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Video: A Short History of Student Missions

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Photo: Wikipedia/Daderot - Public Domain
This monument on the Williams College campus serves an historical marker for the Haystack Prayer Meeting.

In December Christian college students gathered for the Cross Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, and learned about global missions.

This documentary video A Short History of Student Missions was shown at the conference. In less than 6 minutes we learn about how college students became pioneers in world missions, prayed in a haystack during a thunderstorm and recruited fellow students to take the Gospel to the world.

This video was produced by Citygate Films and features John Piper as the narrator.

A Short History of Student Missions

According to an Arkansas Baptist State Convention article, the students at the Haystack Prayer Meeting "took personal responsibility for the lost souls of their generation" and the article concludes:

Today, in His Presence, we too can hear the heartbeat of God for lost souls around us—and our heart will begin to beat with His heart—and we will cry out “Here am I, send me!”

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