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Posted 8/16/13 at 7:39 PM | CP Blogs

Song and Slam Poetry: Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go

In this video Nathan Kawanishi sings, "My life is not my own. It is yours."

The video combines a song and slam poetry to tell a story and worship Jesus Christ.

The poet says, "How long does it take for sin to become something I take seriously? And how long does it take for discipline to actually make a difference?"

Some deep thoughts to consider this weekend ...

Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go

Posted 8/12/13 at 9:43 PM | CP Blogs

John Piper Explains: God Commanded People be Killed yet Ten Commandments Prohibits Murder

Apologetics involves answering the hard questions, the questions that skeptics of the Bible will ask.

Today the Facebook page Stuff Christian Culture Likes shared a video of John Piper answering the following questions:

  • Why was it right for God to slaughter women and children in the Old Testament?
  • How can that ever be right?

The comments on Facebook are predictable. Piper is treated with contempt. Jeff Johnston writes, "If God is anything like Piper thinks he would start by killing Piper."

Piper says, "It's right for God to slaughter women and children anytime He pleases. God gives life and He takes life. Everybody who dies, dies because God wills that they die. So God is taking life everyday." FULL POST

Posted 7/25/13 at 5:02 PM | CP Blogs

I Can Do All Things - A Misinterpreted Bible Verse

Video blogger and author Jefferson Bethke considers Philippians 4:13 to be the most misunderstood Bible verse. In this video Bethke talks about athletes using this verse to claim success.

Philippians 4:13 in the NIV says, "I can do all this through him who gives me strength."

Bethke says this verse is not about success but is about overcoming failure. Bethke says we should not use the Bible like a horoscope or fortune cookie.

Jefferson Bethke - The Most Misinterpreted Verse in The Bible

In January Bethke posted the video Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus to YouTube. It has been viewed over 25 million times.

Posted 7/25/13 at 1:09 PM | CP Blogs

From Atheist to Christian - the Kirk Cameron Story

For seven years actor Kirk Cameron played the role of Mike Seaver in the TV series Growing Pains. The actor appeared in 167 episodes shot between 1985 and 1992.

Cameron grew up in a secular household. His family didn't talk about religion and Cameron became an atheist. When he was 17 years old, Cameron was invited and attended a church. Soon he started questioning his atheism.

In this video Cameron tells the story of his conversion to Christianity.

Kirk Cameron - Christianity is not what I thought

"And then I started thinking about the fact that if there really is a God, and I die and find out there is a heaven and a hell like the Bible says, where am I going to go? And I knew that I wouldn't be going to heaven because I didn't believe in God. I mocked God. I mocked the very idea of the existence of God."

Cameron has acted in Christian movies such as the Left Behind series and Fireproof. He also hosted the documentary Monumental. FULL POST

Posted 7/17/13 at 10:58 PM | CP Blogs

David Platt's Concerns About Abusing the Sinner's Prayer

Has a simplified formula in prayer mislead people into believing they are born again? Pastor David Platt cautions Christians in this video to be aware of the dangers of saying a formulaic prayer.

"I am throwing a caution that says to ... become a follower of Christ is more than an invitation to pray a prayer. It is a summons to lose our lives ... Let's call people to repent and believe."

David Platt on saying the Sinner's Prayer

I know several people that said a prayer as a child but later became convinced that they were not yet born again because of the lack of fruit or lack of repentence. They said a prayer but their lives had not changed.

My dad was a minister and he would greet people after the sermon to counsel anyone wishing to make a decision for Jesus Christ. On several occasions adults told children to go up to the front to become a Christian. The children did not understand the gospel. My dad would question them about why they came up to the front of the church. They didn't know what sin was or why Jesus needed to save them. So my dad sent them back to their seats. They needed more instruction to understand the Gospel. FULL POST

Posted 7/5/13 at 6:12 PM | CP Blogs

Video: Ronald Reagan Warns us to be on God's Side

When Ronald Reagan was president, he spoke on numerous occasions about the role of religion/Christianity in society and politics.

Someone has collected these quotes and edited them together in a YouTube video.

Rare Footage of President Ronald Reagan Speaking the Gospel

One of my favorite comments was spoken at the National Religious Broadcasters 1984 convention:

"I've said that we must be cautious in claiming God is on our side. I think the real question we must answer is, are we on His side?"

Brainy Quote also has compiled a collection of Ronald Reagan quotes. Here is one of them: "If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under."

Posted 6/27/13 at 9:57 AM | CP Blogs

SCOTUS DOMA Decision: "There was No Knock-Out Punch"

Steve Petteway

While many progressives and gay rights activists celebrated the end of DOMA - the Defense of Marriage Act- Wednesday, Alliance Defending Freedom CEO Alan Sears announced in a video that there is some encouraging news for evangelicals and traditional marriage advocates in the U.S. Supreme Court's decision.

Sears clarified:

- There is no "50-state mandate" redefining marriage: State governments and voters can still pass laws/ referendums defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman. States which have already adopted such legislation will not be forced to recognize same-sex unions.

- Prop 8 is still law in California: Sears asserts "Prop. 8 still stands because there is no appellate court decision striking it down which is necessary to void an initiative of the people in that state."

Thus Sears concludes "There was no knock-out punch here. We're still very much in the game to protect marriage." FULL POST

Posted 6/25/13 at 11:08 PM | CP Blogs

Video: A Letter From Dad

Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family, has announced his organization is producing a documentary/video curriculum titled The Family Project.

In this short video we see the story of a loving father whose son has special needs and how it inspires a child riding a bus.

There are several lessons here on parenting ... but there is also a lesson that we need to remember: People are watching us and we can impact their lives without ever knowing it.

The video is based on a true story in Australia.

A Letter From Dad - This video is part of The Family Project.

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Posted 6/19/13 at 6:10 PM | CP Blogs

World Watch List: 50 Most Dangerous Countries for Christians

The Christian ministry Open Doors tracks religious persecution around the world and compiled a list of 50 nations where it is dangerous to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

World WatchList

The ten most dangerous nations for Christians are:

  1. North Korea
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. Afghanistan
  4. Iraq
  5. Somalia
  6. Maldives
  7. Mali
  8. Iran
  9. Yemen
  10. Eritrea

The complete 2013 World Watch List is available here. Islamic countries, communist countries and countries with dictators fill the list.

 In some Muslim countries converts from Islam to Christianity face a possible death sentence. Sharing the gospel is also illegal in many Muslim nations.

Posted 6/14/13 at 6:29 PM | CP Blogs

Alternatives to Google Offer Real Privacy

With the recent scandals involving invasions of personal privacy, more Americans are thinking about personal privacy and considering alternatives to the companies Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and YouTube - companies that have been accused of participating in a government surveillance program.

There are also email providers that offer a private alternative to Google's Gmail: Hushmail and MyMail.

The following video is from DuckDuckGo, a search engine that doesn't track its visitors. The video explains how privacy can be abused by search engines. Another search engine that offers confidential search is Ixquick.

Introduction to DuckDuckGo

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