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Author of Jesus in Beijing chooses CCTA to translate and publish Chinese edition

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CCTA (Chinese Christian Theological Association)

(Boston—Oct. 29, 2012) David Aikman, the author of the groundbreaking book on Christianity in China Jesus in Beijing: How Christianity is Transforming China and Changing the Global Balance of Power, has selected the Chinese Christian Theological Association to translate and publish the Chinese edition of the book.

CCTA signed a contract with Regnery Publishing last week and plans to release the Chinese version in October 2013 to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the book's first publication in October 2003. An updated and expanded paperback English-language edition was released in 2006, and the Chinese edition will be translated from the 2006 edition. The book has already been translated into Swedish, Korean and Vietnamese.

When it was first published, Jesus in Beijing was hailed by a respected scholar of Christianity in China as the "most useful treatment of the church in China." The most recent reader review on Amazon, in July 2012, said, "David Aikman presents the endurance of Christianity in the great nation of China throughout the centuries and especially in modern times as the Church continues to grow even while facing brutal persecution. I was inspired by the stories of these faithful Chinese Christians."

The book is required reading in many college and seminary courses on the church in China. It is already well-known among Chinese Christians worldwide, and many have read it in English. But the many others who cannot read English have long been waiting for the Chinese edition.

Aikman said the long delay had been due to the difficulty of finding a translator competent in all the historical, political and religious subjects the book covers.

"CCTA has one of the most gifted translators of English to Chinese that I have ever worked with," Aikman said. "I am delighted to have CCTA handling this project."

To ensure the highest quality and most accurate translation possible, CCTA plans to spend $20,000 for translation and proofreading services and is seeking donations to help fund the project. CCTA is a non-profit organization with 501(c)-3 status via an American church and all contributions are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers. Online donations are not yet enabled and donations currently can be made only by check. See below for instructions.

The Chinese Christian Theological Association (CCTA) was founded in August 2009 in Boston by a group of Chinese Christians originally from mainland China. Its mission is to carry on and develop the theology of the church by combining philosophy, theology, ethics and related disciplines such as science, liberal arts, the fine arts, etc., with an aim to impact China’s academia, church and society. That goal is conveyed in its 3T slogan: Transform academia, Transform church and Transform society in China.

To learn more about CCTA, go to A list of its available English-language titles is here, and Chinese-language titles are listed here

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