her lips.

As two young women of the post-9/11 generation, we know it: Our generation is in trouble. Here's another example: "Until I heard your talk this morning, I never realized the original 13 colonies were all on the East Coast," a sincere college sophomore confessed to David McCullough, a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient.

That was twenty years ago. Today, college students suffer far more historical deficiency. Later, McCullough rang the alarm bell with this statement: "We're raising young people who are, by and large, historically illiterate."

It's true. Today, many young people apathetically accept America's freedoms. But apathy fells countries. Dedicated Christian families know the importance of faith and freedom.

This is why they will continue to play a key role in directing our country back to our Christian roots.

The life of America depends on the lives of young people today. And that is why we want to encourage our fellow young people - and all citizens - with the ABCs of Patriotism. They are tips about how to make a positive impact in America.

Today, while we could expound upon countless statistics, we desire to share tips to help you help America. We've shared on FOX News, and now it's up to you to share the tips, too.

We call them the "ABC's of Positive Patriotism." (Click here to watch a clip of us sharing them on Fox News.)

"ABC's of Positive Patriotism"

A: Act. Don't just talk. Act. Have your own prayer meetings before attending town hall meetings, always vote -even in primaries and mid-term elections, and call/write your Congressman about your concerns. Educate your children about the Christian history of American government. (Through education, you will discover more ways to make your voice heard.) Be aware of the news, ask God to show you His promises that apply to your concerns, and ask Him for wisdom and opportunity to influence policies. (i.e. The American Family Association and Liberty Counsel also help people stay alert.) Our organization, Unite the USA.org, is not self-focused: It helps people tap into other like-minded Christian missions to help our nation. (Sign up for our newsletter at www.unitetheusa.org.)

B: Be bold (and respectful).Contact legislators and be ready to express your position while backing it up with facts, respectful firmness, and faith.

C: Connect. Connect with your Congressmen and women enough that they know your name. Often, their offices correspond more than you'd expect! Meet your representatives in person and establish a rapport. And, of course, one option is to connect with them on Facebook and share with your friends via such posts. (Facebook has its disadvantages, but one advantage is to network with fellow conservatives and stay alert to goings on that the secular media ignore. For example, our FB page, Unite the USA, includes original Founding Fathers' quotes, Scripture, prayer, action alerts, info on other pro-family/pro-faith sites. )

Here's why we're not in a panic about our country: God remains on the throne. With Him, all things are possible. Pray and get busy with good actions instead of only having sad reactions!

Encourage your church to re-evaluate the current priorities.

Share the Gospel, pray for our country, and participate in standing up for Biblical issues in America. Individually act and encourage others to follow suit.

Remember: No matter what a U.S. President does, God still reigns. Hope in Him! Psalm 47:8 attests, "God reigns over the nations; God sits upon His holy throne." Yes! God reigns higher than any high-profile official. His Word remains the final word.

And He's coming again: "Great and amazing are Your deeds, O Lord God the Almighty! Just and true are Your ways, O King of the nations! Who will not fear, O Lord, and glorify Your name? For You alone are holy. All nations will come and worship You, for Your righteous acts have been revealed." Revelation 15:3b,4

Patriots, our country needs you! Let's work hard, persevere, and help one American at a time. We must hoist high the torch and stand for faith and freedom. Like 9/11 hero Todd Beamer, we all need to say, "Let's roll!"

And, with our loving and almighty God as our guide, we can unite the USA to fight for freedoms today so that America will stay bright for tomorrow!

*Visit www.unitetheusa.org learn more or e-mail us at info@unitetheusa.org. We'd love to hear from you!

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