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Celery Soda and the Soda Guide With Passion

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Photo: Flickr/Kevin - Creative Commons
Celery soda includes celery seed extract.

This morning I saw a fascinating video about sodas and wanted to share it.

John Nese owns the Galco's Old World Grocery in Los Angeles, California, and is passionate about the soda business. He enjoys finding exotic flavors of new sodas. John is filled with interesting trivia and he explains that soda is over-carbonated because the fizz escapes from the plastic bottles the sodas are often sold in. Glass bottles are more expensive but they preserve the flavor better.

John explains why glass bottles are recycled rather than re-used.

John is the perfect guide to the soda business and his values and work ethic shape his store.

If you own a small business, please let us know how your values determine your business practices.

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