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Discipleship: Starting With Who You Know (VIDEO)

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Discipleship is a common theme in the teaching and writing of pastor David Platt.

In this video Platt describes two different groups of people that need a Christian witness: people that have not followed Christ and believers that need instruction in their faith.

Platt encourages a Christian to ask, "How can I pray intentionally for this person to come to Christ? How can I create opportunities to share the Gospel with this person. Maybe take them a lunch. Take them to a meal. Spend some kind of concentrated time with them at some point."

Platt also says, "I would encourage somebody to look around maybe even and see is there any followers of Christ that God has put in your sphere of influence who you have an opportunity to help grow in Christ..."

Is there someone close to you that God wants you to pour your life into and help them become a follower of Jesus Christ?

Making Disciples Starts Somewhere

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