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Music Video: Stop Fakin' by Lecrae

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Christian rapper Lecrae's video Fakin' premiered on MTV earlier today and has reached the number 1 video spot on MTV's website.

The song Fakin' is about a rapper that is pretending to be something he is not:

I heard him say he bought the block
In his song he say he gansta’ but he not
Say he makin’ money, cashin’ big checks
While his chain leavin’ green on his neck
I’m not impressed

So I guess that make you, yes that make you
That make you a faker!

It is not enough to point out the sins of liars. Lecrae also prays for them by asking God to redeem them.

And hell burns hotter, I turn to the Father
I prayin’, “Lord forgive em’ ‘cause they lyin’ like Mufasa
They got these eight’ graders with they eyes on a choppa
I pray the Lord save ‘em ‘fo He drop ‘em and make ‘em stop it

Source: A - Z Lyrics

Lecrae - Fakin' featuring Thi'sl

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