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South Park TV Show: Government is an Idol

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South Park TV character Butters Stotch.

Filmmakers and TV producers thrive on controversy. Such is the story of South Park.

According to Metro Catholic, "South Park has a long history of mocking Christianity and its values which Comedy Central has repeatedly aired. Yet, they bowed to pressure from Islamic extremists and bleeped the name the ‘Prophet Muhammad’ out of one of their recent episodes. This is an absolute disgrace."

Besides mocking religion, South Park also mocks government as idolatry in the following video clip. This shouldn't be surprising considering the TV show's co-creator Trey Parker is a libertarian. Advocates for Self Government reported, "South Park is rife with libertarian themes. It has mocked the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, anti-smoking activists, the War On Drugs, government-mandated diversity (when the children shun a nasty gay teacher, they are sent to the “Death Camp of Tolerance”), public school sex education and nature-worshipping environmentalists."

South Park video clip
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