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7/15/14 at 06:08 PM 4 Comments

Video of Boko Haram Leader: "Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill Christians!"

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Photo: Flickr/See Li - Creative Commons
Women in London supporting the girls kidnapped and enslaved by Boko Haram.

An AFP news service video shows a Boko Haram leader saying, "Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill Christians!" The commander also mocks the #BringBackOurGirls campaign by chanting "Bring back our army!" Boko Haram is demanding that their troops captured by the Nigerian army be released. The terrorist group has bombed a marketplace and attacked churches.

New Nigerian Boko Haram video mocks Bring Back Our Girls

In April 276 girls were kidnapped from a public school. Yesterday the Christian Post reported, "Although several of the schoolgirls have been able to escape their kidnappers, 219 still remain in captivity. "

Open Doors, the ministry to persecuted Christians, has compiled a prayer guide to assist Christians in praying for Boko Haram.

Meanwhile, here is a prayer list from the Prayer Concerns blog.

Prayer List

  1. Pray for the remaining hostages to be freed.
  2. Pray for the hostages to experience emotional healing from the rapes and physical assaults.
  3. Pray for the terrorist group Boko Haram to put down their weapons, make peace with their opponents and seek forgiveness through Jesus.
  4. Pray for Christian refugees in Nigeria to obtain shelter.
  5. Pray for Christian leaders to have discernment and to boldly serve Christ in the face of persecution.
  6. Pray for Nigerian Christians to love their enemies and to have opportunities to share the gospel with them.
  7. Pray for Nigeria's government officials to lead wisely.
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