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Time Changer - The Movie

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Ten years I got a job working in the Christian film industry. I sent press releases to Christian media alerting them of a new movie about a Bible teacher that travels through time - from 1890 to the present - and discovers how moral standards have changed in America.

Before making Time Changer, Rich Christiano directed three short Christian films: The Appointment, Second Glance and End of the Harvest. These films were usually shown in churches on Sunday nights or during special youth events.

At that time the small Christian film industry received little support from churches and religious television networks.

Rich and his twin brother Dave Christiano set up Five & Two Pictures, a small film distribution company. We contacted churches and Christian radio stations about the movie and discovered that promotion is very hard with limited funds.

Here's the trailer for Time Changer:

Time Changer - Movie Trailer

 The movie opened in movie theaters on October 25, 2002. Since then a new generation of Christian filmmakers have emerged. The best known Christian filmmaker is Alex Kendrick, director of Fireproof and Courageous.

More people are discovering that movies are a great way to share the Gospel.

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