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Posted 9/25/12 at 10:59 PM | CP Blogs

What Is the Church? (VIDEO)

Most people think of the church as a building or an institution. However, the Bible uses a unique metaphor to describe the Church it describes the church as the bride of Jesus Christ.

Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. - Ephesians 5:22-23

This video by Central Christian Church in Las Vegas answers the question What is the Church?

What is the Church?

Posted 9/25/12 at 10:21 PM | CP Blogs

Christian History: Corrie Ten Boom

Corrie Ten Boom's life story was told in the movie The Hiding Place. Corrie survived the holocaust. Her family hid Jews from the Nazis. Eventually Corrie and the rest of her family were arrested and her sister Betsie died in a concentration camp. According to the Corrie Ten Boom Museum, "Corrie and Betsie spent their time sharing Jesus' love with their fellow prisoners. Many women became Christians in that terrible place because of Corrie and Betsie's witness to them."

This music video portrays the life of Corrie Ten Boom:

Corrie Ten Boom music video

 Before she died, Corrie was interviewed by Pat Robertson on the 700 Club.

700 Club Classics - Corrie Ten Boom

Posted 9/24/12 at 5:12 PM | CP Blogs

Evangelism Linebacker, Making Christians Evangelize (VIDEO)

In 2002 Reebok produced a series of short comedy videos named Terry Tate: Office Linebacker which featured a football player that punishes office employees that are violating company rules. The series became very popular when one of the videos was shown during the 2003 Super Bowl.

According to Wikipedia, Reebok there are nine videos in the Terry Tate: Office Linebacker series.

Numerous parody videos followed including this Evangelism Linebacker video about Christians that refuse to share their faith.

Evangelism Linebacker

Posted 9/20/12 at 11:05 PM | CP Blogs

Puppets Share the Gospel Around the World (VIDEO)

By Barry Bowen

As a teenager I dreamed of being a Muppeteer. I joined the puppet ministry at my church and loved operating a puppet behind a stage. The highlight of my puppet ministry involvement was performing a musical about Jonah and the big fish. After performing several songs, my arms ached but the experience was worth it.

Perhaps one of the reasons I love puppetry is that it is an art form in which normally the puppeteer is not visible. I performed unseen. The story was not about me and that is how it should be. We should desire that people see Christ instead of us.

I found this video on YouTube. It was performed at Trinity International School in Nagoya, Japan. Puppets are used by missionaries and churches around the world.

Every Move I Make

Posted 9/20/12 at 4:57 PM | CP Blogs

How to Prepare for See You at the Pole

Christian students around the world will gather this coming Wednesday, September 26th, at school flag poles to pray. In this video Jon Cooper of the band Skillet describes how students can prepare for See You at the Pole.

This year's theme is Awaken. We should pray that students around the world are awakened by the power of the Holy Spirit and become followers of Jesus Christ.

Assembly of God churches are hosting See You at the Altar Day. Parents are encouraged to meet at their church to pray on this day.

See You at the Pole may also be followed on Facebook.

How to Plan Your See You at the Pole Gathering (with Jon Cooper of Skillet)

Posted 9/19/12 at 11:14 PM | CP Blogs

NYC Soda Ban (VIDEO)

Recently New York City banned large sodas in restaurants. This video explores inconsistencies in the law, how much sugar is contained in some of the drinks and how this decision impacts personal liberty.

By the way, the Bible teaches that we are to take care of our bodies and some Christians might argue that drinking such large drinks could be a form of gluttony. Anyway, the Bible does teach that we are stewards of our bodies.

"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body." - 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

NYC Soda Ban explained

Posted 9/17/12 at 11:19 PM | CP Blogs

The Parable of the Four Soils (VIDEO)

Amelia Church of Christ made this video re-telling one of Jesus' parables.

As the video explains, "The seed is the word of God." The four different soils represented four different kinds of people and how they respond to the word of God. How have you responded to what the Bible teaches?

The Parable of the Four Soils

Posted 9/13/12 at 11:56 PM | CP Blogs

This Sunday Is National Back to Church Sunday (VIDEO)

More than 10,000 churches are participating in National Back to Church Sunday which is this Sunday.

The following videos promote inviting people to church:

National Back to Church Sunday
Invite Someone to Church Powerpoint
Invite Someone to Church

Posted 9/13/12 at 6:07 PM | CP Blogs

Child Imitates Her Dad (VIDEO)

As Christians we should set a godly example for the people around us. Our neighbors, co-workers, friends and relatives should see the love of Christ in what we say and do.

The Apostle Paul wrote, "Be imitators of me, just as I also am of Christ." - 1 Corinthians 11:1 NASB

This video from Wretched shows a girl imitating her dad. What kind of role model are you?

Wretched: Daughters Watch Their Daddies

Posted 9/12/12 at 10:41 PM | CP Blogs

October Baby (VIDEO)

This week the Christian movie October Baby was released on DVD.

The movie is about a college student named Hannah that learns she was adopted. This discovery drives Hannah to learn about her past.

Brothers Andrew and Jon Erwin produced and directed the film. They previously filmed the documentary The Mysterious Islands about the flaws in Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection.

October Baby - Official Trailer

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