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6/19/12 at 11:26 AM 1 Comments

Why We Must Rally Behind Romney: A Christian's Perspective

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By Stacie Ruth Stoelting of UnitetheUSA.org

I hate corruption. But I love God and America.

In spite of disillusionment and discouragement, we must be mature adults about this election. America needs CPR from God Himself. And we have a responsibility to stop the worst from happening: Like or dislike it, we must pick Romney instead of the... alternative, which is no alternative.

Let me be blunt: President Obama continues anti-American and anti-Christian activity, skips Congress, embraces even extreme abortion policies (i.e. sex selection, no treatment for attempted abortion babies born alive, etc.), violates religious liberties (i.e. trying to make Christians pay for contraception/abortions), and smiles all the while.

America, we must pick between the main choices. We, quite frankly, have no choice but to vote for Mitt Romney. And, if dissatisfied, let's fight the Establishment in the next election cycle.

This is an emergency effort to save America. We must choose to rally behind Romney lest we have no country in which to rally. Regardless, let's remember to hope in God, who still reigns! Yes!

No matter what a U.S. President does, God still reigns. Hope in Him! Psalm 47:8 attests, "God reigns over the nations; God sits upon His holy throne."

Pray, pray, pray for America. And vote.

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