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1/1/13 at 10:12 PM 2 Comments

Four Thought Provoking Short Videos From 2012

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The following four videos represent some of the best short form videos I saw last year. Enjoy.

This video from Real Ministries features a sound clip of Francis Chan talking about how Christians often lose perspective as we age.

Chan says, "Respectfully, I don't meet a lot of elderly that are really living like they're about to see Jesus and say goodbye to the things of this world and letting go of that stuff."

Aging Biblically

 Blogger Ryan Bomberger was adopted and is now an adoptive parent. He wrote an article about the Dennehy family and this video I Like Adoption.

I Like Adoption

  In this video Jefferson Bethke performs a poem about idolatry.

Counterfeit Gods

 This final video by the Iona Institute provides a defense of traditional marriage.

The Case for Man/Woman Marriage
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