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Posted 6/7/13 at 12:40 PM | CP Blogs

Americans Spend $3,000 on Porn Each Second

Photo: Flickr/hansol - Creative Commons
Porn puts our children in harms way.

Porn is changing America and the world. In February the Washington Examiner reported, "There is no delicate way to say this: Exposure to pornography softens opposition to same-sex marriage among the largest group of naysayers, heterosexual men."

Pornography has harmed numerous Christians by weakening their marriages. Mentor and life coach Tony Litster says in the following video clip that porn viewers may have unrealistic expectations of sex and consider it as a way to fix problems. But sex isn't the cure to relationship problems.

Litster says the majority of marriages in the future will struggle with porn related problems.

Video clip from Shamed - a documentary on the dangers of pornography.

The Shamed documentary website asks a challenging question, "Over $3,000 dollars is spent by American consumers EVERY SECOND on porn, but how much is spent to oppose the powerful and influential lies of this industry?" FULL POST

Posted 5/30/13 at 4:57 PM | CP Blogs

Pastors Matt Chandler and David Platt Challenge Single Men to Get Married

Pastors Matt Chandler and David Platt are preaching that single men should search for a godly wife. Both pastors say that men in the Church are often waiting when they should be taking the initiative to find a wife.

David Platt said, "Resist the ever present trend and temptation in our day to prolong adolescence and consequence, singleness into twenties and thirties. Grow up. Some of you stop playing videogames and get a date."

Proverbs 18:22 teaches us, "He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD."

Platt has additional dating advice for men: "If she rejects you, then make that as easy as possible for her, humbly bow out and seek somewhere else."

Boys to Men - David Platt

Matt Chandler preaches that God created marriage after seeing that is was not good for Adam to be alone. God gave Adam a wife to help him fulfill the task God had for him. FULL POST

Posted 5/9/13 at 11:37 PM | CP Blogs

Celery Soda and the Soda Guide With Passion

Photo: Flickr/Kevin - Creative Commons
Celery soda includes celery seed extract.

This morning I saw a fascinating video about sodas and wanted to share it.

John Nese owns the Galco's Old World Grocery in Los Angeles, California, and is passionate about the soda business. He enjoys finding exotic flavors of new sodas. John is filled with interesting trivia and he explains that soda is over-carbonated because the fizz escapes from the plastic bottles the sodas are often sold in. Glass bottles are more expensive but they preserve the flavor better.

John explains why glass bottles are recycled rather than re-used.

John is the perfect guide to the soda business and his values and work ethic shape his store.

If you own a small business, please let us know how your values determine your business practices.


Posted 5/9/13 at 10:19 PM | CP Blogs

Chinese and Indonesian Christians Receive Their First Bible

Two weeks ago alberttiago1 uploaded this video to YouTube of Chinese Christians receiving their first Bible. These believers kiss the Bible in reverence and shed tears of joy.

Chinese Christians see Bible for the first time.

In the America we grow up with bookstores, libraries and easy access to books. This Indonesian tribe throws a party when they receive Bibles. This is so humbling. I cannot ever remember being as grateful for a Bible as these believers.

Indonesia's Kimyal people welcome the New Testament

Posted 5/8/13 at 11:23 PM | CP Blogs

How to Invite Someone to Church (VIDEO)

Photo: Flickr/Mel Silvers - CC

September 15, 2013 is National Back to Church Sunday. So you have several months to plan for this event. The goal is to encourage church members to invite people to church that do not attend.

According to the National Back to Church Sunday website, "Last year over 13,100 churches participated in the fourth year of this growing national movement and on average saw a 38% increase in their attendance on that day! This year we are praying for 20,000 churches to band together and bring spiritual renewal to their communities through Back to Church Sunday!"

The following video uses humor to defeat stereotypes and promotes inviting neighbors to church. Enjoy.

How to Invite Someone to Church

Posted 5/8/13 at 1:35 PM | CP Blogs

Katie Davis - Mother to the homeless of Uganda

Katie Davis has an interesting life story. She left the comfort of America to live with the poor of Uganda. When she was 19 years old, Davis started Amazima Ministries to feed, clothe, house and educate children. Amazima also holds Bible studies and chapel services.

After moving to Uganda, Davis took in 14 children. They became her family.

In the book Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption Davis describes how God used a mission trip to change her career path and God gave her a mission to help alleviate suffering on the other side of the globe.

In the following video Katie is interviewed by pastor David Platt of Brook Hills Church. Platt is author of the book Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream. Both Christians have rejected a life of comfort to advance the Gospel.

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22-Year-Old Christian Is Mother to 13 Ugandan Orphans

Katie Davis with David Platt at Brook Hills Church

Posted 2/27/13 at 7:59 PM | CP Blogs

5 Facts: President Obama's Sequester Threats Are Exaggerated (VIDEO)

If you have been following national news closely in recent days, then you have probably heard the word "sequester" which refers to automatic spending cuts that will go into effect if Congress fails to pass a budget and taxes that would prevent debt surpassing the debt ceiling. In this video Nick Gillespie, the editor of Reason Magazine, refutes recent statement by President Obama about the dangers of the sequester.

5 Facts: President Obama's Sequester Threats Are Exaggerations

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Posted 2/26/13 at 3:25 PM | CP Blogs

Basketball's "Play of the Year"

Sometimes inspirational sports stories appear in the news of "special needs" students getting a chance to play in a game with their peers.

Last week Mitchell Marcus, the manager of the Coronado High School basketball team, got the opportunity to play basketball. Only 13 seconds were left in the game when Jonathon Montanez, a player for the opposing team, passed Marcus the ball and he was able to shoot a scoring shot.

Montanez must have learned the golden rule. He describes his motivation for giving the other team the ball by saying, "I was raised to treat others how you want to be treated."

Coronado High School Special Needs student hits the shot of a lifetime

This video reminds me of a game played in 2006. Autistic basketball manager Jason McElwain was sent in at the end of the game and scored twenty points.

Autistic Basketball Manager's 20 Point Game

In a scene from the Christian film Facing the Giants, a coach at a Christian high school challenges his team with a new philosphy for playing the game: FULL POST

Posted 2/22/13 at 6:29 PM | CP Blogs

Discipleship: Starting With Who You Know (VIDEO)

Discipleship is a common theme in the teaching and writing of pastor David Platt.

In this video Platt describes two different groups of people that need a Christian witness: people that have not followed Christ and believers that need instruction in their faith.

Platt encourages a Christian to ask, "How can I pray intentionally for this person to come to Christ? How can I create opportunities to share the Gospel with this person. Maybe take them a lunch. Take them to a meal. Spend some kind of concentrated time with them at some point."

Platt also says, "I would encourage somebody to look around maybe even and see is there any followers of Christ that God has put in your sphere of influence who you have an opportunity to help grow in Christ..."

Is there someone close to you that God wants you to pour your life into and help them become a follower of Jesus Christ?

Making Disciples Starts Somewhere

Posted 2/22/13 at 1:15 PM | CP Blogs

What is Love? A Nonfiction Love Story (VIDEO)

In this video we meet a couple in love even though the wife has Alzheimer's. Almost 50 years of marriage and the husband still treats his wife as a princess as he cares for her. There is a tiara attached to his wife's biking helmet.

The traditional wedding vow "for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part" is honored by the husband's actions. This is real love.

According to cvcnow, the makers of this, their purpose "is to help you explore those unavoidable questions about life, the universe and everything in it."

What is Love?

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