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Why Should You Care About the U.S. Supreme Court?

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Over the past week for twenty hours, people fired questions at Judge Neil Gorsuch. To put it frankly, it has been one long, tedious job interview! The hearing considering the nomination of Judge Gorsuch has catapulted the U.S. Supreme Court into daily headlines. Yet people still scratch their heads about the meaning and the role of the judicial branch of government. Let's review:

What are the branches of government? According to the U.S. Constitution, there are three branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial. The three branches are to have shared power to afford proper checks and balances.This is intended to cancel "power trips" of individuals and groups.

Why is it that most people consider the judiciary branch to be most powerful? Judicial activists took the small space allocated to the judiciary branch and cracked open a floodgate of unconstitutional law-making. The manner with which judicial activism has usurped the SCOTUS is shocking: It has wrongly created laws of the land instead of applying the U.S. Constitution. The original SCOTUS job description was to simply and directly uphold and apply the U.S. Constitution and its original intents. Interestingly, of the three branches, the judicial power was given the smallest amount of space in our Constitution.

How might a citizen learn more? Well, we encourage you to read Article III of the Constitution. It describes the role of the judicial branch. You will note that it is not supposed to act as a legislative body. Legislation from the bench is wrong, power-grabbing, and dangerous --especially since the SCOTUS judges serve indefinitely until retirement or death.

Conservative leader Star Parker shared the scenario concisely, "What really bothers liberals is that the original text of our Constitution is rooted in an even higher source -the Judge of our judges." We agree with Star!

Senator Chuck Grassley is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He has been leading the hearing considering Judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination to serve on the Supreme Court. Senator Grassley said it well, "Judging is about being independent, looking at the law and the facts of the case, and making a decision based just on those facts."

We agree. We need a Justice who will not bring preconceived notions to SCOTUS. We need a Justice who will not legislate from the bench. Yes, we need a Justice who will follow the U.S. Constitution and abide by the role of the judiciary branch as described in Article III. Friends, that is why we need Judge Neil Gorsuch.

We stand on the top of a hill at Captiol Hill: We must decide to go the right way or else our country will go downhill. It is a pivotal time in our history. The balance of the U.S. Supreme Court is at stake. Please read the following article by Star Parker to learn more about Judge Gorsuch and what is happening in Washington.

Pray and stay alert. We have a lot to do and a lot to anticipate, by God's grace!

God bless you always,
Carrie Stoelting and Stacie Stoelting
Sisters and founders of Unite the USA

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