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The Power of Congressional Oversight (VIDEO)

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Senator Rand Paul questioned Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding her role in the Benghazi scandal and told Clinton, "Had I been president at the time, and I found that you did not read the cables from Benghazi, you did not read the cables from Ambassador Stevens, I would have relieved you of your post."

Congress has the ability to investigate and hold the President and executive branch accountable for their actions. Congress may also investigate nonprofit and for profit organizations. Congressional oversight is a sometimes controversial. In 2005 Senator Chuck Grassley was contacted by Christian whistleblowers requesting that the Senate investigate fraud committed by televangelists.

Althought senators have subpoena power, Grassley declined to invoke this power during his investigation. Grassley could have questioned televangelists regarding self dealing and excessive compensation. Self dealing occurs when a person operates by both a nonprofit organization and a for-profit business and the two entities do business with each other. If the owner excessively profits through this financial arrangement, this person has violated the tax code.

Senator Rand Paul Questions Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

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