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From Atheist to Christian - the Kirk Cameron Story

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For seven years actor Kirk Cameron played the role of Mike Seaver in the TV series Growing Pains. The actor appeared in 167 episodes shot between 1985 and 1992.

Cameron grew up in a secular household. His family didn't talk about religion and Cameron became an atheist. When he was 17 years old, Cameron was invited and attended a church. Soon he started questioning his atheism.

In this video Cameron tells the story of his conversion to Christianity.

Kirk Cameron - Christianity is not what I thought

"And then I started thinking about the fact that if there really is a God, and I die and find out there is a heaven and a hell like the Bible says, where am I going to go? And I knew that I wouldn't be going to heaven because I didn't believe in God. I mocked God. I mocked the very idea of the existence of God."

Cameron has acted in Christian movies such as the Left Behind series and Fireproof. He also hosted the documentary Monumental.

On September 24th Cameron is holding a one-night event in movie theaters across America. His new film Unstoppable will premiere that evening. In the following video Cameron explains the two hangups that atheists have about God.

Kirk Cameron - Recovering Atheist
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