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Victoria Osteen

Wife of Joel Osteen, co-pastor of Lakewood Church, author and inspirational speaker.

Posted 1/3/14 at 5:27 PM | Victoria Osteen

Working Together with God

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Wheat field waiting to be harvested.

Today and every day, God has a plan for your success. He tells us in His Word that His plans are for good—to prosper you, not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11) As we enter into this New Year, we can't just ask, "God what are You going to do for me?" Instead, we have to ask, "God, what are we going to do together?"

Yes, God is at work in our lives, but we have to do our part to work with Him if we are going to see the blessings He has for us. Scripture calls it "working out" our salvation. God sets up the plan, but we have to walk it out. He gives us the tools, but we have to use them. The good news is that He isn't going to just hand us the plan and walk away to let us figure it all out on our own. No, He's walking with us every step of the way and empowering us by His love. FULL POST

Posted 12/27/13 at 5:57 PM | Victoria Osteen

Letting Go of the Old

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"This one thing—forgetting the past and looking forward."

Well here we are at the last few days of 2013. Can you believe it? What an amazing year it's been—beyond my expectations. When I look back and see the faithfulness of God in so many areas, I can't help but wonder what He has in store for 2014.

Maybe as you think about this year, you don't see it as your best year ever. Maybe you had some challenges or difficulties. Maybe you look back and see some missed opportunities. We've all had difficulty. We've all missed out on some God-given opportunities. The thing is, we don't have to carry that disappointment and regret into the New Year. God is bigger than your lost opportunities, and He can still get you to where you need to be in life.

Have you ever used one of those GPS devices in your car? You set the location to where you want to go and the GPS calculates the best route. Even if you're driving along and get distracted and completely miss your turn, it doesn't mean that you'll never reach your destination. In fact, in most cases, that GPS will instantly recalculate the route based on your present location. FULL POST

Posted 12/20/13 at 5:43 PM | Victoria Osteen

Making the Most of the Holiday Season

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Can you believe Christmas will be here in less than a week!? I love the excitement and joy of the holiday season. I love spending time with friends and family, celebrating the gift of one another, and most importantly, the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

This week seems to be the busiest of the year for many people—planning family meals, preparing to travel, and finding those last few Christmas gifts. It can be easy to take on unnecessary stress and pressure. But, if you'll determine today to keep your heart and mind focused in the right direction, you'll enjoy the season more and find the peace and contentment that God desires for you.

When we get to heaven, God isn't going to ask us about how many people were on our Christmas list. He isn't going to ask us about our holiday decorations or how perfectly the table was set. There's nothing wrong with buying gifts and making our guests feel welcome, but we just have to make sure that we keep our priorities in order. People are the most important thing to the heart of God, and the people in our lives should be our number one priority, too. The way we treat others, the Bible says, is the way we treat God. If we are short with others or take our frustrations out on them, it's as if we are treating God the same way. But when we bless others, when we walk in love and honor and respect them, we are honoring and respecting Him. FULL POST

Posted 12/17/13 at 1:31 PM | Victoria Osteen

Recognizing Wrong Perspectives

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Sometimes, we get so used to our unhealthy ways that we have a hard time recognizing them. We don't even realize that we are having negative attitudes or murmuring and complaining about what is going on in our lives. But even though you might not recognize a wrong perspective, you may recognize that you are getting weaker or more tired. You may recognize that things are becoming more difficult. Life just seems heavier because you are trying to do things in your own strength.

Anytime you begin to see that you are doing things in your own strength, that's when it's time to stop and immediately go to God. And many people do turn to God in their time of need; but oftentimes, we go to God with our problems instead of going to Him with our praise. I believe God is saying today, "I want a new standard to come up in my people." I believe God wants us to know that no matter what is happening in our lives, He is bigger. I believe He wants us to come to Him with our praise and thanksgiving knowing that He is at work. He wants us to come with boldness knowing that we will find everything we need in Him. Don't give praise to your situation by talking about, give praise to God by talking about how great He is and know that your praise is making a difference! FULL POST

Posted 12/11/13 at 2:15 PM | Victoria Osteen

When You Know Not a Man

Photo: Berit Watkin
Wood carved nativity scene.

In scripture, when the angel visited Mary and told her that she would be giving birth to the Son of God, Mary had a pretty big question for the angel. She said, "How can this be seeing that I know not a man?" Mary was of course asking about the physical realm. She wasn't married and had never been with a man. But, I believe we can look at this in a spiritual sense, too. God is saying today, "My promises are not dependent on man." You don't have to know certain people in order to fulfill your destiny. You don't have to have certain connections in the natural because the spirit of God will overshadow you to bring forth His promises!

Sometimes we think, "If I could just get my boss to like me, then he'd give me that promotion. If I could just get in to that certain school, then I'd be qualified. If I just had some important, influential friends, maybe I could get a good break." No, God's promises are not dependent on who you know or who you don't know. The Scripture says, "Promotion doesn't come from people. It comes from God." When it's your time to be promoted, healed or restored, God doesn't go check with your friends, your neighbors or your co-workers. Just like with Mary, He says, "I can make it happen without a man."Instead of considering your circumstances today, why don't you consider your God? He is the all-powerful Creator of the universe. The dream He has placed in your heart may seem impossible, it may look too big, but don't overanalyze it and try to reason it all out. Follow Mary's example. Dare to say, "God, I don't see a way, but I know You have a way. Let it happen to me according to Your Word."When thoughts come saying, "It's too late; it's impossible," learn to ignore them. That may be one report, but remember, God has another report. He always has an option we cannot see. He is saying today, "Every promise I've spoken over you, every dream I've placed in your heart, I will bring it to pass." Receive His Word by faith and trust that He is working behind the scenes. It doesn't matter who you know or where you've been when you are a child of Almighty God!"The angel answered, 'The Holy Spirit will come on you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you…'" (Luke 1:35, NIV)

Posted 12/6/13 at 6:43 PM | Victoria Osteen

An Avenue of His Favor

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Holding hands.

Have you ever thought about the fact that one of the ways God wants to bless you is through your relationships? He uses the people in your life as an avenue to pour out His favor on you. He works through your friends, family, coworkers and even your spouse. Men, it says in Proverbs 18:22 that "he who finds a wife finds favor from the Lord." Your wife is an avenue of favor!

We should always be thankful for our relationships and not take our loved ones for granted. We should do our best to seek peace and choose love.

One of the ways we can choose love is by giving each other room to make mistakes. Ladies, the scripture says in First Peter to "enjoy your husband." It doesn't say that you are to "remodel" your husband. No, let him be who God made him to be and learn to enjoy him for who he is. He may have weaknesses. He may do things that you don't care for, but don't focus on that. Focus on his good qualities and don't fall into the trap of comparing your husband to someone else's! FULL POST

Posted 12/4/13 at 10:24 AM | Victoria Osteen

Gifts of Life

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I believe in you.

Scripture tells us that our words contain the power of life and death. You have the power to speak life into your home and the people around you, and you were given that power for a reason. The people around you need to hear your words of encouragement. Your encouraging words are more meaningful to them than anyone else's! They are like little gifts of life that the people closest to you need to hear.

Sometimes we compliment total strangers or people we barely know more than we compliment our own family members. Many times, a person will tell a coworker what a great job they did, but when their own spouse excels, they don't say a word. We need to always make it a priority to compliment and encourage our own family members first.

It's easy to take the people closest to us for granted. You might think, "Oh, I don't need to say anything. They know how I feel." Or, "She knows I think she is beautiful...He knows I think he's great." Maybe so, but a blessing is not a blessing until it is spoken. When you release those positive, faith-filled words of affirmation, they have a positive impact on the lives of the people you love. FULL POST

Posted 11/29/13 at 11:49 AM | Victoria Osteen |


Prayer that Changes Things

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Scripture tells us in James 5:16 that "the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." That means we have been given the power through prayer to make changes in our lives, in our homes, in our relationships and in our world.

That's why it's so important to take time to pray every day, especially for your family—your immediate family, your extended family, and even your church family. Every person in your family has been given to you by God. They may not always act right; they may not always treat you right; they may not say the right things all the time, but we still have a responsibility to lift them up in prayer. Even if the relationship is not what it needs to be, God can use your prayers to turn things around. Prayer is God's vehicle for change!

I know that sometimes, family relationships can be the most difficult. There can be pain, hurt and offense; but when you pray, you are opening the door for God's healing in your life and in your relationships. God doesn't want you to go through life carrying a load of heartache and offense. He doesn't want us to be prisoners of pain. I talk to so many people who have been hurt by family members—someone walked out on them, a child's not living the right way—but I want you to know that if you want to be free, you have to begin to pray past the pain. Luke 6:28 tells us to bless those who curse us and pray for those who mistreat us. When we do the right thing, even when the wrong thing is happening, God will turn things around for our good and bless us beyond our wildest dreams. FULL POST

Posted 11/27/13 at 10:16 AM | Victoria Osteen |

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Keeping Peace During the Holidays

Photo: OakleyOriginals - Creative Commons

From time to time people will ask me if Joel and I ever argue. Like all couples, of course we disagree but you can't actually argue with someone who won't argue with you; and Joel is the type of person who simply won't argue. He's made up his mind that he is going to keep peace in our home and I am so grateful. We've decided that we are going to stay in unity and walk in love because that is where the power is. We both understand that one of the enemy's goals is to try to bring in strife and division. And it always starts with the small things. You may not even realize it, but if you allow a little strife and disharmony in your relationships, like a cancer, eventually it's going to grow and tear those relationships apart. That's why it's so important to keep peace in every area of your life.

Here in the United States we are just are in the throes of the Holiday Season with Thanksgiving this week and Christmas around the corner. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the preparations—shopping, decorations, party planning, and gift giving. We have to remember that it really isn't about all the "stuff"; it's about being thankful to God for what He has done for His people. FULL POST

Posted 11/22/13 at 6:44 PM | Victoria Osteen

Clean the Slate

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When our son, Jonathan, was a little boy, we bought him a hamster that he loved so much and affectionately named Hammy. He was so excited. He adored his furry friend and enjoyed showing him off to his cousins and classmates.

One day, Jonathan reached into Hammy's cage just as he always did, but evidently, that little hamster didn't want to be bothered because instead of jumping into his hand as usual, Hammy bit Jonathan's finger! Jonathan was shocked. He immediately recoiled with his hand and his heart. From that moment on, he chose to keep his distance from Hammy. You could see the disappointment on Jonathan's face every time he looked at Hammy. All he could think about was that bite. He would tell his little sister, "Watch out, that hamster might bite you. I wouldn't touch him if I were you." Jonathan focused on that hamster bite so much that before long, he forgot all about the fun he used to have with Hammy. He no longer loved that hamster; in fact, he didn't like him at all, and we ended up giving Hammy to his cousins. FULL POST

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