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June 5, 1989: 25th Anniversary of Tank Man Protest

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Photo: YouTube screenshot / CNN video
Column of tanks stopped by one brave person.

Twenty-five years ago brave university students protested the Chinese communist government for the cause of democracy. The government wouldn't tolerate dissent or a challenge to its monopoly on political power from its own citizens.

On June 3-4, 1989, soldiers killed hundred, perhaps thousands of student protesters in the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Then an amazing thing happened. A large column of tanks moving on the Avenue of Eternal Peace came to a complete stop when an unknown Chinese man stood in front of the first tank.

Associated Press photographer Jeff Widener describes his admiration for this hero, "I have always felt Tank Man was like the unknown soldier. He will always symbolize freedom and democracy.”

Journalists and the Chinese government have both tried and failed to identify Tank Man. According to the Los Angeles Times, "No one knows for sure the man’s name, or whether he’s dead or alive. Still, Time magazine named the man one of the century's top 20 revolutionaries, whose 'moment of self-transcendence [was seen] by more people than ever laid eyes on Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein and James Joyce combined.'"

An unknown person has left an inspiring legacy.

CNN: Man vs. Chinese Tank in Tiananmen Square
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