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7/17/13 at 10:58 PM 1 Comments

David Platt's Concerns About Abusing the Sinner's Prayer

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Has a simplified formula in prayer mislead people into believing they are born again? Pastor David Platt cautions Christians in this video to be aware of the dangers of saying a formulaic prayer.

"I am throwing a caution that says to ... become a follower of Christ is more than an invitation to pray a prayer. It is a summons to lose our lives ... Let's call people to repent and believe."

David Platt on saying the Sinner's Prayer

I know several people that said a prayer as a child but later became convinced that they were not yet born again because of the lack of fruit or lack of repentence. They said a prayer but their lives had not changed.

My dad was a minister and he would greet people after the sermon to counsel anyone wishing to make a decision for Jesus Christ. On several occasions adults told children to go up to the front to become a Christian. The children did not understand the gospel. My dad would question them about why they came up to the front of the church. They didn't know what sin was or why Jesus needed to save them. So my dad sent them back to their seats. They needed more instruction to understand the Gospel.

My dad was convinced these children needed to come to God in response to the Holy Spirit, not from the coaching of adults. He could have told them to say a prayer, but they would not have understood what they were praying for.

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