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Stephen Colbert's Political Humor: Vampires Are Democrats

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bat on vampire zone sign
Photo: Flickr/Enokson - Creative Commons

If you are in the mood for political and religious humor, recently Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert made a humorous observation after describing an HBO show featuring vampires targeting a Ted Cruz/Republican political event.

Colbert reported, "TV entertainment drives our political discourse. Remember, no one was talking about income inequality until the debut of 2 Broke Girls. But we should not be surprised at all that vampires are Democrats -- after all, they scream when they see a cross."

The video can be viewed here.

Have you wondered where the myth began that vampires were afraid of crosses?

This superstition may have originated from Greek folklore. Some Greeks feared the vrykolakas, an undead being. John Cuthbert Lawson, the author of Modern Greek Folklore and Ancient Greek Religion, writes that in ancient Greece, when the dead body was prepared for burial, a wax cross was placed on the lips of the dead person. Lawson explains the purpose of this burial preparation was to prevent "any evil spirit from entering the dead body and making of it a vrykolakas."

HT: CNS News

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