Victory through Jesus Christ
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Nothing can cure Loneliness but Christ Jesus!

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(Loneliness is the most painful emotions, making us feel abandoned, betrayed and unwanted).

In my loneliness, I Looked at the crowds of people around me never helped me.

When the troubles of my life bothered me

I Draw near to Christ by casting my eyes upon Him

In my loneliness, I show love and caring towards those around me

In my loneliness, I have the freedom to serve the Lord more fully.

In my loneliness, I have quiet time to reflect on his blessings

In my loneliness, I seek God’s glory

In my loneliness, I serve God with love by serving others in His love.

My Loneliness opened the door of uninterrupted prayer.

It is in my loneliness I walk with God in an ungodly world

Scripture says even Jesus Christ often withdrew to lonely places and prayed

In the midst of my loneliness and sad, I have God's peace and comfort.

When I failed to find someone who will understand me

It was Jesus who understood my struggles, my needs and sufferings.

It is when I was alone and afflicted, Jesus brought me out of my distresses.

It is my Loneliness, drove me into the arms of Jesus Christ.

It is in my loneliness made me to seek God, search for him through his word “The Holy Bible”.

It is in my Loneliness I felt that Jesus Christ is my Savior

It is my Jesus Christ, in whom I can trust and confide.

It is my Jesus Christ, who never deserts nor forsakes

It is my Jesus Christ who never slumbers or sleeps

It is my Jesus Christ who keeps me in his mind all time

It is His true love encamps me

It is his protection which leads me to the path of righteousness

It is my Christ, the one who is faithful never tired of me

It is my Christ; the one who is truly cares for me

It is my Jesus Christ, the one who understand my loneliness and pain

It is my Jesus Christ, my comforter, my faithful Companion till the end

It is my Jesus Christ when I am afraid, He holds me by his right hand.

It is the lonely times God spoke to Elijah, Jacob and many others.

When I felt, lonely, unloved and broken in heart Jesus Christ was my closest friend.

I am blessed in my loneliness, because the Spirit of glory of God rests upon my soul

May my suffering, trials and tribulations be an opportunity to glorify you, my God.

Jesus you proved your love for me through your death, burial, and resurrection

Your everlasting love, drawn me to your loving kindness

Jesus, my Lord, and my Savior, I feel your love, grace and presence.

Lord, I claim total complete protection and blessings for my life , for my husband for my children’s life through the Blood of Jesus Christ in Jesus mighty name.

Lord, I surrender my whole life, my family, our past, present and future to you.

I will continue to give you all of the praises and all of the glory forever and ever.

Lord Jesus, I praise you with all my heart, soul and spirit.

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