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8 Versions of "The Little Drummer Boy"

Wed, Dec. 18, 2013 Posted: 07:50 PM

In 1941 music teacher Katherine Davis turned a Czech Christmas carol into one of the most famous songs in the English language by translating the lyrics for "Carol of the Drum." Harry Simeone recorded the song and changed its title to "The Little Drummer Boy" in 1958. According to Songfacts, this song "was released around Christmas every year from 1958-1962. It made the US Top-40 all 5 years and became a holiday classic." Wikipedia reports that there are more than 220 versions of "The Little Drummer Boy."

This famous carol has been recorded by gospel, country, pop, and punk musicians.

Mariah Carey

Neema Ntalel and the Kenyan Boys Choir

 Emmylou Harris

Kenny G


Jars of Clay


 John Schlitt

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